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Hakim explains to LeRon how he took his wife's virginity.

I can taste your tongue as it slips into my mouth, grappling with mine. Withdrawing, your lips meet the flesh of my neck, biting and sucking, moving slowly lower toward my chest. As you unbutton and lift my shirt from my body, I sigh as your mouth encircles my nipples, tongue flicking and teeth nipping at me. First one, then the other, as your hands grope for my belt. Rising slightly to help you, my pants fall to the floor and join your discarded dress. Your warm, forceful hands slide along my body as your mouth traces paths of lingering kisses lower and lower. Reaching their destination, the enticing fingers grip me tightly as your lips and tongue begin to kiss. I feel your hair brush against my stomach as you glide further down on me, swallowing me deeply into your throat, and the muscles tighten around me as I arch into you.

Our conversation long since forgotten, your fingers roam back across my chest, kneading my skin and searching out the spots you know will arouse me. Each touch is like a fire set in my flesh, burning higher and hotter until I am consumed. Your lips grope to engulf every inch of me as moans of desire creep from my throat. My hands find your hair and tangle themselves in it, pulling you down onto me until I feel your face pressed against my waist. Closing my eyes, I surrender to the intense pleasures your lips and tongue create in me.

All words fail now, as only the moans and sighs of our desires can be heard. Pushing you from my body, I lift you onto the bed. Easing your legs apart, I kneel between your thighs and cover your body in kisses, from your lips and throat to your toes and back again. Coming back down to your hips, I find your moist flower beckoning to me. Placing my lips firmly around it, I suck and lick, sensing your body responding. Your skin flushes warmth around me, and your flower opens wider for my tongue to enter. Plunging deeper into you, tasting your sweet nectar, I hear a long, low moan of pleasure seep from your lips. Floating up from your thighs, I place my body above you. Gently feeling my way into you, I slip in deeply, reaching further than ever before. Your arms wrap around my shoulders and your legs gather around my waist and you pull me in even deeper. Your heart pounding against my chest, I gather you in my arms and thrust into your body as a man possessed. The scent of your skin is intoxicating and perspiration dampens my face and hair as I breathe you into me. Knowing your loves, your desires, your wants and needs, my fingers again find themselves entwined in your luxurious hair, pulling gently. Your neck comes into view and between baited breaths, I kiss your throat and taste your pulse against my tongue.

Your ardor ignites my deepest passions, and I clutch you against me as I suffocate your mouth with a kiss. Holding you closely, we tumble into a new position, bodies and souls entwined in love. Your fingers dig deeply into my back and shoulders as your body pulses against mine. The scent of sheared copper rises in the room, and I know you've scratched me deeply. The shriek of pain comes to me from miles away and fades just as quickly into a slow throb. It stimulates me in ways I've never imagined and I roll us onto my back to caress your entire body as you writhe above me.

Your coral-pink nipples glisten in the pale light from the rising moon outside.

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