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We chatted casually for a few more minuets, and when I proposed that we go out Friday night she eagerly agreed.

After Friday classes I did my usual pre-date routine, I went to the gym, listened to my pre-date pump-up playlist, and took a long shower. I put on my dark blue polo, tight fitting black jeans, flipped by short blonde hair up, you know the look, and headed out the door.

After giving myself a quick pep talk and popping a mint in my mouth I knocked on Bexley's dorm room door. When it opened I was again taken aback by just how beautiful she was, her brown hair cascaded down to her shoulders, she wore a dress with flowers of all shades of reds that popped against the black undertones, she wore black heels, and her green eyes seemed to light up as much as her smile when she saw me. All I could muster was a "wow", which caused her to blush and look nervously down at her shoes.

As we drove to the restaurant we discussed the basics of ourselves, I learned that she was from a town that was only 20 minutes from my own, she was a dog lover, which was a huge bonus as I am not a cat person at all, and she hated the pop music that was all the rage these days, she was more into indie and pop punk.

We ate, and discussed the challenges and gratifications of our respected majors, as well as our interests, I was pleasantly surprised to learn she loved baseball almost as much as me. It was going so well I decided to invite her to go for a drive. I normally waited to make this move until the second date, but I felt so drawn to her, she was quickly going from an early semester fling to someone I could actually see myself entering a long term relationship with.

I opened the windows so the cool night air could flow through my car as I drove us to a spot that I liked to call "The closing zone", in the small lot passengers in the car could look out over the beach and see the moon reflecting in the water, the hope was that what normally started as making out would eventually spring into more physical acts. Tonight I had planned on just taking in the beautiful scene with a beautiful girl that I felt so drawn to.

We sat in the car listening to the sound of the water, Bexley rested her head on my shoulder, "I really must admit Wyatt when you asked me out I didn't really think you were my type, but I'm very happy to admit that I completely misjudged you."

I wrapped my arm around her and rested it against her waist, "I'm happy to know I surprised you, though I understand, you probably didn't think someone as handsome as me would have such a killer personality."

She smiled one of her bright smiles and rested her hand on my chest, "Yeah that's probably it, who would have thought there was such a sweetheart under that douchey exterior."

I allowed my hand to slide lower so it rested against her thigh, "I'll let that jab slide, you're clearly just delirious from happiness, that happens when you find the whole package."

Her hand slowly slid from my chest down my stomach until it rested gently against the crotch of my pants, "I won't give you the title of "whole package" until I've seen all the packages you have to offer." With that she raised her head from my shoulder and we began to kiss, I could almost feel sparks in my mouth as our tongues danced, I'd never felt this way before, it was like for the first time in my adult life I was finally with someone that I wanted to date, not have a one night stand with, or someone to become my fuckbuddy and nothing more.

I'm not even sure how long we made out for, I was too lost in her. I felt her undo my belt and unbuckle my jeans, my zipper was soon undone and as she yanked by jeans and boxers down my rock hard member sprang free. I'm nothing special in the penis department, my high school girlfriend used to call me "average joe" on occasion, but I know how to use the six inches I have, and I'm pretty content with my equipment.

Bexley smiled a devilish grin, "cute cock", she wrapped her lips tightly around the head of my throbbing member, she swirled her tongue a

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