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Julia has an affair with her son-in-law.

A strong jaw, a dusting of hair on his chest, and strong arms that could lift me easily and hold me up against the nearest wall while he ravages me. And a big dick, one he knows how to use well, so well that I forget my own name. That's what I want." She looks over to the other girls who stand there slack jawed, shocked and awed by the detail of her description.

"Damn girl, when you find him, he wont know what hit him."

Andrew, Chris and Mason, stand in the gym change room in silent shock. Andrew had just spoken to Bree on the phone and was at first amused when he realised Bree had failed to properly disconnect the call. Once he realised the girls were engaged in a bit of girl talk he quietly muted the phone and put it on speaker for his two friends to hear. They couldn't believe how candidly the girls spoke, especially their new friend Alyssa, who they were meeting that night. Mason, being the only single guy amongst them was especially interested, even more so because without knowing it, she had perfectly described HIM.

Mason Reed had a history of casual hook-ups and short term relationships. He loved women, loved getting down and dirty with them. But lately his usual type weren't doing as much for him as they used to. He seemed to gravitate towards the buxom blondes, but lately he was realising he was done with their transparency, there was absolutely no mystery to them. He never had trouble in picking up women, but his recent lack of interest had meant he hadn't gotten laid in about a month, which was just unheard of for him. He wondered about this new friend, this "Alyssa". Her words had turned him on to no end. Her inexperience was captivating to him. He was eager to meet her that night, he only hoped he wasn't going to be let down by this mystery girl who had already managed to get inside his head without even trying.

That evening the girls were all primped and preened, on their way to meet the guys at their favourite bar. Alyssa was unspeakably nervous, of meeting these new people and what the night would bring. The old her was really shy around new people. She was determined to be different in this new city, she wanted to exude confidence and charm. The guys were seated at the best lounges in the busy bar. They were good friends with the owner which meant they always got to enjoy the best, most private area. Andrew, Chris and Mason stood when the girls entered. Mason was almost knocked over by the pure beauty of the unknown girl sauntering towards them. Alyssa. She had deep chestnut hair that spilled in long waves down her back, and the most vibrant green eyes he had ever seen. She wore an impeccably well fitting black dress which hugged her every delectable curve, scooping just above her breasts and ending at her knees. Gold strappy heels made her look like a goddess. She had a body built for sin, long legs and the most beautiful curves he had ever seen. He felt himself growing hard in his dress pants. When she turned to meet everyone he noticed the bare expanse of her toned back, and groaned quietly to himself. This woman was a vixen sent to torture him. She was far more covered up than most other women he had ever been with, and yet there was something undoubtedly sexy about her.

Alyssa faltered for a moment at meeting the men, Andrew and Chris were nice and ordered everyone a round of drinks. But it was this other man, who she learnt was named Mason, that had her in a trance. He was the most handsome man she had ever met, it was as if he had been hand picked from her every fantasy. When he leaned in to introduce himself he gave her a lopsided grin that almost made her panties combust on the spot. She blushed, the most beautiful shade of pink he had ever seen. He wondered how far down her dress that blush crept. If her nipples were that same shade of dusky pink, if her pussy lips were. Christ, he had to stop thinking that way or he'd bend her over the lounge right there in the bar.

Everyone settled in at their private lounge to chat

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