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Friendship takes an interesting turn.

Sharon was sure they wanted to find out what would happen after she was completely naked.

The bidding for her last piece of clothing went much higher than before, but Steve eventually prevailed simply because he had the biggest pile of chips. He had obviously been saving it for that moment. After he handed over most of his chips to Jeff, Sharon walked around the table, her tits jiggling seductively, and stood next to him. Steve took his time slowly pulling her thong down, revealing her nearly bare pussy inch by inch until it was on display in its full glory. The string that went up the back made a satisfying "snap" when he finally pulled it out of its resting place between her ass cheeks. Steve lowered the small garment to the floor and Sharon stepped out of them as he made sure they didn't catch on her shoes. Then he put them to his face and inhaled deeply.

"Sweet. Oh so sweet." He proclaimed.

Everybody chuckled. Sharon returned to Jeff's side, naked as the day she was born except for her shoes. He put his hand between her legs and slipped his ring finger into her pussy.

"Wet, but not wet enough yet." Jeff announced to the group of horny men.

"It looked like your finger went up there pretty easily." Theo observed.

"When she really gets going it runs down her leg." Jeff countered.

"If that's true, then why did you use your finger to check?" Theo challenged.

"Now that's a stupid question!" Was Jeff's retort, which prompted another round of laughter. "Now that the chips have been spread around again I'm going to change the rules a little."

"Figures." Steve responded.

"What do you have in mind?" Joe asked.

"From now on, Sharon sucks the cock of the winner of each hand until the next hand ends." Jeff answered.

Theo whistled and the other two smiled broadly. A part of Sharon was humiliated that she was being forced to do this, but was resigned to the fact that she would indeed do whatever she was told. There was also a part of her that was excited by her current situation, which of course, was why she was there in the first place.

"That'll make it hard to play the next hand." Steve said.

"So it's a handicap as well as a reward." Jeff replied.

Jeff dealt the cards again, but this time Sharon could tell they all played more seriously. Obviously the new "stakes" appealed to them. In the end Big Mike won the hand with a full house.

"Read 'em and weep assholes." He declared as he laid down his cards after being called.

"OK, get under there and start sucking, bitch." Jeff told Sharon as he gave her a sharp slap on the ass.

She crawled under the table and freed Mike's cock from his pants. That's when she understood why they called him "Big" Mike. He was very well endowed. She'd had bigger to be sure, however Mike was quite a bit larger than average. At least by her experience. He could easily be in pornos with his equipment. She could hear the cards being dealt above her as she began to suck on Mike's prick. His appreciative moans told her that she was doing a good job. Which was no surprise since she had plenty of practice.

Mike didn't pay too much attention to the game and lost the next hand, but who could blame him? Steve was the lucky winner, so Sharon moved over to his chair without being told and fished out his half hard cock. Like his friend Big Mike, he was not able to get a blow job and play poker at the same time. The others declared his hand a "fold" when he became unresponsive. Next up was Jeff, but he managed to keep his concentration and actually won the next hand as well. Maybe because he had experienced Sharon's oral talents a number of times before, or perhaps he was just lucky.

This went on for a while with Sharon sucking each man's cock several times. Then Jeff unexpectedly pulled her out from under the table.

"It's time to see if she's ready now." He growled as he lifted her up by the waist and put her down on the table.

He pushed her down so that she was laying flat on her back.

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