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Joining you in the shower steams up the room.

The next stop is a main artery. Hope he doesn't off. A mass exodus occurs and twice as many people get on. With a little strategic wiggle I'm next to Mr Cutie with the brooding dark eyes. He even has a tiny scar by his eye brow. He could be a bad boy. Hmmmm.

As the train pulls, out bodies sway and grip the hand rails. Gee another centimeter and our hands will touch. A mischievous smile tips up the corner of my lip. It takes so little to amuse me. As the train pulls into the next stop we sway. More people crowd in. It would take so little to bump into him. As the train lurches, stops, lurches, stops, and starts again, it happens.

I brush up against him, and yes, it's my breasts against his arm and side. I mutter a, "Sorry", but it comes out a little breathless.

He looks at me, and a crooked smile slowly crosses his face. "My pleasure." Husky voice. OMG. I can feel the blush creeping down my neck and across my chest. His hand shifts lower on the rail, brushing mine. The heat pulls from my face to my lower parts. Liquid heat and blushes.

I try to smile and I see the laughter in his eyes. He's enjoying his effect on me. Rat bastard!

The next stop is the last one where a lot more people pile into the overflowing car. I'm ready though and when the doors open, I slide in front of him and make sure that I brush my ass into his crotch. Hello. He's feeling it too. What I'm not prepared for is the way he reaches around me and puts his other hand on the rail, caging me in. I can feel the length of him pressed against my back. His hard-on nudging the crease in my ass. The liquid heat arrows to my pussy at this bold move.

Moist air in my ear. A lick, a nibble, and a rumbled, "You are so fucking hot." I reach back with my hand and grip his thigh. Wondering and hoping for something more. It's insane and so incredible. The oxygen in my brain leaks out as he pushes a leg between my thigh, grips my hip and thrusts an amazing hard-on into the delta below my ass. The air leaves me in a breathless woooosh that is part sigh and part moan.

Laughter in my ear. A nip on my nape. And my knees go weak. A hand is there to catch me and pulls me into him. Spooning me. My skirt is riding up and I don't care. I wiggle back against him, secure in the smash of bodies surrounding us. With each halting jolt of the subway train he thrusts and retreats and my body temperature climbs. Finally it's my stop.

I look back at him as I pull away to exit the train. He's following me to the garage. I stop at the elevator and he clears his throat, "What floor?" "The top"

At the third floor the last passenger gets off. And then he pulls me against him and kisses me, eating at my lips. His hand grips my ass and pulls me towards him. Hot, hot, hot... I'm melting and dueling my tongue with his, my nipples in aching peaks. I rub my chest to his and try to absorb him through my skin.

The elevator slowly climbs to the next floor. The one side facing out of the building is glass. The exhibitionist in me takes control and I'm lifting my skirt and pushing down my panties. He can take a hint, and there with my hands against the glass he inserts a finger into my pussy. I clench his finger with my internal muscles and a moan escapes his lips. The door opens on the top floor and he pulls me out and starts backing me up to a pickup truck. My panties lay in a pool on the elevator floor as the door slides shuts.

He braces my hands on the door of the truck, lifts my skirts and hitches his pants open.

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