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Changing of opinions leads to an interesting car ride home.

"I've arranged a massage, baby," he told the relaxed blond. "We need showers, so you hop in first whilst I unpack. After we're showered I can take you on a quick tour."

Stewie was surprised and somewhat disappointed that Jaze didn't share the shower. Stewie was tempted to relieve the aroused flesh jutting proudly from his small nest of blond curls on his own, but knew he would rather share his passion with his mate. As Stewie walked naked into the bedroom, he saw the leisure tops and pants with the spa's exclusive logo laid out on the bed.

"I arranged for these when I booked. Saved us packing anything to lounge around in. I'll be two minutes," he smiled as he rushed to take his own shower.

Stewie was stunned at the opulence of the spa. There were well maintained gardens that had many intimate seats for couples, as well as beautifully tended topiary and elegant fountains. Inside there was a fully fitted gym and full sized swimming pool. There were saunas and Jacuzzis and a fully equipped beauty parlour offering their treatments to both sexes. Stewie was led to one of the masseurs. He was a large, muscular man of similar height and build to Jaze, dressed in white linen trousers and t-shirt emblazoned with the spa's logo and the name Michael.

"Mr Donovan," the big blond man extended a meaty hand.

"I'll leave you in good hands, Stewie," Jaze said. "Be back soon. Enjoy."

If Jaze noticed the smaller man's sadness, he didn't comment. Stewie turned his attention to the masseur standing patiently. Stewie pasted on what he hoped was a reasonable smile that didn't reach his eyes. He hadn't expected that he and Jaze would be doing separate activities.

"OK then," the masseur smiled showing even, white teeth. "If you'll undress then stretch out on the table, we can get started."

Stewie obeyed and lay face up on the table as a small towel was draped over his hips and the table then elevated to a comfortable height for the masseur. Stewie was suddenly aware of Michael's intense scrutiny. A large thick finger traced around Stewie's eyes.

"Just going to put some cream around here, Mr Donovan," he said reaching for a jar. "We'll soon banish those shadows."

Stewie had to close his eyes as the cream was applied and was surprised when an eye mask was then fitted.

"This will help you relax," Michael said as Stewie heard soft jazz playing. He took a deep breath. Jaze had probably spent a small fortune on the spa and Stewie decided to simply go with the flow. He heard the door open. "Mr Kingston was specific about the oil to use," Michael's voice continued. "I believe this is a favourite." The scent of vanilla with a hint of jasmine reached Stewie and he smiled.

"It is," he confirmed. He heard the door close again and then large capable hands were smoothing the oil over his body in strong, broad strokes. Stewie found himself relaxing and giving the odd groan of appreciation as knotted muscles were expertly loosened. A tap to his hip indicated the masseur was ready to work on the young man's back. The hands worked their magic from shoulders to lower spine and then from feet to upper thighs. Stewie felt as though his bones had melted under the ministrations. He started as the strong hands moved to knead each nether cheek. Stewie hadn't realised the towel wasn't back in place. The young man reached to remove the eye mask just as a finger breached his hidden opening.

"Beautiful," a dark silken voice purred into his ear. Stewie's movement was thwarted by the strong arm across his back, pinning him in place. The invading finger expertly stroked his sweet spot, eliciting a deep moan from the restrained blond.

"Jaze," Stewie moaned as the heavy arm moved to knead each creamy cheek.

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