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She didn't feel comfortable at all and she began to resent her decision to accompany James to the concert.

Into the third song and Shirley was beginning to feel boredom set in. She began to wish time would move on and the end of the show. James was cheering and clapping to the beat. She struggled to see much of the show as the group of boys in front of her was several inches taller; all she had was a good view of the backs of their heads with the occasional glimpse of a stage light.

She had also made a mistake with the choice of clothing she had worn. A t-shirt and denim jeans would have been better suited than her thin blouse and denim skirt. Still, she felt cooler than some of the others in the crowd who were now perspiring profusely.

Into the sixth song, and Shirley didn't have a clue what Brian Johnson, the vocalist for the band, was singing. Something about a Jack was all she could make out.

She felt James' hand touch the small of her back. This lifted her spirit a little, but still, she longed for the end of the show so they could make their way back to the hotel in the city center.

James' hand slowly dropped to Shirley's ass and gently squeezed her right cheek. All the while, he cheered and sang along with the rest of the crowd. She felt him lift her skirt a little, just enough to let him touch her silky thigh below the fold of her right buttock. She was also pleased now that she had decided on a thong instead of regular panties. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the touch of James' fingers as they traced the crease of her ass, under the cotton of her panties.

She began to remember their first time, two months earlier, when they had taken her dog, Fraser, for a long walk in the local wood. The dog had run into thick shrubbery and James ran after him. Shirley began to call out to them, but there was no reply, so she too decided to search the shrubbery. As she ducked her head under some low branches, she felt James tug her arm. She fell onto him, he was laying on the floor, and they kissed passionately. Within seconds, James had his thick cock inside her pussy and after several thrusts, he ejaculated. Although it was over in a couple of minutes, the thrill of it all always made Shirley damp whenever she recalled the moment. And tonight, she was damp once again.

James' finger ran under her and probed her pussy. First one finger, and then another; she tried not to squirm and give those around her any inkling of what was happening. She was extremely excited, having her pussy fingered as she stood in a crowd of more than 30,000 people. It was such a turn on for Shirley.

She was lost in thought, memories of the lovemaking over the past two months with James, that she didn't realize that a cock was now nudging itself between her buttocks. The fingers pulled out to be replaced by a cock. Shirley still had her eyes closed and thought that James had moved around behind her.

The cock penetrated her pussy. It was tighter than usual. Shirley opened her eyes and to her shock she realized that the cock wasn't James's. James was still at her side, singing and clapping to the music. She didn't know what to do. She was aroused and the thought of having sex in the middle of this crowd made her feel even sexier. She liked the feel of the tightness between her legs, the cock slowly pumping into her. She was too frightened to turn around - she didn't want him to stop, she thought the whole scenario was outrageous, but that was just it... that's what was making her pussy juices run even more than usual. She didn't want him to stop.

To the beat of the music, the cock pounded Shirley's wet pussy. She began to orgasm and steadied herself against the group of lads stood in front of her. She felt the cock throb as it unleashed its creamy fluid into her vagina. Shirley shuddered in orgasm.

James, oblivious to what was happening continued to sing along to the band.

The cock slid out of Shirley, only to be replaced a few moments later, by another cock.

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