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A not so innocent drive gets naughty.

Just pick out the one you want and I'll rip the nylons to replace your little friend."

"Can you do that Jack? Without causing a run and ruining this perfect feeling on my clit?"

"Sure. I'm an expert with this these nylons baby."

"Oh ya, I'm almost forgot. You like to wear them too. Now I understand why. They caress and encase you so good."

As I had hoped she picked out the really large vibrating butt plug, three inches thick, and handed it to me.

"Fill my twitching ass with this, Jack."

"So soon? After this little one?"

"I'll take it. Slowly. Just lube me up good and press the tip into me. The nylons will push it into me too," She smirked with an impish little smile, "I found that out while I was dusting."

"You are so nasty. God, I love you."

"I really love you too Jack. Now stretch my ass... please."

"All your nasty talk has got me really excited..."

"I can tell!" she interrupted.

"So, I want to be really stretched too," I grinned at her as I rummaged for the big vibrating soft pink dildo. It was almost two and half inches around and nine inches long and really soft.

"Oh yeah, I love pushing that big one inside you, it's so pretty with your ass wrapped around that hot pink," she squealed, "Oh, let me do it Jack. Let me fuck you with it."

"Yeah Leslie, just use lots of lube. I'll need to be really slippery to take that big mother."

Kneeling beside me she pumped a big handful of lube and slowly twisted out my anal plug with her right hand and quickly inserted the slippery fingers of her left hand into my dilated shithole. The lube in her palm streamed into my hole, stretched by her three bunched up fingers. The feeling in my sphincter was ecstasy, so wet and stretched. I was almost delirious with passion.

"Ready? Do you want it vibrating fast or slow?" she asked hungrily.

"I am so ready. Fill me slowly. And turn the vibrations to slow." She twisted the knob on the end of the vibrator and a low hum started. As her fingers slid out she pressed the vibrator against my open asshole. The vibrations tingled against me and with all my practice over the last year I felt my anus automatically relax to accept the huge girth of it. The thick, sculpted head slid in slowly, past my first anal ring.

"Oh Jack, you're getting so good at this. I barely had to push at all. Your ass just swallowed it in."

"Don't I know it? I just love the fullness of it, so slippery inside me. And I can feel the vibrations through my whole body. Just leave the head in while my body adjusts to that monster."

The sound of the vibrator muted from being encased in my flesh. And my hips wriggled slightly to accept it.

"I love the sound of your ass taking it in, the soft hum changing. Jack, do me now. Stretch my ass too," she whispered lustily as she straddled my face.

As she kneeled over me the nylons tightened closer between her wet cunt lips, spreading them, while the butt plug was forced hard against her anus. While I looked so closely at the huge wet patch her pussy made in the nylons I reached to the end of the plug and grasped a piece of nylon with my fingernail. I forced a small hole in the shear material and dug another finger in beside the expanding gap. Slowly, to avoid excessive tearing, I parted the resilient fibers. Once the gap was large enough I gripped around the base of the plug.

"Ok, Leslie, push it out." She pushed and it came flying out of her ass, shooting over my head, the toy slipped from my grip. The clean slippery plug rolled down to my shoulder and indicated to me that she had also had a deep cleansing enema. I reached over and deposited the used plug on the dry hand towel she had provided us.

"How's that?" she giggled as she reached back feel the perfect sized puncture I had created.

"Surprising," I laughed back.

"Now the other one. I need it," Leslie moaned, with her arms supporting herself either side of my hips, her mouth millimeters from my twitching hardness. She bent forward onto her chest and reached back to spread her beautiful buns.

Grabbing the thick vibrating butt plug I licked o

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