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Scorned wife, finds improbable lover.

I let out a moan of pure pleasure as I tilted my head back and enjoyed her expert mouth fucking.

It couldn't have taken more than a second or two before I was rock hard in Jen's mouth and felt each of my ears being attacked with wet tongues from either side. Crystal was whispering softly to me how much she loved me and how she wanted to make me happy. "We're all yours tonight. We share everything and tonight I'm sharing you with them."

I was in shock, but I turned to Crystal and kissed her passionately. Bonnie began to unbutton my shirt. Jen was lost in her cock sucking, and from the way she was attacking my shaft I knew it wouldn't be long before I would fill her mouth with sperm.

Crystal broke our kiss as she gave me a grin and reached down pulling the bottom of her dress up exposing her wet slit to me. She began to insert a finger as she moved out of my reach and just sat back enjoying the show.

My sexy little brunette being out of reach, I immediately turned my attention to my two new lovers, and as I looked into Jen's beautiful green eyes staring up at me with a mouth full of cock, I felt Bonnie reach out and turn my head into a sloppy kiss. She had taken down the top of her dress and pulled open my shirt, and as we kissed I was pressed firmly into the fullest most wonderful boobs I had ever dreamed of. We kissed like that for what seemed like hours.

I was so caught up in Bonnie's full lips and huge tits that I didn't notice Jen take her mouth off of my throbbing cock. She was still pumping it up and down in her tiny hands, but they weren't nearly as hot as her mouth had been. Then, flashing me a nasty little smile she stood, turned around, hiked up her dress, and with one quick motion impaled her tight ass on my bulging prick stuffing it to the base into her rectum. It was so tight. I almost came right then.

Bonnie just smiled at me as she moved away from our embrace and crawled into the floor in front of Jen to get a better look. Jen's tiny ass looked so gorgeous as she pushed me all the way inside of her and leaned forward keeping her back to me. I couldn't resist. I reached out and taking one hip in each hand started slowly moving her up and down. Did all of Crystal's friends like anal sex? This was unreal.

I couldn't believe the way Jen was fucking me. She would rise and fall and rise again like a machine, and her ass was so fucking tight. Her moans were growing louder, probably half due to the fact that Bonnie was eating her out as I fucked her in the ass.

Jen screamed out as she started fucking harder and faster up and down on my cock and Bonnie kept pace with her working her clit. I gripped her cheeks and felt my dick twitch as she looked back over her shoulder at me whipping her hair out of her face. Her mouth was wide open and she was drooling and moaning in pleasure. "It's yours Baby." She whimpered. "My ass is all yours!"

Suddenly I felt her ass clamp down hard on my raging dick and her eyes went shut as she started screaming out at the top of her lungs. Bonnie had made her cum with her tongue. I couldn't take any more of this erotic craziness and I thrust my cock deep into her and erupted. It was amazing.

The three of us just sat that way for a few minutes as Jen leaned back against me turning her head and kissing me on the lips. I could feel Bonnie lower her lips and tongue Jen's ass and lick around my cock as I pumped the last of my cum deep into her ass.

To say the least, I was in absolute shock and ecstasy all rolled into one as we detangled and got our clothes back on. Had this really happened to me? I had to take a swig of tequila and down my whole beer after that!

"Baby." Crystal said. "We want you to move in with us. You can have any of us anytime you want. We're all yours."

I was still in shock from the events before this statement. This was too good to be true. Now I'm no dumbass. I told them I'd be moved in by 6am tomorrow morning, maybe a little too eagerly.

We heard the front door open and close.

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