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The Masquerade continues.

"I have to look for work and it may cut into our times together when I find something." He stroked Barb's hair as he talked.

"I have an idea. My husband is looking for help at his Auto Parts Store. Perhaps I could put in a word with him for you." Barb was still stroking Carl's now fully hard cock as she talked.

"That's a great idea. Call him now while you have my cock in your hand."

Barb giggled a little and said "no, that's too naughty. I can't do that."

"Remember you promised that you were my slave."

"That was just dirty talk. You weren't serious about that, were you?"

Carl didn't answer Barb. He got up off the bed and went to the TV stand in the bedroom. She watched as he pulled a DVD off the stand and put it in the player and then sat back down with her. Using the remote, he turned the TV and DVD player on and told her to watch. The first thing Barb saw opened her eyes wide. It was Carl's wife Carrie.

Barb had met Carrie at the company Christmas party. It was a pretty wild party according to what Barb had heard. Her husband insisted they leave early and things got hot and sexy after they were gone. Carrie's recently divorced sister Jean had come along and she hit it off very well with the owner Leo. Carrie ended up so drunk Carl took her home and came back and seduced Barb and Leo's friend Diane who worked in the building next to theirs.

But now, Carrie was stark naked with her hands cuffed to a pipe above her head. "This is what happens to slaves who disobey me," Carl told her.

Suddenly from out of range of the recording camera a whip lashed out right across Carrie's 36C tits. Barb watched in amazement as the whip lashed Carrie's breasts over and over with Carrie giving a scream and a moan from each lash. She lost count but it must have been at least a dozen lashes for the poor bound wife. Then a man stepped into view of the camera and Barb got another shock. It wasn't Carl whipping her. The man took Carrie's nipples between his fingers and began twisting them. As he twisted them he talked to someone out the picture.

"Do you think she's learned her lesson yet?"

"You had better make sure." Was the reply he got and it sounded like Carl's voice to Barb.

The man picked up the whip and continued to use it on Carrie. He lashed at her tits, her ass and brought the whip up between her legs to get her pussy too. The whipping was concentrated on Carrie's sexual organs and soon they were all covered with a series of red welts. Barb then noticed something else. The moan that followed each scream sounded almost like a moan of pleasure.

The man stopped whipping Carrie and began questioning her. "Are you sorry you disobeyed your master?"

"Yes, I'm sorry. I'll do what I'm told," Carried sobbed.

"Are you going to show us how sorry you are?"

"Yes, I will."

"How are you going to show us?" He twisted her nipples as he spoke.

"However you want! Anything you want!" Carrie choked out through the pain.

"You know what you have to do to show us." He held two cloth pins in his hand.

"Yes, I do." She let out long groan when he snapped the cloth pins on her nipples.

"Then tell us."

"I want to suck your cocks. Please, let me suck your cocks. I'll do it good. I'll take them deep and swallow all your cum." Carrie was begging.

The man spoke to Carl again. "What do you think?"

"Let's see how well she does," Carl answered.

The stranger unlocked Carrie's wrists, but then pulled them behind her back and re-cuffed them there. He pulled her over to a chair and took off his pants, then sat and forced Carrie to kneel in front of him. She wasted no time and immediately took his hard cock in her mouth sucking him deep. She bobbed her head up and down until the man took a handful of her long brown hair and forced her head down till her nose was buried in his pubic hair. Using her hair as a handle he forced her head up and down getting his cock in her throat on each down stroke. Suddenly he pulled her head up off his cock and back.

"Do you want it?" He asked.

"Yes, please.

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