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Suze versus Jeremy.

It took a few moments before the implications sank in for her, then she peered at me quizzically. Her question came hesitantly, "Does that mean that you like to look at me?"

"Yes, I like to look at you." Phew, that wasn't too hard to admit.

"Have you ever", she stopped in mid sentence, trying to find the right words. "Have you ever fantasised about me?"

"Yes, I've had quite a few fantasies about you" I stated, matter-of-factly. My thoughts and feelings was at that time in turmoil, and I felt almost claustrophobic. Would she like me anyway?

"Do you touch yourself while thinking of me?"

My throat felt strangely dry. I nodded and noticed that she was breathing more heavily then she usually did.

After a brief moment of silence we simultaneously broke the spell that we were suspended in by turning towards the TV, where an even more than usually annoying advertisement had just started. I picked up the remote control and changed channel. We spent the next 15 minutes in silence, looking at a rather stupid game show.

During the next commercial break she continued to look at the video boxes, ignoring one of them completely (I heard her whisper "Too hard" when putting it aside). She read the back cover blurb of one of the films and asked me "Does 'For her and him' and 'Erotic movie' mean it's from the first class, the one that women prefer?"

"Generally, yes" I said. "But some women prefer their movies much harder then that and others hate anything that's even remotely connected to porn."

"Can't we look at this video instead of the game show?" She handed me the softest video I had rented. I shrugged, walked over to the VCR, put it in and sat down again.

The video started with some ads that I quickly skipped through. The only reason for me renting this video had been that one of my favourite actresses was supposed to have a supporting role and I wanted to see her. The story was quite boring, and I was starting to think that the 'Erotic' part was just a PR stunt. I still didn't mind terribly anyway, since Helen had slid up into my arms. Half an hour into the film things started to change drastically.

The lead characters of the movie started to tell each other about their favourite sexual fantasies, and they were shown in great detail. I reacted to the scenes by going really hard and there was no way that Helen could fail to notice it. She smiled at me and asked, "Do you like having a hard-on?"

I nodded, swallowed hard and said, "Would you like to touch it?" For a brief moment I thought that I had gone too far, then I saw her nodding while looking at the bulge at the front of my trousers. I stood up, undid my belt and zipper, and carefully pulled my trousers down and stepped out of them. My boxer shorts had a very visible tent, to which her stare was transfixed. In one swift motion I removed my boxers completely. Her gaze didn't leave my manhood for even a fraction of a second when I sat down next to her again. I let my right arm slip around her, letting my hand touch her breast. Her hand moved slowly towards my sex, which trembled at her careful touch. She took hold of it at the bottom of the shaft.

"It's so thick and full of veins", she said. "Could you show me the most sensitive spots?"

I quickly pointed out the brim of the helmet and the very sensitive parts that reacts more to licking than to touching, then I showed her how to and how not to stroke it. It didn't take long until she got the hang of it, needing experience rather than instructions at that point. She was in fact so good at it that I had to stop her after just a few minutes because otherwise I would have shot my load then and there.

I just had to ask her, "May I take your clothes off?"

She hesitated for a moment, then nodded and stood up. I unbuttoned her blouse slowly, wanting to savour the moment. It fell to the floor in a crumbled heap, and I caressed her pert breasts through her bra. A soft, barely audible, moan escaped her lips.

Her skirt was a little bit more troublesome, since

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