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Vent falls for his sister Gina over the summer.

Bye bye."

He vowed that he would do better but I was adamant. His screw up saved me close to a grand on guardianship fees. He brought more trouble than I wanted to deal with so he was gone. He spent most of his time at his cousin's house anyway smoking dope and learning to be a bum..

We progressed nicely with the little girl's papers and soon made an appearance in court. Bingo! She was ours. She was also worming her way into my heart.

"Are you my daddy now?" she asked.

"For better or worse," I replied.

Robie was only fourteen, but she was already drop dead gorgeous. A vast herd of boys followed her around. She was gregarious and made friends easily. I was slowly but surely starting to love her like a daughter. She fell out of grace with my wife when she was caught necking with her current flame on our living room sofa.

I had several long chats with her about premarital sex and though she seemed to understand, she still lost it the next year.

"Uncle, how would you feel if I became sexually active?" she asked.

"I can tell from the question that you already have become active. I am deeply disappointed in you. You are too young to engage in these matters. I'll go kill the boy!"

"No uncle, please don't! I took it to him; he didn't bring it to me."

I have been known for having a violent temper when things aren't going my way. She knew I'd do it. I didn't. As it turned out later, I should have.

But sex aside, Robie had me wrapped around her little finger. Anything she wanted that I could afford, I got her

"Teach me to drive," she begged.

"You are too young. It isn't legal," I said.

"Please, please!" she begged and she gave me the 'wounded puppy' look.

I taught her to drive of course. I was distressed to find that I could deny her nothing. I took her and her friends anywhere she wanted to go. I was happy to do it because by now I really did love her like a daughter.

She decided that she didn't like 'Robie' so she changed it to Rhobee. Actually, 'Robie' was supposed to be 'Ruby' but they screwed it up in the hospital at Kodiak. I laughed. Her dark eyes flashed and she got mad. Oh well.

We took her everywhere. There are lots of things to see and do in Southern California and she got to do most of them. My house was alive for the first time in a long time. She and her friends would have pool parties in our pool. I let it be known that unruly or inappropriate behavior would not be tolerated. After I ejected two or three troublemakers, the word got around and they didn't show up any more.

Robie was on the high school basketball team and she was pretty good. She was fast and agile. She moved with the grace of a big cat. I took her to all her practices and home games. She went to all the home football games. It was always something. She kept me busy but I enjoyed the association with her and her friends.

Like most little girls, she had her share of problems and whenever they really got to her, she would come and lay down with her head on my shoulder and cry. I was usually able to come up with some solution that eased her pain. At the very least I offered her comfort. I really miss those days.

As time marched on the rift between her and my wife got bigger and bigger until finally, there was no repairing it.

She came to me one day and said, "I want to go back to Kodiak."

"Stay here, baby girl," I answered, "You can't keep running from your problems. Make peace with my wife and you can stay here forever."

I tried to talk her out of it but in the end, she was right. I could have stopped or delayed the transfer because of my guardianship status but as usual, I gave her what she wanted. I wish now I would have fought harder for her. We were blessed with her for a little over a year. I thanked god for that time together.

She returned to her mother in Alaska and I cancelled the guardianship.

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