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Jason's first day of classes.

Her right hand went down my pants and fingered me. We heard them coming back, she withdrew her finger and put it in my mouth to clean.

"Is it too cold in here for you miss, your nipps are pretty proud"

"I just had a shiver Ma-am, but I'm ok."

I tried on 5 different styles2 showed my stiff nipples and the others were padded, mum and Daisy agreed a girl should show off her assets and said I would have the thin ones.

"Knickers to match please." Daisy told the assistant and I was stripped naked to try them on.

"Anything else ladies?"

"May I have 2 lightweight vests please?" I thought of Mr. Pilkington and thought I don't want fucking every morning, I got a tingle, or do I?

We went to the till and the bra boxes said, 32B I yelped.

"Whatever is the matter girl?"

"Sorry mum, but I'm 32B titties now, almost all grown up."

They all laughed.

We had lunch and laughs at a Japanese noodles restaurant in the T centre, it was delish.

We shopped till we almost dropped and got home on the 4.45 train.

Daddy was still out so I tried on my new bra, vest and knickers and danced round the lounge. "32B, who would have guessed."

Daddy came home, I dived into his arms, "Guess who has big tits now Sir, 32B at that?"

"Would it be you by any chance popps?"

We had dinner, it was shops own curry we all liked and apple pie and custard for pud.

Daddy was in his Alt room and I was allowed to go in, it was not long before I said too much and was sent to the lounge and over Daisy's knee.

Daisy told me once she is a submissive by nature and does as Daddy says, if he says spank me, she spanks me with as much force as she can, and she did.

At least I was not sent to bed.

At supper time Daddy said after church in the morning I was going home with my Mum and Dad so to pack my work clothes for work on Monday.

He said my Dad would deal with my maintenance, and fucking no doubt I thought, but I did not mind, he was my dad after all.

Sunday morning wake-up call and I was chosen to be fucked, which was great as I had lovely dreams about going home today and the shagging brought me off in spectacular style.

I had to wait at the bottom of the bed and watch Daisy get her maintenance 15 with the bedroom belt and 7 cane stripes, boy did she yelp, as indeed I do.

No idea why just 7 stripes but I would have been told if Daddy wanted me to know.

Whilst Daddy showered and shaved I gave Daisy a good tongue seeing to, it helped ease her pain and she tastes much better than me.

Back home after church I helped mum with lunch, it was only sandwiches as we would have a roast dinner at night.

My brother was goading me on how dad was going take my hide off with his cord and he would whip me back and front, no point worrying I thought, he will do what he will do.

Just before lunch dad called me into our lounge, "Undress Poppy I'm going to spank you."

My brother sat and smirked, his mate was with him.

"Ok Dad," I had my new bra and knickers on, I pulled my dress over my head.

"Wow don't you look pretty, come here?"

I walked and stood by dad.

He fondled me through my bra and pinched my pokey out nipples, his hand went into my pants and he split my pussy lips with his fingers.

"Remove your Bra, let dad see these new bigger boobs mum told me about, look boys, Poppy is filling out nicely.

I noticed both boys adjusting their willy's in their pants.

"Knickers off and over you go, just a spanking from me Poppy, I think your brother is going to strap you later."

"Yes Sir."

It was a hard spanking and instead of the corner I was sent to my room, dad followed.

He sat on the bed and hugged me.

"I do miss you Poppy, tell me you will always keep coming to see your dad when married."

I took a moment, "Oh daddy I will, I promise as often as I can."

He guided me to my knees and I prepared him to mount me.

"How would you like me dad, all fours so I can hold your big boobs, I did and he did.

He worked eagerly and when I felt him coming I moved forward so his seed would cover my tits, I wanked him dry and licked him clean.


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