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The taut skin had parted a little at the end and was oozing milky liquid. Danielle swallowed, she felt thirsty, it looked cool and refreshing but she did not really know what the fruit was.

And then, all of a sudden, the fruit in her hand did the self-same thing, perhaps she had squeezed a little too hard, the end split and it too began oozing milky liquid. It touched her moving fingers and she felt it was rather sticky. She was almost tempted to lick her fingers but she did not think that a wise idea. Unsurprisingly it was Siobhan who leant forward and licked the fruit she was holding.

"Siobhan, you don't know what it is, it might be poisonous."


Poisonous or not it was clearly palatable to Siobhan. Her mouth opened and she took the end into her mouth and her cheeks hollowed.

"Mmmm, it's really nice."

The end of the fruit was wet from Siobhan's mouth when she took her lips away. The end of the purple black fruit continued to ooze white stuff from the little slit in the end where the pressure had split the growing fruit.

Danielle stared as Siobhan's pretty lips slid back over the end of the fruit. Danielle was by no means so naive as not to know what it looked just so like. It looked as if she was holding a great big black cock in her fingers whilst her friend sucked its knob; as if she was feeding her friend a boy's penis; as if her friend and she were engaged in some rather strange shared sexual activity with a black boy. The idea so erotic: playing with a penis, erecting it, fondling it but then, so strangely, feeding its bulb into her friend's mouth. Siobhan's mouth looked rather stretched but, even so, she could not help thinking how pretty her friend's lips looking sucking on a...

Danielle shook her head and looked away towards the old sundial. Really she should not be thinking that. The idea of Siobhan and she sharing a boy; in bed with a single boy or out on a country walk with a boy; one boy's hand in one of their hands as they walked and later the boy's hands holding one each of their breasts and then perhaps them sharing his cock, passing it from hand to hand or mouth to mouth - or even sucking it together, their lips meeting over it, their tongues stroking it together; and then what?

What was she thinking? What had brought this on?

Danielle was sure the sundial had not looked like that before but she could not recall quite how the gnomon had looked. Now it rose up, thick and heavy, a realistic male erection cast in lead and, in turn, casting a penile shaped shadow across the dial. The time as accurate as before only indicated rather differently - she really did not think it had looked that way before. Was it a sculpture or had the casting been taken from real life? A wax mould taken and then perhaps a plaster cast to be pressed into fine wet sand to form the mould for the lead to be cast? Etched too into the dial's design Danielle could discern a classical picture of a satyr chasing a nymph. She, slim, diaphanous and nubile: him overly erect and rather wicked looking.

Danielle turned away to the orange tree and her eye was caught by a pair of oranges growing together. One hung a little lower than the other: it was so suggestive of testes in their sack.

Danielle knew she was turned on, she seemed to be seeing sexual allusion wherever she looked. She turned back to her friend, there was juice from the fruit on her lips, white juice. "Siobhan," she said again, her earlier alarm returning, "it might be poisonous!"

"Don't you a-worry, lassies, you won't come to no harm,"

Danielle jumped.

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