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Naughty talk between two horny friends.


The girls smiled and offered their empty cups only to be quickly filled and returned with the yummy fruity juice with more alcohol than juice. They hung out for a while chattering away and slowly were separated by batman, a breast inspector and a ghoul with a raging hard-on. Jessica looked around for John and did not see him. She headed upstairs to the bedrooms and bathrooms. She wrinkled her nose at the long line already forming and then noticed and slightly opened bedroom and went in to use the bathroom.

The room had wood panel walls covered with pictures of naked women and posters. Clothes and shoes littered the floors and the beds were unmade. She took another swig of the intoxicating beverage and found the bathroom. She pulled her panties down to her ankles and pulled the crinoline and dress up so she could pee. She was sitting in the bathroom for a few seconds when she saw the bathroom door swing open.

She yelled at the man before she saw him, "Someone's in here..."

Before she could finish the sentence, she saw John's wolf costume except with a plaid shirt.

She looked up with him smiling and exclaimed, "John! You weren't supposed to wear a shirt with that costume."

She looked him over and grabbed his belt buckle rubbing her free hand on his crotch.

She bit her lip gently and quickly blurted in a buzzed slur, "I was wondering where you were at. You should try this punch. it's delicious. I was so horny tonight."

She kept rubbing his cock until it felt really hard through the jeans.

She playfully asked, "Oh, Mr. Big Bad Wolf, why's your penis so big? May I see it?"

The wolf nodded and unzipped his pants releasing his shaft to Jessica.

She started stroking the cock presented to her gently and said, "God it looks bigger than usual."

She licked the tip and around the head before slowly guiding it into her mouth. She stroked the base with her fingers and she took the entire length into her mouth. As she slid it out of her mouth she sucked hard on the cock. She moved her hands to the wolf's ass and pulled him against her to allow his cock to thrust in and out of her mouth.

She looked up at him lustfully as she felt it engorge from the motion. The wolf moved his hands to the back of her head and moved it back and forth against his cock. She felt a pulse along the wolf's penis before her throat was coated with hot cum. She was a little shocked, as John had never done that before, but very turned on by his forcefulness. She swallowed the last of the cum and stared at the wolf lustfully.

She started playing with herself as she watched him clean off his still hard cock and as he started to leave the bathroom, she huffed, "John, just cause you got off doesn't mean I don't need to get fucked. Come over here and sit down so I can ride that wonderful joystick."

She tapped her chin, "Do you have condoms?"

The wolf nodded again and she allows a cheshire grin to form on her face, "I am so turned on by your silence tonight. It just makes me want you so much more."

The wolf stroked his cock a bit more as Jessica stood up still playing with her pussy. She pulled down the top to reveal her perky 36Ds. She pushed them together for the wolf as she guided her hungry wet pussy on top of the wolf's shaft. She didn't notice that the wolf did not remember to put on the condom. She glided easily down the length of the shaft and pulled her dress up so she could watch the penis enter her over and over again. She was glad she wore the heels as she bounced on the cock as it gave her some leverage.

Her thigh highs and slid down her leg a bit to her knees, but she just arched her back and wiggled her ass to get herself off on the penis penetrating her. She looked down at the wolf leaning his head back to look at her through the eye holes in the mask and grunted as she came down on him. After a short while she felt herself start to shake from the intensity of the situation. She bit her lips and frowned as she felt herself cum all over the wolf's hard cock.

"Oh god, you f

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