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Commander Shepard helps Kasumi get over the loss of her love.

By now it was almost midnight. Halloween was just minutes away. Kim wasn't superstitious by any means, but walking around in the woods in the black of night, clueless as to where she was, certainly didn't meet any high expectations, unless of course you are a serial killer. She laughed at her own absurd thoughts. Serial killers. Serial rapists. Ha! Not likely.

In the distance Kim heard the faint sound of thunder. A storm wasn't out of the question, but it was a constant rumble, one that got louder and louder. "No, it can't be" she said out loud. Within seconds a familiar figure straddling her favorite Harley pulled up beside her. He said nothing, just looked straight ahead. Not being able to see his expression or level of intoxication underneath the helmet, she gave in and swung a leg up and over the rear tire and secured her ass in the cold leather seat.

Feeling safe pressing up against his strong sturdy back, Kim squeezed her thighs tighter, sensing a spike of warmth and tingling that ran the length of her spine. She had to admit, she was a little frightened walking alone, defenseless. No gun. No weapons. No cell signal. No way to ward off any hungry animals. Maybe it was the rush of adrenaline that was making her feel horny. Or maybe it was just being with him.

She reached her hand around to feel for his bulge, she was yearning for his cock more than ever. Even more than five minutes ago. That is one area of the relationship that never faltered. His beautiful perfect dick and her amazing skill at sucking him off kept things raging hot. It's the one thing they never fought about. He knew how to please her, better than any man or woman ever could. He knows exactly the way she likes to be fucked. Slow at first. Teasing. Tasting. Taunting. Then working it harder, deeper. Faster.

The bike geared down and slowed to a halt next to a picnic shelter, minus any picnickers of course, being it was the middle of the night. Kim hopped off and bent forward to stretch the tension out of her legs, when suddenly she felt a hand gently caress the crease between her thighs. She let out a soft moan and straightened up. She had been painfully been waiting for this all day.

Kim found the zipper to her jacket and enthusiastically pulled it down until it opened completely and fell off her shoulders. His hands slid up her shirt until the edges of her bra was in his grasp, pulling the silky material off of her tits, allowing her sensitive nipples to poke through her shirt. He took one in between his thumb and forefinger, allowing the other hand to be free to stoke himself slowly.

The harder he became, the more be began to gyrate on her still clothed legs. This was utter torture for him. His dick was ready to burst out of his pants. He spun her around and pushed her forward onto the picnic table, until her ass stuck out like a whore waiting to be spanked. She yelled, yet she didn't resist. He yanked her riding bottoms down until he had enough room to spread her legs open wide, wide enough to enter her from behind with ease.

He spit on his hand and separated the folds of her already swollen pussy, no doubt she was ready, he could smell it on her for miles. An intoxicating fragrance of want and need. As he traced around the edges of her clit with a gentle focus, her juices coated his hand with a silky layer of sex. When he thought he had teased her enough, he brought his fingers to his throbbing cock and lubed himself with her wetness and scent. He moved the tip closer to her hole and gently found his way inside. With painstaking effort, he pushed forward until he filled her fully and deeply, feeling every inch of her smooth flesh as it created friction against his.

"Fuck yeah baby, you know want I fucking want," Kim screamed through gritted teeth. He slid back out, slowly, then again, this time with more force, jammed into her with a need and a might he forgot he had. Taking out any and all frustrations on her willing pussy.

Staying inside her, he wanted to enjoy the feeling of h

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