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Barb tells story number two.

Darin stroked the smaller dick as he had become accustomed to doing. Jasmine ejaculated first and shot several streams onto her bed covers. Darin liked the feel of the ladyboy shooting and he stroked the cock until Jasmine pulled his hand away. A few more thrusts from Darin and then one final one as he pressed forward and emptied his balls in her rectum.

They stayed coupled together for several minutes with Darin caressing her ass and Jasmine milking his cock. Eventually he rocked back on his heels and let his cock slip from the chamber. It cleared the anus with an audible pop and semen oozed out and trickled over Jasmine's testicles. She flopped face-forward onto the bed and he lay next to her caressing her buns. Finally, they spoke the first words since they began fucking.

"What's planned for today?"

"We'll have brunch since it is 10:00 AM. Then I'm going to work on my book some more."

"That's great, I have more homework to do."

They got out of bed and Darin returned to his room to shower and dress. He loved having sex in the morning as that left the day to get some things done. It also gave him a chance to recharge and be ready for sex at night. He joined Jasmine in the dining area and once again the maidens put out a nice spread for brunch. Following brunch, Jasmine went out to the pool deck to relax and work on her book. Darin opted to stay inside and finish his school work. Nin and Lawan joined Jasmine poolside after they had cleaned up the dining area.

Darin didn't know it but it was a good thing he decided to finish his homework inside or he would have never got it done by the pool. Nin and Lawan were feeling a bit frisky that afternoon and began to play with each other. It started with them putting sunblock on each other's body. They got turned on and took it further. Fingers were soon toying with bottoms and breasts were being kissed. Next, they moved into a 69 position and sucked each other into hardness.

It wasn't long after that they decoded to fuck each other. First Nin fucked Lawan and then they switched places. They did not cum in each other's rectum but instead pulled out and shot their loads on each other's buttocks. Jasmine watched them and she too got hard. She had her maidens suck on her tits and dick until she too ejaculated. Nin and Lawan shared the seed and kissed each other. Then the maidens entered the pool to cool of their bodies. If Darin had been outside he would have never been able to concentrate on his school work.

It was about 3:00 PM when Darin wrapped up his homework and joined the others by the pool. Jasmine had her maidens serve the wine and appetizers. Darin had no idea what had transpired earlier with the ladyboys and he was ready for more sex anytime they were ready. It would have to wait until after dinner. They looked over the schedule for the week.

Darin had a number of appointments for massages and one new appointment for a personal trainer session. Nin and Lawan also had appointments for other spa services. Jasmine wanted to do some shopping and looking at the schedules they decided that Tuesday morning was the best time for Darin to drive them. The maidens also needed to pick up some food items from the market. Darin had classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

That evening the maidens served dinner and like most Sunday evenings there was time for sex afterward. They went to the tranquility room and gave each other massages. Nin massaged Jasmine as Lawan did Darin. Then they switched. The juices were flowing and it was time for the mats. Jasmine was up to her games again and this time they all lay together in a spoon position. Nin fucked Lawan as Jasmine fucked Nin and Darin fucked Jasmine. It was a wild scene and Nin gave Lawan a reach around.

Jasmine and Darin came shooting their loads into gripping clenching rectums.

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