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My wife keeps posted me about her date via text messaging.

"Taste?" she asks. I accept them and she pushes them in and I suck on them, tasting her. The taste is very noticeable, not slight at all. It's almost like I'm licking her pussy.

She pulls her fingers from my mouth and backs up a few steps to the bed. She sits on the very edge of the bed, her butt barely on it, and spreads her legs. She puts her hand back on her pussy and looks at me. "Taste some more." she states, then adds, "Please?" As I kneel on the floor and edge between her legs, she spreads them even wider. I don't get to her pussy immediately. Those lovely breasts are right in front of me so I hold one of them and get my mouth to it and get a nipple in my mouth as I hold the other breast with my other hand. Her nipple gets harder and I move my mouth to the other breast. After licking and sucking that nipple, I pull my head back and look down at her hairy muff. "You have a lovely body, Diane," I tell her as I lower myself by sitting back on my legs. I lean my face into her, get my hands on either side of her slit and pull it open slightly so I can get my tongue into her. I want to do everything for her that she did for me.

I've eaten a lot of pussy in my life and I always like it. Partly I just plain like it, the feel, the taste. But largely it's because of the way it affects the woman involved. I've never met a girl yet that didn't go gaga over getting her pussy licked, her clit sucked. I can go about it in a way that lets me keep going for a long time or I can attack it and make her orgasm, make her cum, fairly quickly. I purposely tried to let this last at first before finally starting to speed things up, finger fucking and sucking relentlessly on her clit. She has a really nice pussy. Firm, not flabby. She was certainly ready, very juicy even before my tongue got to her, and has become more and more juicy, more and more flavorful. I get a hand behind her to hold her butt and push my face into her as I almost bite her clit and move two fingers in and out of her faster and faster. She cums. I can feel it. Her pussy actually clamps a little, quivers. Fluids flow, her whole body seems to jump and jerk. But she's fairly quiet. I can hear some moans and heavy breathing but no screams or yells. I keep at her until she's pulling on my hair, pulling my mouth away from her.

I lean back and she slides back onto the bed. "I hope you're hard again, I need a good fuck right now." The "right now" was said almost in capitals. It's an order not a request. I get up over her, she spreads herself wide, lifts her knees back up to make plenty of room and I get my very much erect-again cock aimed into her. As I slide in, she's pulling on my butt, urging me in further and further. She's very tight, it almost hurts to push my way into her. Once I'm fully inside her, she wraps her legs up around me, her heels on my lower back. "That feels so good," she says. She's looking up at me with an almost glowing aura, this is a very satisfied woman. I start pulling out and pushing in. She moves her legs off me and onto the bed so she can start pushing back until she's almost lifting me into the air.

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