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The Beat Goes On.

All seemed to be really enjoying the moment.

What got Jennifer's attention was the size of the men who were in that group, "Oh my, Mark. Looks like you have some competition." Her fingers curled around my own cock absentmindedly. This got my attention and I sat up. Jennifer didn't take her hand from my cock and I noticed the fingers of her other hand were playing in the curls of her pubic hair.

"Oh my!!" she said again. I noticed that she had gotten flushed and her fingers were deeper in her bush. "Let's go back in the dunes. I need sex...quick," she laughed, and with that she stood up, grabbed a towel and motioned for me to follow her back into the sand dunes. I pursued Jennifer's bouncing fanny back into the dunes. We didn't go far into the dunes before Jennifer spread the towel out, had me lie on my back, and mounted my hardening cock from above. She must have been very aroused already because she was positively liquid between the legs, and was soon cumming. And not quietly either; I feared that someone would hear us and we would get in trouble for engaging in sex in a public place...nude beach or not. But Jennifer seemed to be so worked up she was oblivious.

The pleasure of feeling her pussy contract around my lengthening cock pushed my reservations aside and I picked up Jennifer's slender body while still impaled on my member, flipped her over onto her back on the towel and proceeded to give her the slow fuck that would cause her to have multiple orgasms. I loved watching her body get excited, watching her face go from a coy smile, to pained as the spasms started, to that look of surprise as she began to lose control, and then finally to seeing her eyes roll up as she violently shuddered and gave herself up to her multiple orgasms. Then we'd start all over again. Her breasts would get all flushed: her nipples would become so erect that they looked like they would pop off of her breasts: her hips, belly, and thighs would flush with heated blood and begin to soften and mold against my body as if they wanted to be one with my body; and her clit would swell to the size of a little finger pushing her hood right back. It was truly wonderful to me to service Jennifer and watch the uncontrolled pleasure just fill her up. She was so vibrant and alive after our long, slow lovemaking sessions that she brightened both our days for several days afterward.

At rest my cock was a simple five inches long...normal looking. But in an erect state my cock extended out to 10 inches long and 2.5 inches thick. It was just a fluke of how the blood filled my cock. With Jennifer encouraging me to get past the embarrassment of a big cock (it's hard to hide or contain a large cock once it's excited) I was able to sustain intercourse with her and swell even larger so that she was absolutely worn out when I finished with her. Jennifer even got me to not be embarrassed if I experienced a full erection at the nude beaches or pools we visited; my erect genitals were a natural part of being a man she argued. To her the cock and a man's testicles hanging below that cock were things of beauty.

Unbeknown to Jennifer and me Allison had seen us head off into the dunes with me at half-mast. My cock size looked like a good prospect for the Swinging Dicks Club. Gathering up one of the other women from her group they had watched as I repeatedly pleasured Jennifer with my now at-full-attention cock.

Back on the beach Allison and her friend, Gwen, a stunning black woman with dark chocolate colored skin, full breasts tipped with protruding jet black nipples, and a shaved belly ending in a pair of thick pouty labia, approached Jennifer and made their proposition of sharing me with the women and her with the men.

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