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A mom and her son grow more intimate.


"Oh God, yes," my husband moaned... I wasn't sure whether it was from the rough reaming or the talk about my getting fucked by this black Adonis. My own body was betraying me like my husband's was betraying him. His cock was rock hard as he got fucked... my cunt was sopping wet at the thought of that black cock being inside me.

He pulled back out, again gave me a look, and this time pointed to the floor in front of him, making it clear his earlier words had been an order, as he slammed back into my husband's ass... I mean cunt, as he asked, "Do you want to see me fuck your wife, Jackie Girl?"

"Oh yes, I'd love to see you blacken my slut wife and make her your fuck slut too," J.G. willingly agreed with a whimper, as I reached him.

"I think we can definitely make happen," I spoke up, deciding it was time to let J.G. know I was there... it was time to take control. If this sissy blonde slut wasn't going to be the man of the house, I was fucking ready to let this stranger do the job.

"Oh, my God," Jack gasped, turning around and trying to move, even as the black man held his hips so he couldn't move... on all fours with a cock lodged up his ass... his cunt.

Angry at him, yet also turned on as fuck, I asked him some mocking questions, "Which is it, Jack? Oh, my God, do I ever love black cock up my sissy, faggot ass? Oh, my God, do I ever love this big cock up my cunt? Or, oh my God sweetheart, I'm so sorry you caught me like this?"

His eyes were big, his face beet red with shame, as the black stranger resumed fucking him, clearly amused.

"Oh fuck," my husband whimpered, at the rough hammering.

"Show your wife who you really are," the man ordered, now slamming into him as hard as I imagine a man could fuck someone... and God, did I want to be fucked like that... just used... just pounded.

"Sorry," was all my husband could moan, as he turned his face away from me and whimpered like a bitch in heat.

"Tell this fine-ass woman what you are," he ordered, again pausing deep inside him.

My husband surprised me as he turned and did face me, looked right into my eyes in fact, and declared, "Di, I'm a cock sucker, a faggot, a bitch, a two-hole slut for black cock."

I shook my head in disgust as I ordered, "Then turn around and suck his cock, Jackie Girl, get it good and ready for me. If you're not man enough to fuck me right anymore, I bet your friend is."

As I expected, he obeyed, turning around, now hands and knees right beside me, and took that big cock, that had just been lodged in his ass, into his mouth.

"I'm Rich, by the way," the black man offered, extending his hand.

I smiled warmly, taking his hand into both of mine, "Yes, you are. I'm Dianne."

He chuckled, as my husband bobbed on his cock, "You two are Jack and Dianne?"

"Perhaps it's Jackie Girl and Dianne now," I said, shoving my husband's head roughly, forcing him to deep throat all ten inches... to my surprise he didn't gag.

Rich said, "He can deep throat cock like no other faggot I have ever used."

"Do you have a lot of faggots?" I asked. I continued holding my husband's head in place.

"There are always more straight white guys to turn," he said, as if it were a hobby.

"Not white women?" I questioned.

"I can multi-task," he said.

"How did you turn my husband?" I asked, curious as to how my masculine husband, my dominant love, had become a cross-dressing, cock-sucking, ass-taking, sissy faggot.

"He was easy," Rich said, as he began face fucking my husband. Wanting to get a closer look, I dropped to my knees to watch the cock piston in and out of Jack's mouth, the big black balls bouncing off his chin as my husband expertly took all ten inches. I had to admit... he was an amazing cock sucker.

"Please tell me," I requested as I stared at his black panther.

"In the military there is a pecking order and there are only tops and bottoms," he explained, without actually answering the question.

"Are the blacks tops and the whites bottoms?" I asked, wondering if

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