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Monotonous errands pay off with a stranger.

and my pussy is just inches away from your mouth wouldn't you like to taste me Tommy?"

I could smell her musk as she pumped her fingers in and out of her pussy! He sighed and said, "God Jane!! I was so hot! So I did it. I begged her! I begged her to let me taste her!"

I asked and then what did she do? He told me she said, "Let me see how you do Tommy. You don't have very much experience so you better do what I tell you when I tell you! I want you to really get me off."

I told her, "I will Jo! I will! Please let me taste your pussy. Please!"

She smiled at me and said, "OK, first put your finger in me and finger fuck me with it like this!"

She showed me how she wanted me to finger her.

I had Tommy's hard cock and was slowly stroking him to help relieve his sexual pain. I asked, "And then what Tommy? Tell me everything."

He said, "I began to pump her pussy with my finger."

I spread my legs wide and with my skirt rising up and since I didn't have any panties on, I let him see my pussy. I told him, "Show me. Show me exactly what she told you to do."

He smiled at me when he saw I had no panties on and his hand moved down between my legs and began to play with my vagina. I moaned and said, "No baby! Finger me like you did my sister."

He said she yelled, "Use two now! Now dam it! Use two fingers."

He told me, "So I did it. I put two fingers in her and she told me, "Now faster fuck me faster with your fingers!"

I said, "Do it Tom! Do what you did to her."

He inserted another finger into me as I slumped down in the seat. I moaned, " Faster Tommy just like you did with my sister. Faster baby! Mumm yes that's it now finish telling me."

He said, "God Jane I was fingering her as fast as I could make my fingers go!" I said, "Do it to me!"

He did as he continued, "Honest to god they were moving so fast that my arm started to hurt! Finally when I couldn't do it any more with this hand, I started to change hands and fingers when I heard her say, "Oh shit Tommy! If you can't do it right with your fingers use you mouth! Suck me baby!"

He knelt on the floor of his car and I opened my legs wider for him. His face was so close to my pussy I could feel his breath on my wetness. He looked up and said, "So I moved in and Joann took my head and pushed it into her pussy! She was so wet my face was covered with it almost immediately! She told me to lick her! Lick faster!"

Joann said, "Come on Tommy lick my pussy like you licked Jane's!"

He looked up at me and continued to finger me as he kissed my pussy on and off as he told me, "I began to lap her pussy like a dog! I mean I was licking her as fast as I could. When my tongue started to get tired I sucked her pussy in and she hit me on top of the head. She yelled at me that she didn't I tell me to suck her yet? She yelled for me to go back to licking her! So I started to lick her again. This went on for a good 15 minutes until finally she moaned and said, "Now!! Now Tommy!! OH!! GOD!! Suck it now baby! Suck my clit Tommy!"

He was doing the same thing tome and had stopped talking all together now. I held his head and pumped my pussy into Tommy's face as I came hard. When Tommy felt me begin to pump my hips and lift my ass up off the car seat, he sucked in my clit and I screamed from the pleasure.

When I had finished I pulled him up to me and kissed and tongued him tasting my own cum. I held him and began to stroke his cock again. It was throbbing and I knew he wanted to cum. But I held him off and told him, "Tell me the rest Tommy."

He said, "Your hand feels so good Jane but your mouth would feel much better."

I said, "After you tell me,"

He sighed and watched me play with his cock and balls as he continued, "So I looked up at her pussy as I took a breath and God Jane, her clit was huge."

I told him, "Yes, I know, I have seen it"

He looked at me and asked me, "How? How....do you know about her clit? Have you ever seen her pussy that close up? How do you know her clit is big?"

I told him, "Well we're sisters Tommy.

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