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Susan's party night continues, and in the morning goes on.

She untied the ribbon that was attached to the back of her belt and started to pull it tighter. As she did so, the ribbon disappeared between her cheeks and Tom's nose had no choice but to follow.

Both ends of the ribbon were now pulled tight and the material felt nice rubbing against her clit. But Tom's face, now buried into the lower part of her butt, felt even nicer.

"How does it feel now?"

"Very intimate," Tom mumbled, his voice almost incomprehensible.

"It's not that intimate, this is how I greet all my friends."

"Hannah, it feels like I'm inside your bum!"

"Well, try and get out then, I'll give you a chance."

With that, Hannah lifted her top thigh to take the pressure of Tom's neck. Tom was now able to climb to his knees and manoeuvred himself as best he could with cuffed hands. He tried pulling his nose straight out, then up, then down towards her crotch. He then tried to twist, but nothing would even get his nose out from between Hannah's cheeks.

Hannah tried hard to suppress her delight as she watched his big muscular body try in vain to free itself from her bum. The day before, she had practiced this position with the teddy bear that Tom had won for her from the fair. The bear's soft pointy nose had felt good, but this felt ten times better.

She could feel his warm breathe against her skin and nose tickle her. But best of all, she loved listening to his moans, a mix of frustration, amazement and increasingly, excitement. The teddy bear hadn't done that!

"OK, I give up."

"Oh dear, you really are going to be in trouble now then..."

Hannah squeezed her thighs tightly around his neck, while at the same time tensing her butt so that her cheeks closed around Tom's nose. She then bent her knees until her heels were pushing against the back of his head and pushing him further inside.

Tom relaxed for a moment before realising that his nose and mouth were sealed and that trying to breathe only created a vacuum. His struggling started to arouse her and she held on for a few seconds longer than she knew she should. When she did relax her thighs, Tom was breathing hard and his cock was bulging out of the cage.

"I assume I have your complete obedience now?"

Out of the corner of his eye, Tom could just see past her butt and across the bedroom. That all felt a long way away and completely out of his reach. Hannah gave him a quick tense of her thighs.


"Yes sweetheart, mistress, honey, whatever," he smiled as he relaxed back into her butt.

Hannah laughed and then inadvertently did a little fart.

"Oh I'm so sorry!"

She quickly tried to untie the ribbon but the knot had pulled tight. She swore to herself as she picked at the knot with her nails.

"Don't worry honey, its fine."

"Oh I can't get this know undone."

She was embarrassed and cross with herself, but amazingly Tom didn't seem to mind. She tried to imagine what that must have been like, but her thoughts were soon distracted by the quiet moans of pleasure coming from her shackled boyfriend. She looked down at butt and her thighs. She had been to the gym every day this week and they were really looking good.

Now just about able to breathe, Tom was enjoying the experience. He may have been completely trapped, but her warm butt felt fantastic against his face.

"How long are you keeping me here?"

"How long would you like to stay there?"

"I thought you were in charge, sweetheart?"

Tom knew that would provoke her and sure enough, she tensed her thighs.

Ten minutes later, Hannah untied the ends of the ribbon and rolled over so that she could see him. Tom's face was flushed and glimmered from perspiration. She felt a little self-conscious and modestly rolled on to her front. Although, his big brown eyes were looking lovingly up at her, which told her that she should carry on.

Hannah turned around so that Tom's head was again between her thighs, but this time his face was resting against her clit.

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