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Wife prepares for a special session.

The taste of wine on her tongue was nothing beyond magical. Then I felt her hands take on a path of there own and I felt them squeeze between us clawing for a grip on my belt. I released her slightly to give her soft hands room to work. She unclasped the belt and her hand did not pause for a second as it reached down into my tightened pants. We released our kiss just as she gripped my hot throbbing member. She smiled back at me; it was a lust filled grin with only one thing on its mind.

She pushed me backwards and I happily landed on my back. She tugged my pants and boxers down in one swift movement with the power of an angry bear. My member popped out fully erect and flopped down as if hiding itself from the sunlight it now saw. She didn't even give it a moment and her mouth was on me. She stopped right at the head of my cock and flicked her tongue out to taste the glistening drop of pre-cum that was tipping there.

I shuddered as she took the entire length of my cock all at once. Her lips hit my pubic hair in with such quickness and I could feel her tongue busy against my shaft. I let out an uncontrollable moan as she moved her lips up the length, sucking hard, only to stop as her soft lips reached the sensitive head.

Now I've had my share of blowjobs over my years but this had already made me feel like it had never been done right. Whether it was the way she used her full lips to caress the head of my cock, or her rhythm, or the sound she made in the back of her throat as she took all of me, I can't say. All I know is that I was close to praising Allah, God or Satan, if she would just promise not to stop. I didn't want it to end.

Her mouth kept moving rhythmically up and down my shaft, ever coaxing me to greater pleasure and teasing my semen to come out and play. Her fingers had reached down to toy with my clinching sack. She began by caressing them, then squeezing them gently, stroking as if they were her favorite pet. One of her fingers began light strokes of the sensitive skin between testicles and anus, but never once did her mouth lose its magical rhythmic suction.

I knew my time was getting near as my entire body was already fighting me wanting to thrust again and again into her wet mouth. Just then she gripped my balls with the force of a hammer and stopped her sucking just at my head. My first thoughts were of a huge letdown but it was not too be. She suddenly released my sack and took me all in her mouth quickly bobbing her head up and down. That had done it, I warned her and I was wracked with the most blissful, goose-bump filled orgasm I had ever experienced. She kept sucking at me gently, greedily devouring every drop I could give; she was lunching on me as though as starving woman in heat.

As the pulsing slowed, then stopped, she backed off her sucking and let my softening member with an audible plop. She smiled up at me and took her finger and wiped at the one missed drop on her lower lip. Devon looked at the substance on her finger. She then closed her eyes as she curled her tongue around it, sucking it in as if it were good chocolate.

She lies down beside me and put her head on my chest while she reached down with her hand and took loving hold of my half erect penis. I started to say something, but she put a finger to my lips and said "lets let it rest a while we are just beginning. She seemed to have all the time in the world for this, and I was not going anywhere.

As we lay there, basking in the breeze coming through the woods, she talked to me like an old friend. I just lie there unable to say anything at that moment. She stopped talking and smiled up at me with a look that said satisfaction. Gazing at me through her lashes shadowing her soft green eyes she moved upward. She pulled her body against mine and kissed me deeply. I tasted my own semen on her lips and tongue as she shared the leftover fruits of our shared pleasure.

I lie naked on the blanket, feeling the warm summer's breeze as it dried the light sweat glistening on my skin.

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