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"Yes?" I said with a saucy smile.

"Let me put it this way, Frederika. My husband and I divorced last year after 15 years of marriage. Before him, I dated five people at Berkeley. One man, four women."

"At once?" I inquired. "Oh my." Jada shrieked with laughter and gave me a little slap on my thigh as we wheeled into her driveway.

I leaned into the black woman's neck, inhaling her peach-scented fragrance, and whispered: "I'll remember that slap, honey." Jada giggled and a little tremor ran through her magnificently full body.

In the backyard, enclosed by tall wooden fences, I reclined on a long, cushioned chaise on the stone terrace while Jada was inside fixing me a drink. Two palm trees and a cluster of orchids fringed the little pool, which was bubbling busily. I was out in the sun because I wanted to show off my body for Jada. Clearly, neither of us was immune to the other's charms.

Cardinals and finches twittered in nearby trees, and a light breeze caressed me. The sweet aroma of desert sage filled my nostrils. I felt incredibly sensual here. I couldn't help lightly running my hands over my own body, eyes closed, drinking it all in. The thought of Jada just steps away had me throbbing even more.

Jada's voice brought me back from my reverie. She stood over me, smiling as she handed me a mojito. "I'm glad to see you're making yourself comfortable here, Frederika."

I smiled, sipped my drink, and looked her over with intense enjoyment. Jada had changed into a one-piece bathing suit as well, but hers was pure white. Oh my God...I could hardly wait to see how she would look - and feel - in the water.

Jada turned her back, almost shyly, for a moment, and I feasted my eyes on the dark, wide curves of her full ass.

"You're a beautiful woman, Frederika," she said in a husky voice. "I love the way you do your hair, the way you carry yourself. Everything. So curvy...yum. I think we're going to invite you back next year too."

I took another sip and rose from my chaise. I took Jada by the hand. "Let's see how the water is."

It was more than just warm in the pool. It didn't take long for us to abandon all restraint. First, it was my fingertips, lightly tracing circles on Jada's thighs underwater. She moved close to me and I put my arm around her bare, wet, dark shoulders. I looked at her, and then leaned in for what became my first deep, long, tongue kiss with a black woman. It was mutual, woman-to-woman worship, and I loved it.

I gasped as Jada bent lower to kiss my neck. My hands hungrily squeezed Jada's lusciously full tits, feeling her nipples standing out hard and blatantly exposed through the see-through white fabric of her swimsuit. I needed to suck her, and I didn't hesitate, yanking down a shoulder strap to fully reveal her right breast. I pushed her hard against the wall of the pool as I devoured her nipple. "Oh my motherfucking God, that feels good," Jada groaned. "Oh yes. Oh God, Frederika."

Of course, I needed more suckling and tit play focused on me to get off the way I deserved - and had fantasized about the night before. When I withdrew my mouth, I very deliberately pulled back and showed Jada my beautiful breasts - making her hungry for me as I rolled down the top half of my suit, dripping with water. I beckoned her over with a finger, and Jada devoured my right breast, sucking as much of me into her mouth as possible. Incredible jolts of pleasure shot through me, right to my cunt. "Fuck! Yes!" I responded. "Suck my nipple hard, Jada. That's a good girl."

Jada had told me that the three college girls who shared the townhouse next door were away for the week, but as I looked up, I realized it wasn't true. A flash of long blonde hair and a fluttering curtain on the second floor was a dead giveaway. The knowledge that Jada and I were being watched and admired by at least one other woman aroused me even more. I had to start to show off and be even more aggressive in my seduction, getting off on my goddess-style exhibitionism.

I pulled myself up out of the water and sat on the edge of

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