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A fun little zombie apokalypse story I've been playing with.

With ankle ache, I arrived at the bank at 8:25 and joined the crowd of staff waiting outside. Loads of names were thrown at me and I think I caught a Sarah and a Jenny.

At that moment a large bolt was heard behind the big wooden door and Alison was inside opening the door for us all to enter. When she spotted me, I noticed her face light up in glee. At that moment my heart sank and my stomach churned.

Inside, Alison had us all line up like a military parade and she inspected all of our uniforms, one by one. When she got to me, she stopped and looked at me more intently. Her hand went up to my chest, grabbed my left nipple and gave it an almighty twist. Releasing it she said...

"Improper dress code, docked half a day's pay!" ...and she moved on to the next staff member. Once complete, Alison paired me up with Jenny on one of the counters to show me the ropes.

Within a few of hours of Jenny showing me and getting me to serve customers, Jenny was high in praise of how quickly I had picked it all up. So at lunch time when Alison came to check up on me, Jenny said I should be able to do a stint on my own.

I had been so busy, that I hadn't even thought about the clothes I was wearing. I was cheering up. The work was logical and the other staff nice, always getting cups of tea or coffee.

That afternoon, I was to get my first shock from Alison. I had been working a counter fine, when Alison came up behind me and was watching me intently. It made me nervous, really nervous. So nervous in fact that while handing a client back his paying in book, a whole cup of coffee was knocked into my lap. How did the coffee get there? It wasn't mine! I hadn't put it there!

Alison acted fast though and soon I was whisked off to the back office and as soon as the door was shut the trousers and tights were yanked off me. She then checked that I hadn't been scalded and once satisfied went to a cupboard at the back of the office and inside was spare uniform items.

Looking through, she pulled out a short skirt saying...

"This is the only thing here in your size. Pop it on and you can go back to work!"

Oh my god, what was I to do. Standing there in knickers, I could hardly just decide to leave. I gritted my teeth and slipped the skirt up my legs. Once I zipped it up and pulled down the hem as best as I could, it was short of my knees by four odd inches.

Directing me back to the office door Alison said...

"Don't worry Bobbie, with your girlie face and hair, no one will take any notice. In fact tomorrow lunchtime, you should go and get your ears pierced."

Wearing the short skirt, I flitted back to my counter to get there without being seen. Thankfully the rest of the afternoon passed quickly and the wooden door was shut dead on 5:00PM.

All the staff started collecting there things together as we had all checked our tills were correct and got them set for the morning. I didn't know what to do as I was wearing the short skirt.

My mind was made up for me as Alison said goodbye to all the other staff, called me into her office.

She said "If you have another 'Improper dress code' within the first month, you fail probation and are sacked. You understand!"

Alison went on "Now you can do the job and get on with the others. I do not want the fuss of a trouble maker. So do the job, wear the uniform correctly, do other tasks asked of you and we will get along fine! Now go home as you are and wear this again tomorrow. Tights should not be worn with the shorter skirt, but absolutely the bra MUST be worn. Do not forget tomorrow! Any questions about uniform it is in the staff manual you received with the uniform. Now go home!"

I don't know how I felt, it was so weird as I walked away from the bank towards home. To be honest, I was just waiting for someone I knew to shout out...."OYE! BOBBY! WHAT YOU DOING DRESSED LIKE THAT!"

I kept walking and nobody shouted out.

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