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Man has two men break in, but they give more than they take.

It was made no easier as she felt Sian's tongue snaking into her sensitive, little arsehole from behind pushing her completely over the edge. She could only shout to the boys "I can't hold it" but they realized exactly what was going to happen and shouted back that they wanted her to piss all over them. As the first gush of liquid spurted from her young quim she tried to hold it in, but there was encouragement from her friends. "Come on you pissing fucker" and with that another stream of pee started gushing from between her pussy lips and onto the boys, and she was sure she could see their cocks grow in length. The boys started to rub their cocks against each other and then took it one stage further and started to masturbate each other frantically. "Squat over us and piss on our pricks" shouted Matt as he continued to rub his hand up and down his friend's rock hard penis. Claire obliged with stream after stream of hot piss flowing across the boys cocks.

As she came to the end she saw Sian move in front of her, making a circular motion with her fingers across her own shaven pussy. "Your turn" she said, "time for your own drenching you dirty girl" and the piss started to flow from Sian's own shaven pussy across Claire's fleshy tits. Claire started to pull at her own nipples, enjoying the extra excitement from such dirty behavior between the two of them.

As she finished, Sian moved forwards and kissed Claire deeply, her tongue playing with Claire's own, their saliva acting as yet another sensual lubricant to their sexual activities. She put her arms round her friend, feeling the smoothness of her skin and the heat generated by their fucking activities. She moved her hands over her breasts feeling the contours and stopping to play with her nipples, erect with the excitement generated by the shagging she's had from Steve's cock. But just now she wanted to experience the sensual, continuing to stroke and feel her friend, enjoying their new found intimacy.

At last the girls broke apart and joined the boys, giving each of them a deep kiss on the mouth and then taking their cocks into their mouths, coating each with a thin film of saliva to make them slippery once more. Claire moved forward and guided Steve's stiff cock up into her receptive cunt, Sian doing the same with Matt's thick penis. The boys were still lying close to each other so as the girls each enjoyed the sensation of a well-filled pussy, rubbing the rigid flesh of the boys dicks against their clits, they looked into each others eyes and kissed each other again. The boys reached up and started to tweak their nipples, playing with the weight of their breasts, responding to each moan of excitement uttered by either girl. Pulling harder on their breasts when they showed by their actions that Matt or Steve had hit the right spot.

Both girls leant back so the boys were treated to the sight of shaven cunts, their lips gripping well lubricated cocks stuffed inside them. Both girls reached forward pulling their lips apart to show how red and wet they were and then they started to rub their clits. Before long both girls moaned loudly as they achieved another orgasm, their bodies shuddering, goose pimples along their arms as they collapsed on top of the strong firm bodies of their chosen lovers.

Steve and Matt, lifted the girls and stood up as the two girls regained their poise.

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