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Slave learns his place.

Marcus was nothing like Dell expected. He was fairly tall and trim, much younger than the fifty or sixty that Dell expected for some reason, and had a very engaging smile. But for Carrie, at least on the physical aspects, it was his eyes. She tried not to stare, but she kept getting lost in them. Hazel eyes? She'd have to decide that later, because she was too busy fighting off inappropriate thoughts.

"First of all," Marcus said, "By my request, Linda has told me very little. Only about you two and that you have a special connection to this home. I need to wander around and see what I can pick up on if that meets with your approval. Oh, she did say it involves a murder, but I don't know who, what sex, when or where this happened."

"That would be fine," Carrie said quickly as she smiled.

"If you'd be kind enough to join me Carrie. Both of you might be enough to distract me."

"Of course," and that time she smiled at Dell and the two of them left the living room.

Dell could only watch from a distance as the two of them wandered the house and grounds. When they walked out across the back of the estate, Dell sat on the patio and patiently waited as his curiosity about what Marcus might be picking up on grew. When they joined him, Marcus said, "Well so far I can tell you that there wasn't just a murder here. Two people were killed. A young couple, man and wife, and they were found right over..." and he got up and walked about thirty feet toward the carriage house. "Right about here. The man here, and just a few feet closer to the house is where they found the woman. I also feel a very strong connection between them and you Dell. You as well Carrie, but what I get says it's mostly you Dell. Don't say anything just yet, because I want to work on this a little more. Carrie, show me the upstairs would you?"

"Yes, of course," and she was quickly up, and off they went, leaving Dell to sit there in stunned surprise by his accuracy. It was some time before they returned, but eventually Carrie sat next to Dell and Marcus said, "Give me just a moment," and he walked across the yard toward the carriage house again.

"My god he's good," Carrie told Dell, and he just nodded in agreement as he watched Marcus stand still some thirty or so feet from them and look around. He looked up at the attic window and then back to the area where he was standing, and then seemed to stare at the ground for several seconds. Then rejoining them he sat between Carrie and Dell, and with his elbow on the table, and chin on his hand, he went silent. Then it was as though the table had become a screen for him. With a finger touching the table he talked and they studied him as he seemingly moved things around on the table as though to organize them and then checked them off. "Well as I said, two murders...not gruesome deaths but quite unpleasant. They were fairly easily dispatched actually. I see...I get the feeling they were...well they were certainly caught by surprise from behind...yes, and he was struck with something from behind. One very effective blow and then the woman was also struck and she went down, but...oh, okay, the murderer went back to him and beat him until he was quite dead. The lady was moving so the assailant went to her and did much the same."

He moved an imaginary item away by sliding his finger on the smooth slate table and seemed to go to the next item. "The gardener...he he wasn't directly involved, though he comes to me for some reason. Right, he didn't commit the murders. The victims...I'm getting strong feelings about them, but I'm struggling to sort them out. I need to go back inside again," and he got up, and that time Dell followed as Carrie walked along with Marcus.

Inside he went to the living room and looked up at Kathryn's portrait and said, "She was one of the victims, and.

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