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She no longer has a choice.

It was just above my head and as I stared at it, she lowered herself on to my face. "Here," she breathed harshly. "I've got something for you to eat."

I watched the plump lips approach my face, the pink valley opening slightly as she went into a squat. I could see her smaller lips: pink, luscious and already wet, waiting for my tongue as it descended towards my hungry mouth. When it touched my mouth, I was ready -- I swiped my tongue right across that deep cleft of hers, sliding up from the depression that marked the entrance to her vagina, up to where her lips joined to form the hood of her clitoris.

May gasped but did not waver, keeping her pubis steady as my tongue wiped at her clit. I reached up and pulled her hips down, completing the fusion of her pubis and my mouth, before starting to work on giving her a good licking. She did her level best to stay in that position while I ate her out, but the sensations must have become a bit too intense for her after a while, because she slowly sagged backwards, lying down on my body. I had to raise my head in order to keep my mouth and tongue firmly attached to her leaking groin -- no easy feat, I assure you -- but I could at least use my hand to pull her pubis up towards my mouth.

She began to come not long afterwards. This time, she couldn't clamp my head between her thighs, but I knew she was coming anyway because I could actually feel her liquids gushing against my mouth and running down my chin and throat. She didn't scream this time, but it didn't matter... the convulsions that shook her body as she peaked were evidence enough of how much she enjoyed it.

All this time, I was still clothed, so when she was done, the front of my tee shirt was completely drenched. I let her lie there on top of me, her exposed vulva gleaming with my saliva and her juices lying right on top of my wet chest. After she had regained her breath, she rolled off me.

I thought that was it, especially since she had expressed some reservations about the sex, but I was wrong. She sat up, still gasping slightly, grabbed my shorts and briefs, and pulled them down to my ankles. My prick, released from its constrictive prison, sprung into view immediately. It looked like an angry exclamation, demanding immediate attention.

"Ooooh. What do we have here?" she teased as she clasped her hand around the stem, making my cock twitch impatiently. "It looks like you need some help, Charlie."

"What kind of help can you give?" I grinned at her. I was so horny and hard, a hand job would've suited me. Assuming, of course, that May actually knew how to give one.

But that was not what she had in mind. Moving quickly, she straddled my body, putting her squelching wet pussy square on my lower belly, just in front of my throbbing cock. Looking into my eyes, she lowered her body towards me, pushing her hips backwards. I felt the wet slash of her sex sliding down until it met the stem of my cock. Then, she arched her back and began slowly humping her wet pussy against my hard-on. I felt my cock sliding about in her slippery valley, the head occasionally dipping into her vagina. I cocked my hips and tried to push it in each time it happened, and each time, she pulled away so that my cock slipped out.

"What's the matter, cuz?" she teased as it happened again. "Somewhere you wanna go?" Damn, she was good. I don't know how she knew to do what to do, but whatever she did raised my level of arousal bit by agonising bit. "Yeah," I growled, grabbing her hips and trying to push her towards my aching prong.

"Oh no you don't," she giggled, putting her hands on mine and arching her back so I didn't manage to penetrate her. "Not so easy, Charlie!" "You're driving me nuts, May," I groaned as she continued rubbing her vulva up against my cock. "I don't know if I can hold it for much longer."

"Oh, in that case.

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