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Chris and Joni go on a honeymoon?


"Um, yeah thanks," I said and just left. Thankfully no one was in the hallway and I rushed back to my dorm. When I got there I had three texts. One from my girl asking what our plan was tomorrow and two from Cavin.

The first one said, "Did you enjoy Austin's bottom? It is ridiculously tight isn't it?"

The second one said, "I am having a party tomorrow night, I expect you there and bring your lady."

I sighed knowing I had to go to the party and that by the end of the night I may no longer be engaged. I knew I had to tell her before the party, but how?

I texted him back "I will try, what kind of party is it?"

He texted me back, "Well Thursday is Halloween, so can you guess? By the way, I expect you to dress like a girl."

"A girl?" I text back.

"Yes. I expect the full thing. Dress, stockings, (no pantyhose), bra, some sort of fake tits, lipstick, make-up, hair and heels."

I sighed. How was I going to explain this to Tabitha. I didn't text back as I considered this.

A few minutes later he texted back. "I expect a very pretty little cocksucker tomorrow, understand? I expect an answer in thirty seconds."

Immediately I texted back, "Yes I understand."

I went and had a shower. I actually did some school work and watched some TV. Around 1:30, just as I was getting ready to hit the hay, I got another text. It was from him again and it said, "Hey, my bros ditched with some ho's, I need a ride home. Come get me, NOW, at the Vixon Club."

I got dressed and texted him back, "Be there in 15 minutes."

"Good bitch, I will be inside, tell the bouncer you are Cavin's cunt," he responded.

Fuck, I thought to myself, this can't be good. Yet, my cock was already standing at attention.

I drove to the most popular club in the city for college students. I parked the car a few blocks away and walked to the club. There was a long line up. I walked past the line and went to the large, all muscle, 6'4 bouncer and whispered, "Hi, I am Cavin's cunt."

The man chuckled and said "Well head on in cocksucker." Two blonde girls at the front of the line mouths dropped as they heard his words and I was allowed inside.

Once inside, I found Cavin at a table with a few other people. Cavin stood up and walked over to me. "Right on time slut, let's go."

I followed him outside, past the girls who had just a minute earlier heard that I was a cocksucker. I kept my head down as we walked back to my car. About a block away, he pulled me into an open doorway of a shop and said, "Hungry?"

I was a bit confused until he unbuttoned his pants. I looked around, we were somewhat secluded, but people across the street could possibly see what was going on, as could anyone driving by. He saw my trepidation as he said, "Get on your knees faggot."

I obeyed and took his stiff missile in my mouth. I wanted to make him cum quick, so I sucked him as fast as I could. A minute or two in, I heard a car horn honk, then a second. Humiliation overwhelmed me, but I kept sucking, knowing as embarrassed as I was, I also was indeed hungry for his cum. "Hi maam," I heard Cavin say, as a pair of heels clicked on by. I tried to go deeper, make him cum faster, as I heard him say, "Hi ladies, enjoying the show?"

A girl's voice said, "Wow, that is hot."

Another slurred, "Your cock is huge."

"Thanks," he grunted, as he grabbed my head and began fucking my face.

A voice said, "Oh yeah, fuck your little cocksucker."

Another grunt and he pulled out and showered my face with his jizz. He then said, "Say hi to the girls."

I looked up and saw three, probably 19 year old girls, all dressed as whores on the prowl, watching the free show. Cum dripping down my cheek, I said, "Hi."

One pulled out her camera and took a picture of my cum soaked face and Cavin's cock. Then they went on their way. Cavin pulled his pants up and I stood up, still covered in cum. "You look good in my cum, keep it on. "

We went to my car and started driving back to the dorm.

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