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An erotic re-telling of the classic fairytale.

"Oh, well," I began, trying to get time to think. "The offer is that if I am merciful to Karin, you will be merciful to me? Have I got it right?"

"Yes. That's the package," Gunnel said. "I am rather good if I may say so myself. I can promise that you won't regret it," she added, suddenly bold, bravely looking at me with a spark in her eye.

They had me. I couldn't refuse without insulting Gunnel, insulting all three of them.

"She is right you know," Inga hurriedly said before I had the chance to speak. "She is good in bed, she knows how to comfort a man, believe me."

"Well," I said, "yes, that's certainly an offer I can't refuse. From what I have seen so far I am sure that you can comfort a man in bed. It will be a pleasure," I added smilingly, looking Gunnel in her eye.

She blushed but with a delighted, promising smile.

"Well, we have a deal then. I leave it to you to work out the details," Inga said, suddenly very businesslike, but she smiled broadly and winked at Gunnel.

"But I will not give up the spouse program," I whispered to Inga when we left the office, Gunnel a little in advance.

"You horny rascal," she whispered back. "All right. I will tell Birgit. But we still have the problem with shortage of women."

"Oh, well, the emergency solution is all right for me. In fact, I liked it very much," I said and looked straight at her.

She blushed but looked delighted when she pushed me out.

I caught up with Gunnel. It was decided when I should see Karin the next time.

"But what about the rest of the package?" I mockingly asked Gunnel.

"The new part of the deal you mean? Oh yes, that. Well, you can have an advance if you want to," Gunnel said lightly. She blushed but there was lust in her eyes.

"How anxious are you?" she asked after a pause. She looked me in the eye and smiled shyly. "It happens I have the morning off if you are so anxious that you want to have the advance already to night. We can go to my place." She blushed deeply.

We went to her place. It was nearby and it was luck that I had been to the wine dealer and had a bottle of champagne in my car.

Gunnel had a comfortable flat. It was very neat and I wondered if she had expected to get a visitor. Gunnel put on some music and I opened the champagne. We sat down and chatted for a while, sipping the wine.

Gunnel rose and came over to my chair. She bent over and kissed my cheek.

"Will you excuse me for a while? I want to freshen up. Make yourself comfortable," she whispered and tugged at my tie.

She went into the bathroom and soon I heard the shower. I took my jacket and tie off and relaxed with the music and the wine. My anticipation grew.

Suddenly Gunnel stood in the doorway. She wore a long negligee and high heels. The light from behind made her body silhouette show through the material. She took a step or two into the room and slowly turned around keeping herself between the lighted doorway and me.

What could be seen of her body looked very nice. A curvy body with broad hips. High, firm breasts held out the negligee, hard nipples showing. A darker shadow indicated a rich pussy bush. My cock came to life.

"If you like what you see, do something," she giggled standing before me.

I grabbed her and stroked over her body. Soon I found my way under the negligee and caressed her naked skin. She grunted and her knees buckled when my hand slid up along her inner thigh and found her moist pussy. I put my head against her round belly and caressed her ass cheeks. Her pussy radiated heat through the thin material.

Gunnel took a step back and lifted the negligee over her head. She stood for a second with her arms over her head and pirouetted before me. The high heels and lifted arms made her body look great, her high breasts lifted and thighs and ass cheeks stretched.

"Come," she whispered. "Come, follow me."

She moved away walking graciously on the high heels and looked marvelous from behind.

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