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When things get strange...

He didn't let go of the opportunity, and his mouth lowered onto her slightly parted lips, caressing them with his own.

Seeing him lifting his hand towards her shoulder out of the corner of her eye, Allison shifted slightly - as though she was turning into the kiss - and his hand landed on the top of her breast. For a moment it seemed as though he might pull away, and then his fingers started lightly stroking her breast, teasing her nipple hard through the cloth of her shirt. Turning into him even more, she let her hand rest lightly on his upper thigh, fingers barely moving as she gently stroked him, trying to keep it subtle... more of an invitation than anything else. His hand slid into her shirt and cupped the underside of her breast, stroking the her hard pebble of a nipple with his thumb. Allison let her hand tighten slightly on his thigh as arousal swelled in her breast, going straight to her pussy, she could feel his dick was very hard against the back of her hand but she didn't do anything to let on that she'd noticed. In the past few weeks she'd found that he was rather judgmental of girls who tried to make the first move or were overtly sexual, he always thought that she was just trying to do what she thought he - as a guy - wanted, rather than her wanting it as well.

His other arm went around her waist, pulling her even closer into him, and she let the back of her hand press against his extremely hard dick as her body was shifted almost into his lap. Now his hand was gently squeezing her breast, massaging the soft globe with his fingers, and her pussy was leaking heavily as the light touch teased her mercilessly. Arching her back, she tried to press her breast more firmly into his hand, but to no avail. Their tongues danced in each other's mouth as he rubbed and stroked her breast, making her squirm with need. Finally he pulled away and looked deep into her eyes as his hand slid out of her shirt and he placed both arms around her waist.

"Is Diana going to be back soon?" it was always the first question he asked, and she felt a little thrill of excitement go through her... maybe now it would finally happen and her new boyfriend would fulfill her needs.

"Nope," she said, smiling innocently as if she had no idea where this was leading to, "She'd out for the night with Chad, he's taking her dancing and then back to his place to watch a movie." For some reason Roger thought that all her acquaintances and friends were as innocent and lady-like as he thought her to be, including Diana - for her part, Diana was so amused by the way that he treated her that she acted like a high school innocent when he was around. It completely cracked her and Chad up after Roger left, the things that he said to Diana and the way he treated her "tender" sensibilities, Allison had to admit that it amused her too.

"Would you like to take this into the bedroom?" his gaze was completely serious as he looked down at her, and she paused for a moment as if considering this new local when in reality she was trying to find a way to accept his proposal and still stay passive.

Tilting her head so that her curls bounced a little and she looked as innocent as possible, she replied, "I think that would be ok." smiling a little hesitantly as her heart pounded and the horny little imp inside of her jumped for joy, screaming out one word... FINALLY!

Startled, she laughed as he stood and swept her up in his arms, carrying her to the bedroom the way a groom carries his bride over the threshold. Still, it wouldn't do to laugh at his serious romantic gesture, and she made herself just smile as though thrilled as he strode purposefully for the bedroom, smiling at her with confidence and charm. They probably looked like the cover of a bad romance novel - except that she was wearing far too much clothing.

Roger laid her

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