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Mr. Clerk never expected his substituting to go like this.

Why didn't more women do this? Granted, she hadn't completed the act, but that would not be the case for long.

Tonight, he was going to do it. Tonight he was going to take her anal virginity and make her ass fully his.

Far from fearful of the reality Arwana groaned as sitting in her chair her body convulsed about the plug in her ass and she came explosively. The orgasm was entirely different and it left her gripping the sides of the table for support.

Shakily, she got up. The plug felt huge, but in reality it wasn't big enough by half. Shakily, she knelt down on the floor.

Closing her eyes, she whispered out loud, "God you've done a wonder in me. I've gone from being any man's woman to just one man's woman. You put it in my heart to do something selfless and I've only received pleasure in return. You are amazing! The more I learn of You the more I want to know. The more I see of You the more I love you. Thank You for not letting me go and stay the wanton fool that I was in my worldly denial of You. I can never thank You enough for the man that You've given me to. I want tonight to go well. This may sound strange, but I'm learning little by little that the journey of faith can be strange and not at all what one might think it should be like. That said, I humbly ask that You would gift my... my ass with the ability to relax and accept all of my husband. I want it to go well. Please make it go well. I ask this in Jesus Name."

Arwana stood up and then stopped as the feeling of a voice she'd heard once before said, "His seed will go deep. See that you let it stay within you."

Arwana blinked and glancing around, she decided to be brave, as curiosity struck her hard, "If I may ask, I ask this, why?"

"What do you know of a man's seed?"

Arwana stuttered out, "It's the foundation of life. Without it there would be no babies."

"Yes, it is life."

Silence reigned for a moment and driven to speak Arwana asked with curiosity, "What's going to happen to me tonight?"

"You will be possessed by the seed of your husband. It will control you from this time onward and your thoughts and desires will be solely of him."

"How... I... um... please... I don't understand. I want to understand!"

"Seed placed within the womb brings forth a child. Seed within your bottom is directly absorbed into your blood. The life is in the blood. His seed is life. The essence of your husband's life will travel throughout you and forever be within your mind as a positive force for him. His seed will complete his ownership of you in a way no man's ever has before and no other man ever will. You are his and your thoughts will be of him continually. It is how a woman is to be to the man, but the world hides it and encourages men to do it with each other and they do nothing but seed death to each other as man was not made for man, but woman was made for man, even so freely submit yourself to him tonight and let him have everything."

Shaken Arwana nodded and whispered, "I will."

After a moment she whispered, "I had no idea."

"Few do and those that do use it to corruption and to further their control over men, between husband and wife though the marriage bed is undefiled. Do not be fearful. You were made to accept your husband's shaft. Through his faithfulness he has gained you and now I ask that you give him everything, even as I have put it on your heart to do this thing for him."

A truck roared to a stop outside. The time had come.

Arwana walked out the door with a new awareness of many things. Chiefly though her awareness was focused on giving over everything to her husband.

She smiled at Cliff and brushing by him she got up into the truck. He closed the door and giving him a look of passion she asked, "When?"

He smiled, "Now."

He got in and put the truck in gear and they drove.

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