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You remember my son Johnny don’t you?

His question was heavy with the hint of a possible new beginning; here, now.

For several long seconds Athena looked up at him without answering. His eyebrow arched slightly. She knew what he was asking, but she was at a loss on how to answer. The complicated dance of hint and nuance was all too new to her. She had no experience in dealing with men, with their desires and propositions. She stood on the threshold of a new life and was discovering that there was a new language, a language of seduction, in which she had no grounding. Like all unprepared immigrants newly arrived in a foreign land, she blustered forward as best she could. Before she knew what she was saying she had blurted out, "I want to have sex."

Stunned, they hesitated. The tall one said, "Are you sure?"

The short one looked daggers at him as if to say, Don't fuck this up.

With an anxious smile she said, "I think I'm sure. But, one at a time, OK? This is my first time."

Both men paused, unable to believe this was real. They both looked around them, scanning the area, as if to detect a trick. When they faced Athena again she smiled expectantly at them, reaffirming her request.

" Who first?" asked the short one.

"You decide," she said. She didn't care. She just wanted to get started before she got scared.

"You got a coin mate?" asked the tall one of the short one.

The short one stood up, fished a coin from his pocket and asked the other if he wanted heads or tails. Athena stood up to watch with a sense of unreality as the coin popped up into the air, sailed end over end and landed face up. The short handyman pumped his fist into the air in celebration as he won her virginity.

He took her hand and looked into her eyes. She smiled weakly; suddenly nervous. He leaned in to kiss her and met her lips with a few delicate kisses before his lips parted and his tongue probed lightly into her mouth. She felt his hands find her body and draw her to him. Her nipples brushed the hair of his chest as his hands firmly pressed the small of her back. She eagerly followed his lead; pushing back with her tongue, pressing her breasts into him. His palms ran along the curve of her bottom as his hips met hers. She felt his manhood swell within his khaki pants as the firmness pushed against her. Desire flooded her, overwhelmed her. She ached for him to enter her.

"Please take me," she gasped.

"Yeah. But before I do, I'm gonna make you come."

He eased her back onto the lounger and put his hands on her knees. Gently he spread her legs, his eyes watching her glistening sex as it opened for him. The other handyman stood behind him, looking over his shoulder. "Fuck me; would you look at that," he rasped.

Athena was ready: so ready. The appreciative stares of the men, the way they seemed to hungrily drink in her body with their eyes, was driving her wild. She discovered the thrill of being wanted. She wanted them in return.

The short handyman lowered himself to his knees. Yes, she thought. Do it now. Athena looked down the length of her body at him. He didn't seem positioned right, like he had knelt a little too far away. She also noticed his pants were still on. He began bending towards her, his face dropping down between her thighs. She trembled in surprise when she realized what he was going to do. The idea of someone putting their face down there, into the smell, into the slime, was shocking to her, revolting even. But then his mouth was on her, his lips and tongue playing up and down the creases of her vulva, probing into her, circling and flicking her clitoris, lapping up her juices.

The pleasure shot through her like a shock.

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