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The cross cultural trip through the late 60s continues.

She pulls you about ten steps then stops. She turns you and tears open your shirt. You hear buttons fly and bounce before rolling to a scattered stop.

You feel a set of sharp nails rake your chest. Simultaneous with the set behind you rake your back. That magic mixture has your senses past anything you've previously experienced.

The front set of velvet claws was making short work of unfastening your bottoms, while the set behind you was adjusting your subdued arms. As soon as you feel the slack in your ties, you attempt another chance at a touch. Denied again by a sharp smack. Each woman grabs an arm and holds them straight out to your sides.

You try to speak, but only moans and mumbled pleas are vocalized.

You are pushed back into something that feels like cold leather. Your arms are then strapped into place, up and out to your sides. Your legs are lifted one at a time to remove your pants. You feel your feet placed onto some kind of elevated step. Next, you feel your ankles being strapped down, legs slightly apart. Another strap is placed around your upper legs to ensure your immobility. You hear the ladies step back. Then you hear a click sound and the cold leather starts to lean back with you strapped to it. You are tilted but not flat when it stops.

Now you are truly at their mercy or their torture. You hear a door open and close nearby. The only sound is your accelerated breathing barely being heard over your rapidly pounding heartbeat in your chest. Just as you start to wonder how long you've been left in this state, you hear a door again. Your amplified senses pick up a whiff of a new scent. The reaction of the new scent with your potion is too intoxicating for your nose and you start to lose control.

You start to beg before it comes any closer to you. "Please let me feel you. I beg to bring you endless pleasure." You continue. "Please let me taste you. I crave to taste your juice on my tongue. Oh Please!"

She reaches out and takes your stiff cock in hand causing your mouth to gasp open. Before a sound could escape, a ball gag is inserted into your gaping mouth. Now, you can only output moans around this new device.

The feel of these new unknown fingers holding your hard piece almost made you shoot instantly. She squeezes tightly and leans close. You feel her breath on your skin just inches away from your ear. Still gripping you, she tells you," This is now mine and completely under MY control. If it does not obey my command, it will be punished. If it goes soft before I am finished with it, it will be disciplined. Finally, if you spill that liquid before you are ordered to do so, your reprimand will be extreme. Do you understand me, slave?"

Three of your five senses are twisting you beyond reality. You hear her seductive voice in your ear. You smell her intense aroma all around you. You feel her power holding yours in her grasp. You wish you could see her. You yearn to taste her, any part of her.

You manage a whimper around your mouth toy in attempt to answer her question.

You feel her hands run up the front of your body. She pinches your already tingling nipples. You flinch causing her to pinch harder, enjoying your pain. She momentarily releases one. Then you feel her pinch replaced with what you believe is a nipple clamp. The belief is confirmed when you feel the naked nipple also get clamped. You whimper again and moan louder than you have so far this mystical night.

The sounds of your helplessness must drive her even more. The louder you get, the more she works you. She now has your hardness in her hands again. She holds the base with one hand and runs her fingers on the other up the length of your shaft. The shivers through every part of your body did not go unnoticed. As her finger reached your tiny slit, she paused. Her fingertip rubbed in small circles. It felt wet. You feel a hard smack and you knew she could feel the pre-cum you unknowingly let ooze forth. The smack left a burning sensation on your cheek and you craved more of her heat.


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