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What he was doing soon aroused me again. I did not expect to have another orgasm, but I wanted him to have his pleasure in me. Well, things turned out for the better. When I again felt his warm semen entering my vagina that was all it took to bring me to another climax. Probably not so intense as my first one, but still very, very good. I had never had two orgasms in one night in my life, and as I have already mentioned I had never had a vaginal orgasm at any time. What a night for me!

After Ray withdrew I again relaxed in his arms. I had to use the toilet, otherwise I would have been asleep in minutes. Ray still gave me no hints that he was leaving, so we again cuddled close. In a few minutes I was half asleep, soaking in the bliss provided by my lover. Very soon I could feel his sex organ hardening again. It felt so good, but I had enough of its pleasures for one night. Ray had other ideas. Very softly he whispered, "Donna, can I put my car in your garage for a little while? After we go to sleep it will fall out anyway." I did not mind, so he slipped his revived organ into me from behind. It felt so very good. I was asleep in minutes. Some time later Ray's gentle thrusting awakened me. As soon as I felt his ejaculation I squeezed his hand. I think I was asleep again before he withdrew from me.

Ray arose the next morning about six o'clock. Every morning he ran a couple miles. After kissing me he went to his room and changed into his running shorts. I lay there a while reminiscing about the most wonderful night that I had ever had. Strangely, although I had been totally satisfied I soon felt eager for more sex. I badly needed a shower, so I soon left the bed. The bed was damp from our juices, and Ray was still leaking out of me. Ray had said he would shower in my room when he returned from his run. We would just have time for breakfast before the van ride to the airport.

By the time Ray returned I had showered and dressed. Ray undressed by the bed before going to the shower. I was able to feast my eyes on his gorgeous body one more time. I was afraid it would be the final time. Ray had brought his clothes over to my room, and we were going down for breakfast as soon as he showered.. It did not work out that way though.

When Ray came out of the shower to dress I teased him a little. I took his underwear and teased him, telling him he could not have it until he gave me a kiss. He chased me around the room, soon catching me and giving me my kiss. But that was not the end of our play. I felt Ray's beautiful penis growing as he pressed it against me, and I foolishly grabbed it and squeezed it. After another long embrace Ray picked me up anc carried me back to the bed. His hands went under my skirt and removed my panty. I know I could have stopped him, but I didn't. Well, you can guess what happened. After Ray used his tongue on my genitals for a few minutes I was going crazy. I did not stop him when he moved up and again put his wonderful intermittent organ back inside me. God, what a feeling! I climaxed before he Ray had his climax. And again he flooded me with his seemingly inexhaustible supply of semen. That was the last thing I needed, but it felt so very good.

We were still lying blissfully on the bed when the phone rang. It was the van driver. He sais that we were late, and he had to leave in ten minutes or the other riders would miss their flights. Quickly I washed as best I could while Ray hurriedly dressed. Downstairs the driver told us that our time schedule had been changed, ant that we should have been notified at the meeting Monday night. Well, we had not been told. We had to have our breakfast at the airport .And after breakfast I was very wet. We had plenty of time, and we walked thought the airport looking for a place that sold underwear, but there weren't any.

On the flight Raymond wanted to hold hands and be close, but I felt ill at ease when people walked past.

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