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She was a slave - of sex.

We peeked outside, just in time to see the Silth probe encounter our earlier friend. The two probes seemed to examine each other for a while, then flew away in opposite sides.

'They know now island is known to both our sides.' Tashee said. 'They not come back.'

'They better not.' I said and moved to the burning rooms.

The heat and smoke prevented us from coming close and we went back. Just before leaving the bunker Naylee halted.

'What is it?' I whispered, seeing her turn her ears this way and that.

'Whining.' she whispered and Tashee listened with her.

'Wendy.' she said, moving back into the hallway.

I followed the women and they led me to the corner room. Inside they looked up at a grill into the duct at the ceiling.

'Lift.' Naylee said to me and I clamped my hands for her to step on.

She pulled hard at the grill until it finally came loose, releasing a waft of warm air, then stuck her upper body inside, only to come back out with a soft whining and partially singed Wendy.

'Wendy!' I cheered as she stepped down and handed me our saviour in my arms.

She looked dazed from the blast and gave me a slight grin while my heart was in a twist from happiness. 'She must have climbed up at the duct and then get thrown to this end from the blast..'

I kissed her muzzle a thousand times before she murmured it was enough.

Tashee chuckled as she scratched Wendy's ear. 'I hunt down biggest prey for you next time.'

Wendy murmured her approval and closed her eyes, breathing softly.

'Time to get some sleep.' I said. 'We'll check this out later when the fire has gone out.'

We went back to the tree where I checked Wendy for any wounds but found none to my relief. We let her sleep while we took a quick bite and settled for the remainder of the night.


Wendy looked much better the next morning and judging from her appetite was healthy. We went into the bunker and held our noses while we found charred remains of the carcasses, most of it had burned hot enough to turn into ashes. The door to the observation room was still warm and the fire inside had burned hot enough to leave only ashes of the thing.

'I hope smell gets out fast.' Naylee said. 'Otherwise I not live here.'

'Well, we won't have to worry about that thing walking around, so it should be pretty safe to stay outside for as long as it takes to clean up this mess.' I said. 'If we keep some of those small bushes with the sweet smelling flowers inside it shouldn't be too bad until it really fades away.'

Tashee nodded. 'We keep doors open while going back to hut, then come back later to work on this.'


I was distracted by thinking up plans for the bunker and feeling happy about getting rid of that thing and turning this island back into a vacation spot again for a while when we went back down the stream, before I noticed there was something different about Tashee and Naylee. I watched the two women walk in front of me, smiled at the sexy sway of their tails and hips, then felt my heart skip a beat. They weren't wearing their clothes anymore! I put up a tent instantly and knew it was no use trying to think of something else. Damn, that sight was just hypnotic.

Luckily we reached the hut without me tripping or walking into things while my eyes were glued to their perfect tushies. It was still as we left it, apart from scavengers taking most of the fish and meat we had left behind. The rest of it we tossed out.

I put down the bags and smiled at Tashee walking up to me, her pink nipples showing clearly through her fur. She didn't say a word and pulled down my shorts, releasing the erection that had needed attention since it awoke. She kissed me and soon our mouths were locked into a new experience in passion, our tongues exploring each other while she moved her soft fingers along my shaft and balls.

She pulled me down on the bed of leaves in between her legs and guided me to her wet mound.

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