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Four escaped convicts come across a willing exhibitionist.

Sarah looked at Michael who returned her gaze and didn't look away like he usually did, he just looked into her. "Um I was worried but I know how strong Michael is and I knew worrying about him wasn't necessary, he's a dragon and a strong fighter and could handle anything."

Michael turned his body to face her and she could feel herself doing the same. "I also knew that I had nothing to worry about, because he was in the house with me and if anything was going to happen he would protect me."

"Yes I would." Michael's words were so dark but the gravity of them was felt by both Smith and Sarah. He said his words with conviction.

Agent smith was standing straight up now turning attention from one to the other. She could feel the electricity in the air and knew she should leave before she witnessed something illegal.

"Well you two have a good day and stay out of trouble." They didn't break eye contact or pay smith any mind as she left.

As Agent smith sat down in her government car, she thought about those two. 'I wonder if they've become physical yet? Michael is a bit of a special case and has a special purpose here but the law is the law. Maybe by the time he completes his purpose the law will change or maybe there are other options, we will see. Whatever it is those two have a chemistry that's beyond volatile.' She started the Car and shifted into drive. 'I can only imagine if they do become partners. Well I have paperwork to do, work work work, I hate paperwork.'

Michael and Sarah stood frozen for a long time, neither of them breaking eye contact.

"About last night." Sarah spoke first.

"Ya, we can't do that again." His eyes looking down from her eyes to Sarah's neck to his shirt that hung from her feminine form and finally to her beautiful legs.

"Exactly." She swallowed hard and her breath began to speed up remembering every second, every feeling of what they did last night. "I mean we could both get in a lot of trouble." She reached out and ran her hand over his large arm, her other hand did the same. Tracing up to his round shoulders.

"And I don't want anything to happen to you," he leaned down and smelled her hair and moved to her neck. "We just have to control ourselves and not give into our desires."

"Absolutely," Sarah flung her head back as he began to nuzzle her and breath in her scent. As he did she wrapped her arms around his thick neck and began to pull his head down to her breasts. "What would it look like for us, to be both punished. The scandal?"

Michael couldn't take it anymore, he reached back and grasped her large ass and lifted her into the air. Anticipating this she wrapped her legs around him as he turned her to the counter. He continued to breath her in deep and savoring her sweet scent.

Sarah reached out and pulled him into her lips. They began to kiss while Michael's hands ran down her back until he lifted the shirt she was wearing and began to run his hands up her back. Sarah hooked his shorts with her feet and pushed them down exposing her lover. He was already erect and dripping pre-cum with anticipation of her waiting body. "I feel like I'm going crazy."

"I am too," Michael kissed her again and pushed into her lips again.

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