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Bobby finds a new sport. Rob goes fishing.

Even now it turned me on as I pictured it in my head. 'NO' I thought to myself. I have to pay attention here.

The meeting itself was nothing special. Afterwards we just sat around talking and enjoying ourselves. Getting up I went into the kitchen to get another drink. After pouring some soda into my glass I shut the refrigerator door and almost jumped from shock to see Laura standing there. She apologized for startling me. Then went on explaining what a great time she had last night at the party and asked where I found that stripper? She had never heard of one who did things in their own house like that. I explained it was a special treat for us, something he normally doesn't do.

"He was hot too!" she said in a whisper. "I've never been much for black guys but I would for him in a second. Looked like he was really packing something big in those shorts too; you know what I mean? Bet that'd feel good" Laura added with a wink. I just smiled as I thought to myself 'she's has no idea!'

When we finished up I headed back to Dwane's place to find him gone. He had to work for a couple hours tonight so I wasn't at all surprised. I took this time to eat some dinner and relax in front of the TV. I was there for some time before my cell phone rang. Yanking it from my purse I answered it knowing full well it was my husband John because of the ring tone I use just for his calls. We talked for quite a while as we both tend to lose track of time on the phone. A little more than thirty minutes into our conversation the front door opened as Dwane walked in from working. Seeing me on the couch talking on my cell phone Dwane asked right away if that was John? I told him it was and that he says hello.

"Tell him hello back and that we'll have to get together soon" Dwane said as he went into the kitchen. Not even a minute later he came back, standing directly against the couch behind me. Looking back up towards him as I talked Dwane was grinning down at me then placed a finger over his lips making a hush sound. I had no idea what he was playing at until he reached around with both his hands placing them on my shoulders first before gliding them down to my chest. I tried to stop him with my one free hand but to no avail. He soon was kneading both my breasts over my clothing. Placing my free hand over the phone I whispered for him to stop.

"Come on I'm just having a little fun. Just go with it and John will never know" he explained. "Plus, I don't know about you but this is kind of a turn on."

I can't deny there was something a bit dirty about it that made it even more of a turn on. I just sat there pretending like everything was normal with my husband as this large black man was playing with my breasts from behind. My nipples were becoming rock hard and poking at the material of my top. Pulling his hand away Dwane began to unbutton my shirt all the way down almost to my belly button before parting it open; exposing my bra covered chest. Moving his hands back to playing with them he decided to slip a few fingers under my right bra cup, pinching my nipple. This caused me to yelp out loud. John stopped mid sentence asking me if everything was okay? I had to come up with a quick lie telling him I had just pricked myself on a thorn from a flower I got earlier today for the wedding. Thankfully he believed me without question.

As I was saying goodbye Dwane interrupted me explaining he'd like to talk to John if he wasn't too busy? I asked John and he said he'd love to talk and I passed the phone up to Dwane who let go of my breasts. First saying hello to my husband he asked him to hold for a moment as he bent over to whisper into my ear.

"Don't button your shirt up yet.

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