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Neighbour wants to play.

You realize that you two are not alone, that there is a figure hidden by the darkness and the lust that covered your eyes has clouded your vision like a thick fog. You cannot make out the figure but you realize that the person is watching... listening... absorbing the feelings that you're experiencing. You're immersed in the situation, absorbing the feeling of this other man controlling you, wanting you, and the exciting and guilty feeling you have for letting this other man inside of you. As you are realizing this, the shadowy figure stands from the chair it was sitting in. You can make out the curves of the muscles in the shoulders, the height of the individual, and you realize that the figure is naked, his blood swollen cock being stoked slowly by this person... and you realize that this man was watching you getting taken from behind by another.

The shadowy figure moves towards you, and as he moves through a ray of light and you recognize the tribal tattoo on his right bicep. he shadowy figure is your boyfriend. He has been watching you; watching the both of you. He has been absorbing the feelings, the wanting, the needing. You can see that he enjoys the control this other man has over you, but you realize your boyfriend has control over both of you.

He moves to position is cock in front of you. You can smell the familiar body lotion he uses, the cologne that he wears. You can feel his excitement, his wanting of you, and the power and control he has over you. You look up at him as if you are a slave looking up at her master. Your eyes are guilty for being caught doing something wrong, but you're also excited to see that your master is here, watching everything, taking control and orchestrating the situation you're in.

He passed through another ray of light which passes over his eyes. His blue eyes looking into yours.

You can see the desire, the passion, the hunger he has in wanting to devour you and using your body as he wants. He moves closer to you, pressing his penis against your lips. You slip open your mouth to accept his cock as your eyes lock.

His cock fills your mouth entirely, and you strain to keep him from pressing too deep. You feel the other man's cock thrusting in and out if your pussy, your wetness coating the entire length of his cock. His shaft glistens in the few fading rays of light that capture the moment. Your boyfriend continues to thrust slowly in and out of your mouth, your saliva coating the entire length of his cock. He grabs you by the back of your head, sharing your blonde hair with the other man, both men enjoying your body, using you at their will. Both men lusting after you, wanting you...

Your breasts swaying back in forth at the natural rhythm, your nipples stimulated by the soft fabric of your dress brushing against them. One man is fucking you from behind, pulling the back of your hair, caressing your back, and he feels the muscles, the power of his slave. He squeezes and caresses your butt, moving a finger to enter your asshole. He hasn't yet, but you can feel him circling the rim. The nerve endings send out electric waves of excitement. Your body is saying no, but the wrongness of it is exciting.

Your boyfriend is holding your head, caressing your scalp, slightly thrusting his cock deeper inside your mouth. The other man is waiting for something, permission for something. Your boyfriend gives him permission to push his finger slowly into your asshole. You're scared and excited by the feeling of thousands of nerve endings overcoming your body. At that moment, you realize that your boyfriend has been giving the other man permission the entire time.

You realize the man was given permission to approach you at the birthday party.

You realize that the two men are going to ravage your body all night will be exhausted... you will feel wanted, but not in control.

You realize that you will be fucked in every way realize that this is not that last time.

You realize your boyfriend loves you, respects

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