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He turns the tables on them, sharing the sins of the flesh

Having just got out of the shower I wasn't wearing a bra so the moisture made my shirt see through and my nipples were clearly visible.

Did I dare? What would my Dad do if I walked into the kitchen this way?

The devil in me, the part that very few knew existed, won out. I crept back further from the kitchen before yelling at my dad.

"Hey Dad? You up for a movie?"

I heard the thud of the freezer as I walked closer, my dad cleared his throat as I entered the room.

"Sure sweetheart. Your mother won't be home till late so we can watch whatever..." his voice stopped suddenly as he saw me standing in the doorway. His eyes on my chest and what seemed to be a very hard swallow had him flicking his eyes from my face to my chest with certain lust screaming from them.

"Ok. You want to make some popcorn while I choose something?"

He nodded slowly before turning "Sure" his voice was hitched before once again he cleared his throat "You go choose honey. I'll be right there."

I turned and quickly glanced back to see my dad adjusting himself with his hand between his legs.

I grinned. I mean, how could I not? How could I not be turned on by the fact that it was MY body that made my father hard?

Ideas. Oh the ideas going through my mind at that moment but one stuck out more than the others and I quickly raced back to my room before going into the lounge.

My dad came in minutes later and his eyes bulged, his face turned red and his tongue swiped across his mouth.

"I hope you don't mind Dad but I was leaking everywhere and..."

"No. No, it's fine. Perfectly natural for all modern mums to..." he gulped "to need to pump out their milk."

His eyes never left my chest and I swear his gaze was locked into the spot where the milk was releasing into the awaiting container in its long milky stream.

"Oh well. It won't be for long Dad. I'm nearly done with this one and then I just have to the other and I'm done."

"The other?" he hoarsely asked.

"Well yeah dad. I do have two breasts you know." I couldn't help but tease him.

His eyes shuttered briefly as if he was in a battle with himself before they opened, dark and lusting.

"Let me. Let me suck your breasts."

I was shocked that my dad had even suggested doing it.

"Dad?" I asked with nervous anticipation, did he really just say...

"I said" he finally found his feet and walked towards me with a new determination, he placed the popcorn and drinks on the table before dropping to his knees in front of me "I said. Let me drink from you. Feed me sweetheart."

His hand reached for the breast pump and with a quick flick the small motor turned off and the suction I felt was gone. He gently moved my fingers and in seconds he had the container to his mouth with a groan and drank every drop before placing it behind him on the table while licking his lips.

His eyes met mine again.

"It's up to you but I want it."

I was stunned. It was one thing to tease but to actually cross that taboo line? My body was the winner right at that moment. I was so so wet from teasing him and I swear I was moments away from an orgasm just at the thought of my dad sucking on me.

His hands rested on my knees and slowly slid higher as he watched for any indication that I didn't want this.


"Yes dad" I whispered "yes please."

He sighed his relieved satisfaction at my answer and moved his hands to the elastic side of my panties to tug on them.


"Shhh I want to play with your pussy while I drink from you sweetheart. I want to feel you clench around my fingers while I suck. I want you to cum for your dad sweetheart."

I felt the material covering me slip downwards as I raised my bottom to make it easier.

Was this really happening? Was my dad about really about to drink my milk and fuck my pussy with his fingers? God I hoped so. I don't know what I would have done if this was some kind of dream but as his head lowered and I felt his coarse tongue licking the moisture from the nipple he had just removed the pump from I knew that this was real.

My body a

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