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When Life throws you a curve...

Not even when their father discovered that the two of them had ridden his prized war steed against his orders when they were ten and seven respectively. She stared off into space as she reminisced for a moment and then blinked the memories away. As enjoyable as those carefree days had been, she had a feeling that the present was going to be just as entertaining, especially if her sister intended to lead Seth on as merry a chase as she suspected.


Narelle saw her older sister's expression of barely concealed amusement and shook her head. She knew what her sister thought -- that she, Narelle, was faking shyness in an attempt to snare Seth's attention. Gritting her teeth, the younger woman only wished it were an act -- she was truly intimidated by the knight's presence. It had been five long years since his departure and over those years, she had come to realise that no other held her fascinated admiration the way Seth did. Even when they had all played together as young teenagers, she had felt like a sunflower always turning her face to catch the rays of his approval and casual affection. When he'd argued with his father a few short weeks before his departure, she'd been the one to lend a sympathetic ear as he ranted about his parent's rigid disapproval of his plans. She had waited patiently until he had calmed down and then offered her opinion, though it had almost torn her heart in two when she convinced him to leave on his journey regardless of his father's edict against it. The day of his departure, she had been unable to stifle her impulse to wrap herself around his body and raise her face to his. When he had responded by dipping his head and pressing an ardent kiss to her untried lips, she had been shocked into letting him go and retreating behind her older sister. Caught up in her confusion, she had missed seeing him mount up and ride out the gates, coming back to herself only when her sister had grabbed her hand and led her back into the castle. Staring at the floor of the breakfast room, Narelle wondered how she was going to talk to Seth like a normal person when all she wanted to do was curl around him like an affectionate kitten.


Quickly deducing what was going on in the heads of his three companions, Zane broke the tension building in the room by rising to his feet and leading his love's sister to her seat. Placing her plate in front of her, he squeezed her shoulder reassuringly before turning to his brother. Waving a hand at the sideboard, he told Seth, "Help yourself, Cook's skills haven't diminished since you've been gone and she somehow heard you were back."

"What do you mean?" asked his brother. Zane was pleased to note that despite his uncertain expression, and the frequent glances he kept throwing at Narelle, the knight was already piling a plate high with food.

Taking his hand as he returned to his seat, his love replied for him, "She prepared all your favourite dishes for breakfast. None of us are all that fond of steamed fish for breakfast but there's plenty in the tureen over there." Deciding that his brother and his love would do well enough chatting together, the prince turned his attention back to his love's sister who was now moving her food around her plate rather than eating it.

"Calm down, Rella," he told her in an undertone. His use of her childhood nickname made her look up and meet his eyes with a spark of her more customary spirit. "I promise not to let him hurt you," he told her solemnly.

He saw her lips twist in a wry smile before she whispered back, "But can you stop me from hurting myself?" Giving her question the consideration it truly deserved, Zane fell silent for a few moments as he ate several bites of his breakfast.

"Honestly, no," he finally replied, holding her green gaze with his own steady eyes.

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