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Wherever they came from, I knew how they were going to be used, and I was soon strapped into the different restraints. Once I was properly secured, with my hands behind me, gag in my mouth, and a collar around my neck, Sage took to writing out a message on my abdomen with the red marker. When she finished, I looked down and deciphered the message; it read "Teacher SubSlut" in large red letters.

A little worried about the vulgar message Sage had written across my belly, I looked up to her to gain some possible comfort, but was surprised to see she had already held up the camera and was taking pictures. I was caught off guard, and my eyes shot wide open with shock. Fortunately, I was able to calm myself as Sage soon spoke, providing me with the different poses she wanted me to take and where to go inside my house. She had me pose all over the inside of my house in a variety of different poses; I think that when we finished the inside part of the shoot, we must have cover every square inch of my house. I had a joy after the initial shock; the message on my stomach was a distant memory, and we time flew. By the time we finished up inside, an hour had passed and I was expecting a bit of a break. Unfortunately, Sage had other plans, and I was soon be ushered out to my back yard.

Quickly, all my fears came flooding back, and I was once again nervous about the message on my abs. My backyard is not large, and neither is it concealed. Either of my neighbors on the two sides could have easily seen me if they happened to look over the walls. Granted there are walls that separates my yard from theirs, but they all simply only four and a half feet high, and give me very little privacy; especially in the state I now found myself in. However, as inside, once Sage began snapping off pictures and directing me into different poses, all my fears melted away and I was lost in her command.

We spent another twenty minutes out in the back yard, and before I realized it I was out in front of my house; Sage had somehow been able to simply direct me out there through the guise of poses and orders. Even as I was opening my side gate and posing my way along the side of my house, I never noticed just exactly where we were heading. It wasn't until she instructed me to bend over in front of my porch that it occurred to me just where I was. Fortunately, I was too far involved in following my mistress' commands to even begin to let fear sink in.

Sage simply just continued taking pictures with no regards to anything else, but eventually after another ten minutes of a barrage of poses, she finished and led me back inside. Once inside, she removed the handcuffs and instructed I find a coat to wear while we went out. I quickly scampered off to my closet and grabbed a short, trench style, black coat. Knowing I would more than likely not be allowed any other clothes, I made sure it was long enough to fully cover me, but not too long to cover everything. Bringing the coat back to Sage, she removed the gag, but left the collar and heels on, and then had me put on the jacket. She would not let me button the jacket, but did allow for me to use of the belt to cinch it closed.

With my coat on, and barely covering me at all, Sage put the gag and cuffs into her purse, along with her camera, and led the way to my car. She drove us into the city and to large office complex, that she said she believed to be pretty deserted on the weekends. As we pulled into the parking lot, it looked as if she was right; not another car in sight. She parked in the rear of the lot, and had me get out.

When she came around to my side, she immediately got the gag out of her bag, and put it back into my mouth. The cuffs remained in her bag for the moment, and she began to guide towards the office buildings.

As we walked, she once again pulled out her camera and began to take pictures and have me begin posing.

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