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He shows neighbor what to do in a rainstorm.

Working in tandem now, tongue and fingers steadily increased their rhythm and pressure, pushing Sue towards climax. David was a skilled master and judged his moment to perfection as he simultaneously stimulated her g-spot and lightly nipped her clit. Sue shuddered as her orgasm crashed through her, but unlike Kristy, David allowed her to descend and recover in her own time, reclining back in his chair to appreciate vision of the flushed and trembling woman who lay on the table in front of him.

Finally, stretching sensuously, Sue raised herself to a sitting position and smiled at her former master.

"Thank you!" she murmured. "That was amazing!"

Slowly, maintaining eye contact, she slid herself off the table and onto her knees before him, a question in her eyes. In response, he pushed his chair backwards and unzipped his slacks, allowing his cock to spring free. Reverently, she took it between her hands and started stroking and caressing it, drawing a fingernail lightly and delicately between his balls as she did so. Rewarded by his intake of breath, she moved her hand until his cock was encircled between her thumb and fingers. Slowly, deliberately she started to stroke up and down the length of his shaft, coating her palm with his pre-cum and using it to aid the smoothness of her movements. She gradually increased her rhythm and pressure until she heard him moan in appreciation. Only then did she bring her tongue into play, licking and teasing his cock, swirling around his balls until one after the other, she let her mouth envelop them. David caught his breath sharply, highly aroused by Sue's expert ministrations. Encouraged by his reaction, Sue renewed her tongue's action around his cock, swirling up and around the head until she suddenly dipped her head and plunged his cock deep into her mouth. David's hands reached out and wound themselves into her hair, gripping tightly as her mouth, tongue and hand worked in unison, teasing him, stroking him, sucking him. Soon he couldn't help himself. He wound his hands tighter into her hair and holding her still plunged his cock deep inside her throat before pulling out slightly then repeating the action. Each time he withdrew, Sue's tongue came back into play, expertly teasing and flicking, licking and swirling around the head of his shaft. Finally he could hold back no longer and with one final, violent thrust, he shot his seed deep into her throat. Sue's tongue gently continued it's ministrations until not a drop was left, at which point she withdrew as smiled up at him.

"Fair's fair!" she said. "You made me feel so good that I had to return the favour!"

"I think you added interest!" David joked, still feeling a little weak at the knees.

They laughed companionably and helped each other readjust their clothing, David retying the lacing of Sue's bodice so that the swell of her breasts rose above the confines of the leather.

"I think we should freshen up before the second punishment session, don't you" David asked, eying Sue's flushed skin, coated with a slight sheen of sweat. "Why don't we meet back in the punishment room in an hour. "When you bring her back into the room, have her assume Position 2. I will be re-inserting her butt plug. We will use the same size again. She is now ready to accommodate me, but I want the plug inserted to remind her of her place! Oh, and change the blindfold. Use the slimmer lambskin one. I have some plans I wish to carry out later," he instructed.

Sue nodded agreement and each left the dining room to freshen up.

Kristy heard footsteps outside her cell and knelt on the floor in Position 1 facing the door. She heard the lock click and the door swung open revealing Mistress S, who nodded approvingly as she saw David's slave already in position.

"Very good, slave," she said. "It seems as if you're learning! As a reward, would you like to use the bathroom?"

Kristy was feeling very full from the water she had drunk earlier, but had not been able to bring herself to use the bucke

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