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.." She places a single cool leather gloved finger over his lips.

"Hush now professor, you are in no position to negotiate. What would happen to your perfect little life if, say, the Dean of Arts and Sciences got hold of this or..." She leans in a bit closer, so her warm breath is on his face as she speaks. "Maybe your wife may come across a copy. What do you think she would have to say?" Lucille chuckles as the professor tries to speak through her gloved finger. She presses it more firmly against his lips. "No. Don't try to answer that. Just listen." She stops smiling and stares at him long and hard and cold. "From now on when we meet you are going to do exactly as I tell you. Nod if you understand." He nods. "Perfect. To start with we need to make sure you don't make too much noise."

She stood up and walked over to case, which she picked up and placed on the desk. She opened it, pulled out a black ball gag with leather straps and sauntered back over to him. "Open your mouth" She slipped the gag into his mouth and fastened it securely behind his head. "Now I want you to stand up and undress." The professor's eyes slid to his office door. "Don't worry I have locked the door. I have no interest in ruining your life as long as you remain useful to me that is." She stood and watched him as he undressed. The tension had eased a little from his face and when he got to his boxers she could tell that his enthusiasm for her little game was growing. She laughed as she wrapped a gloved hand around his cock, it pulsed and thickened a little more. "I think you may have the wrong idea of where this is going professor." Her grip tightened to the point of discomfort. Professor Munroe winced and tried to pull back but only succeeded in crossing the threshold from discomfort to pain. Lucille laughed again and let go of his wilting cock. "Now bend over and put your hands on your desk. Spread your legs. Perfect." She pulled out a glossy picture from her purse. "I am going to put a picture of us fucking right here so you can see it, right next to this lovely family portrait of yours. Keep your eyes on that and remember how bad things could get if you displease me."

Lucille turned her attention back to her case. This time she pulled out an intimidating (but oh so pretty) clear plastic cock cage.

"We should get this on before you get too excited again." With a few delicate movements she had his cock tucked and locked into the chastity device. "And now for the highlight of today's little games." With a delighted giggle she pulled out a solid wooden paddle, about four inches wide and twelve inches long with a leather wrapped handle. She caressed his ass cheeks with paddle. "I want you to keep your eyes ahead on those pictures on your desk, okay." With that she pulled back and applied the first stinging blow.


"This is necessary for you to understand that the nature of our relationship has changed."


"That from now on you are not professor to me."


"You are my pet."


"My plaything."


"My fuck toy."


"My little bitch."


Lucille paddled his ass until her body was prickling with perspiration and a few beads of sweat started to run down the side of her beautiful flushed face. For a few minutes there was nothing but the sound of wood smacking flesh, her heavy breathing and the professors muffled cries. Her pulse raced. She lived for moments likes these.

"Mmmm... a good paddling always gets me so wet. Stand up and face me bitch boy." Professor Munroe stood on shaky legs and turned to face her. "Oh what's this? Are you crying? Is my little pussy boy crying?" Lucille stepped closer to him, grabbed the back of his head and pulled his face down to hers. She stuck out her tongue and caught the tear on his cheek. She licked all the way up to the corner of his eye. "Mmmm... delicious. I fucking love it. Now you understand what you are, don't you?" She reached around with her other hand and undid the straps of the ball gag. "Now let's put your mouth to use."

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