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I head to the showers for a steam bath. And I find company!

) I payed and left the store with a camera that I'm sure gave Fred a good commission.

At the grocery store I picked up the other items on the list. On the way home I passed by the pharmacy without stopping and felt a tingle in my groin.

Amy didn't arrive home until late, about 5 P.M.. I was standing in the garage talking to bob my next door neighbor, and close friend, who was working in his yard. Amy took all her shopping bags straight up stairs, and came back down to the garage.

"Bob, can you come here and help me with something please" she asked?

"Sure Amy, what is it?" He came into the garage.

She moved right up to Bob and grabbed his cock thru the leg hole of his shorts.

"My husband wants to watch you cum in my mouth."

With that she was on her knees with Bob's dick in her mouth. Bob looked at me for a reaction, but he was already getting hard in Amy's mouth. It took Amy only a minute to receive Bob's nut in her mouth. She opened her mouth to show the creamy prize to me and Bob, then swallowed it down, before turning and heading inside the house without a word. Bob quickly apologized and left.

About 5:30 the phone rang, and the caller, a male, asked for Amy. She came down to the phone, "oh hi Charles(she turned and smiled directly at me), yes baby I'm fine... never felt better(wink), just a minute." She covered the receiver with her hand, "what is air tight, he wants to bring Zeek too" she asked me?

"That's when a woman has a man in her mouth, ass and puss at the same time" I responded.

"That sounds like fun Charles, bring Zeek too, ...oh...ok... yes baby. I enjoyed it too, yeah I had him eat me when we got home, no he hasn't had any of this pussy yet, ok... I will, or I mean he will, no I won't let him. Ok baby see you soon."

"Charles said for you to come upstairs and shave my pussy smooth for him, he likes bare white married pussy best."

After I had shaved her smooth Amy asked that I "give it a taste test."

As I was licking away at her clit she asked me, "did you get my birth control pills?"

I smiled at her and said "no!"

Amy had her hand in my hair at the top of my head and grabbed a handful to bring my face to her mouth where she gave me a very deep passionate kiss and said "I love you, ...keep eating me. I think I should be very wet for tonight."

When Charles, Leonard and Zeek arrived, Amy was upstairs getting ready, I was out in the back yard with the grill and didn't hear the doorbell. Knowing that we were home the three came around to the back yard. Charles introduced me to Leonard and Zeek then bluntly told me to "go get us some beers, and tell my little married white slut that her black bull is here."

I trotted off to the house.

I hollered up to Amy that her friends were here, then went to get the beers. As I was returning outside Amy came down the stairs. She looked beautiful, and excited. There was a glow about her. She was wearing a long floor length, red, sheer, see through robe that was loosely tied just below her full breasts. As she neared the third step, she sat and I could see that her freshly shaven pussy was glistening with wetness.

Amy told me, "go tell Charles to come here, I want his first cum load for an appetizer."

I did as she said and as I started to follow Charles back into the house he stopped me saying, "you're cooking and I don't like burnt steaks." I returned to the grill with Leonard and Zeek. From where I stood I could see through the patio door as Charles simply walked up to the steps and Amy began sucking his cock. She must have done an extremely good job because it wasn't long before Charles rejoined us outside. The food was done and we went inside. Charles introduced Leonard and Zeek to Amy and with each introduction the men groped and kissed Amy as if they owned her, in a way I guess they already did.

After eating Amy instructed me to pick up the dishes as she and the "MEN" would be in the living room getting acquainted.

By the time I rejoined them Amy was sitt

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