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An attorney has a torrid affair with a colleague.

The two women faced each other, embraced and kissed deeply. I could see the lady moving her tongue into the younger woman's mouth and the two becoming entwined and then entering back into the older, taller woman's mouth.

As I watched the longest most erotic kiss I had had the privilege of seeing first hand, the voices kept their cadence in the background. "Spill the Wine. Spill the Wine. Spill the Wine." It seemed they too were enthralled with the vision of these two women sharing a long sensual kiss in the hot sunlight. Watching and putting their chant on auto pilot for a moment. After what seemed an hour but was probably only a few moments the two parted. Both licked their lips tasting any remnants of the other before they turned. The lady stood sideways as the younger of the two approached me. As she neared, she lowered herself to her knees and placed a hand on each leg, lightly spreading them and moving her torso in closer between them. Her breasts were smooth and white with delicate pink nipples. Though delicate, they were clearly erect. Hard pink buttons. I held no illusion that it was me that had made them that rock solid, the kiss had clearly excited everyone present.

The lady returned to my side and bent to my ear. "Let her pleasure you. Your Wine will spill. It is what we need, what we desire. Share it with us." If it was what I thought, they wanted my cum. I had no intentions of withholding that. A sinister note crossed my mind. There could have been a veiled threat in the statement, but my cock ignored anything but the young woman as she bent forward to take my hard cock into her mouth.

"Spill-a-wine, Spill-a-wine, Spill-a-wine." The group chanted faster and faster. I chose not to look at them, but watched my dick slide deeply into the mouth that most recently had held the tongue of the lady beside me. I felt my hands grip harder on the women on each side of me, my armrests. My ass wriggled on the woman who was my seat. The pale woman withdrew slowly as the chant continued. Her tongue circled the tip and she held my hard member in her hand as she licked from the tip downward to my balls, tickling the underside delicately before firmly licking it back to the tip and again devouring it in her mouth.

I watched the show almost with detachment. The chant. The movement of the women around me and in the crowd all became hypnotic. I was getting the blow job of my life, but it was almost as though it was happening to someone else and I was merely observing. I watched as my cock was serviced expertly. The mouth held just the right amount of pressure. The tongue applied just the perfect stimulation. I was as wet as I could possibly imagine, my hard phallus glistening in the sun and then disappearing into the pink lips of her mouth. I found a new level of excitement and began to feel the tensing of every muscle from my feet to the top of my head. I was about to explode.

A voice came into my ear as the lady bent to it. "Rise and Spill your Wine. Cover the woman with your Wine. Cum on her, cum hard!"

I rose and as I did the woman rocked back and lay beneath me, completely exposed, awaiting my discharge. I grasped my cock just as the feelings reached their peak and I began to climax. I aimed my cock's swollen head as much as I could and the thick white rope of my cum squirted a long arc down to her waiting belly. She was clean shaven and my next throb of liquid went close to her swollen lips. Pinker than even her nipples, they seemed to quiver as my cum came to rest near them. Time and again I came, harder than I could ever remember. Finally it stopped. My cock and I were both spent. A drop glistened on the tip. "Spill-a-wine, Spill-a-Wine, Spill-a-Wine" echoed loudly across the field.

The lady motioned to the four women who had served as my throne and each came around, put a finger into the puddles of my semen and raised a drop to their lips.

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