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Megan's first day at Bridezilla camp.

... One on each tit got her attention. She bent to her work.

"Ohhhhh....", came from Elizabeth. Her hips began to undulate.

"When she finishes that strawberry, put in another," Jack instructed me. "I will be busy elsewhere."

Elsewhere turned out to be up at the other end of the table, where he could position his cock and balls over Elizabeth's mouth. It seemed she was going to have to do some work with her tongue also. And he was in a position to encourage her by sliding his hands down inside the front of her dress and squeezing her tits. He dropped his pants and shorts and presented a very stiff cock to Elizabeth's eager mouth.

The scene before me was arousing me to a hardness I had not experienced for many months. Jane's tits bounced as I continued to slap them with the fly swatter. I could see her working her lips and tongue on Elizabeth, trying in vain to get her teeth on the stem of the strawberry. Both Elizabeth and Jack were moaning and breathing heavily.

It was a good thing Jane had taken care of me that afternoon, or I would have lost it right there. Elizabeth's ass was bucking up and down as Jane worked on the strawberry. Just as I thought she was about to cum Jane raised her head and displayed the strawberry dangling from her mouth, her teeth around the stem.

Elizabeth groaned as she was denied the last few nibbles that would have taken her over the top. She stopped licking Jack's balls and screamed at Jane.

"Don't stop now you little slut. Finish me..."

"Tut, tut," scolded Jack. "Who are you to be making such demands of my wife and calling her names? Plus you stopped licking me without my permission. You are going to be sorry."

Jane sensed her husband's quick change of attitude toward Elizabeth. Standing up she turned to her husband so he could see as she picked a few hairs from her teeth. "The bitch is so hairy I could hardly find the strawberry," she complained.

Jack smiled. "We can take care of that. Bring me those cuffs and straps from Elizabeth's bag of goodies." Then turning to me he said, "Hold her ankles until we can get her tied down."

"Oh no you don't," exclaimed Elizabeth as she tried to get up off the table. But Jack quickly grabbed her hair and pulled her head back down, while I took hold of her ankles. She thrashed around but couldn't get any leverage to get off of her back. Jane returned with the cuffs and soon had her arms bent back with her wrists strapped to the table legs. At that point Jack let go of her hair and came to the other end of the table to help me spread her legs and secure her ankles. She was then totally helpless and she knew it.

"Okay...okay....you've had your fun...now let me go. I don't like being on the bottom."

I knew from experience that Elizabeth was a switch who enjoyed both the top and the bottom, and I could see from the hot look in her eyes that she was still turned on. "Me thinks she doth protest too much," I said to Jack and Jane. "Would you like me to bring some hair cutting tools?"

"Absolutely," said Jack. "And while you're at it, fill up that enema bag. She is going to get what's coming to her. Jane, get her ready."

As I left to go to my bathroom to get what Jack wanted I saw Jane pulling at Elizabeth's dress to bunch it up higher around her waist and expose her ass. Jack was in the process of doing the same to the top of the dress to bare her breasts.

It took me a few minutes to get everything together, but no innkeeper could have provided better service. I arranged a tray containing two sizes of scissors, an old-fashioned straight razor (very sharp), a mug of shaving cream, and a bowl of hot water. The enema bag was filled with warm, soapy water and hung from a cord over my shoulder.

When I returned to the dining room with my supplies I was greeted by a scene out of a BDSM movie.

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