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The arm of the law comes with skilled fingers.

They ran side-by-side on the trip home as Nate led her through the park trails and streets. They arrived back in his apartment 45 minutes after they started - a slow, short run by Nate's account, but he didn't mind.

Nate offered Martha to shower first while he made coffee on the stovetop espresso maker. When she finished, Martha found fresh towels hanging on the bathroom door. She dried herself and brushed her teeth. Martha padded naked to the bedroom and pulled on some fresh underwear before dressing in her blue skirt again, the only skirt she brought. She knew from Briana that Nate didn't permit bras, so she left those in the suitcase, and pulled a silky white camisole over her head, and fitted a lightweight, pale yellow cardigan sweater over that.

When she came downstairs, Nate poured her a cup of espresso, and he went upstairs and started the shower for himself while Martha took her coffee and sat down on the sofa. She wished she had her cell phone - she wanted to check Facebook and her email. She picked up the remote and turned on the TV. Nate subscribed to a satellite news service, and he picked up CNN, BBC, France 24, Al Jazeera, and to her surprise, the Canadian CBC News channel. She watched the news, starting with BBC. The headline was a report of a crash investigation in which a large jet aircraft had caught fire on takeoff at Stanstead Airport two years earlier. The investigation concluded that a faulty part had caused an oil leak in the left engine, which burst into flames at the start of takeoff. The part was analyzed, and the report concluded the manufacturer did not inspect the part properly before shipping it to the airline. No one was killed in the incident, the report noted, but that was only because the part failed on the ground.

On CNN, a mass shooting had taken place the day before in a Philadelphia train station near city hall. Something called the Broad Street Line. Two gunmen opened fire with semi-automatic weapons, seemingly randomly during the crowded afternoon rush hour, amazingly killing only nine people, including one of the gunmen. An off-duty police woman, who was not in uniform, immediately returned fire, killing one of the gunmen, but was herself shot dead by the other assailant. Witnesses reported the lone police officer also fired upon the second shooter, and investigators found blood in the area the where the second shooter was reported to be standing. The second gunman escaped, and a city-wide manhunt was underway for the presumably injured fugitive. The woman police officer was exalted as a national hero.

On France 24, a Paris taxi driver was also being heralded as a hero for deliberately swerving his car into the path of an oncoming motorist who had lost control of her vehicle and was headed straight for a crowd of school children. The woman had evidently passed out at the wheel, and the car continued under its own power. The taxi driver explained he put his arms around his head as he braced for a side impact from the out-of-control car. Police had estimated the woman's car had gone for some time after she lost control, and had slowed down considerably, but was still going fast enough to seriously injure or kill the school children.

The Canadian CBC was reporting on a new study that concluded people who cook with olive oil are no healthier than people who cook with butter. Martha didn't bother with Al Jazeera.

She found a documentary on SeaWorld, describing the changes the park had implemented since the death of a killer whale trainer. Martha had been to SeaWorld twice when Briana was young.

Ten minutes later Nate came downstairs in dark casual pants and a button-up short sleeve blue shirt. His hair was still wet.

"Nate, I really need to use my phone or the Internet," she called to him. "There are people back home who will expect to hear from me."

"Sure," Nate nodded.

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