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They eyed me warily as I made my way to the dance floor and I could practically hear Alicia rolling her eyes. Ignoring them, I let my body go, swaying my hips to the thrum of the music. It wasn't long before another body had sidled up to mine, dancing closer to me whilst he tested the waters before settling his hands on my waist when I didn't move away. My body fit perfectly against his as I shifted back, smirking at the soft groan into my neck as I pressed my ass into the front of his jeans. I raised my arms behind me to wrap around his neck, tilting my head up to kiss him when I saw his face. I yelped and pushed him away, staring at him in shock and bumping into several other people in the process.

"Justyn?! What the hell?"

He gave me a look of surprise in return before realisation dawned on his face.

"I'm not Justyn."

I rolled my eyes. Great. The cheater's nonsensical as well.

I went to speak, expecting him to cut me off as per usual and stumbled over my words when he didn't. Seeing my hesitation he tilted his head towards a quiet corner of the club and I followed, the alcohol in my system robbing me of decision-making skills.

My head was buzzing from the combination of alcohol and the loud music, which was quieter now that we had walked away from the dance floor. I waited for him to speak, then spoke when I realised he wasn't going to.

"If you're not Justyn, who are you? His magical identical twin brother?"

I could see why I had originally mistaken him for Justyn. But now that I was paying attention, I was starting to pick up on major differences between the two. His eyes were bigger, colour closer to hazel than they were to green. He had natural highlights in his dark hair and his nose was dotted with freckles. He was tan, tanner than what Justyn was and slightly shorter than him too. I shivered as I realised it'd only take a slight tilt of my head up to kiss him, even with my heels on. Thinking about kissing him, my gaze dropped to his lips and I watched them form a smirk before he bit his bottom lip, purposely teasing me. At this point, I regretted snapping at the poor guy. I was pulled out of my reverie when he spoke, his tone smug.

"I've never been so insulted. He's my cousin; I wouldn't think I had a chance with someone like you if I looked like him."

I rose an eyebrow at him and let my hands settle on his chest.

"What makes you think you have a chance anyways?"

"Maybe the fact that despite you hating Justyn, you're already in my arms?"

I laughed and acquiesced; he was right after all.

"What's your name then?"

I moved my hand up his jaw and cupped under his ear, tips of my fingers threading through his hair and tugging softly, satisfaction flowing through me when his eyes fluttered shut. When he opened them again, his pupils were blown and his gaze focussed on my mouth.


I darted my tongue out to wet my lips, aware of how hot my body felt. I pulled my hands away and leaned back on the table behind me, resting my elbows on the surface. The position showcased how my chest looked in the dress and I knew how far up my dress had hitched up from dancing. I was pleasantly surprised when he kept his eyes on mine, able to see his internal battle as he fought to keep his eyes from straying. I stood up, removing the temptation and adjusting my dress before I spoke.

"Well, Seth, are you going to kiss me or should I kiss you?"

I watched as his eyes darkened, eyes dropping to my lips and within seconds his body was pressed against mine, fingers tilting my head to the side and his lips just slightly brushing mine. I waited for him to kiss me and smiled when I realised he was teasing. My patience wearing thin, I raised my hand up to curl my fingers into the hair at the base of his neck and used it to pull his lips down to mine.

He tasted so much sweeter than Justyn; lips softer and so perfect as they moved against mine.

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