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She finds lust on the Great Barrier Reef.

"His cock is five inches long," reported Nurse Pleasure. "Actuallah, about ah eighth of ah inch shortah, but Ah rounded up."

The conference room appeared on the screen again. Gwen typed into her laptop, saying, "Four and seven-eighths inches erect. We must be accurate about these things."

Nurse Pleasure released Shawn's engorged penis and backed away.

Gwen faced the camera and announced, "Now it is time to introduce Madam Pain."

Shawn didn't like the sound of that! He gulped when 'Madame Pain' stepped into the light on his left wearing a black leather outfit: a low-cut bustier, biker shorts, black stockings with suspenders, and thigh-high, spike-heeled boots. She held a black riding crop in one hand. Although more muscular and less curvy than Nurse Pleasure, with smaller breasts, Madam Pain was nonetheless an attractive woman. Shoulder-length auburn hair framed a stern face that scowled at her subject.

"Hello, Little-Dick," sneered Madam Pain. She had a British accent. "What shall we do with you?"

The frightened, strapped-down, sexually excited, nude man gawked at her and did not reply.

Madam Pain used her riding crop to raise his stiff penis to vertical. "When I ask you a question, Little-Dick," she said, "you will answer me or face the consequences." She forced his penis downward until Shawn grunted with pain. "What shall we do with you?"

"Nothing; please," he begged.

"No, I believe you deserve more than nothing, Little-Dick," Madam Pain said. She released his penis and stepped out of the light for a moment, then returned holding a plastic cup like the one Nurse Pleasure had offered him. "Would you like to partake of more water?" she asked, holding the cup out for him.

"No, thank you," he replied, hoping to please angry Madam Pain with politeness. Although still thirsty, he didn't want to chance ingesting more erectile-enhancing drugs.

"I believe you should have some water anyway, Little-Dick," stated the dominatrix. She unscrewed the top of the plastic cup and removed it, then poured the contents over Shawn's genitals.

"AH!" he yelped as ice-cold water flowed over his hot penis.

Madam Pain laughed at his discomfort. "How quickly your cock shrinks and shrivels, Little-Dick," she mocked. "How tiny it gets!"

Shawn couldn't suppress a whimper.

From the monitor, Gwen requested, "Madam Pain, would you measure the length of Shawn's little dick for me?" She snickered at her own joke. "We need it for his personnel file."

"My pleasure, Mrs. Healey," said Madam Pain. She reached into the waistband of her biker shorts and withdrew a tiny, 3-inch ruler. Everyone in the conference room guffawed when they saw it.

Kelly Whitlock repeated her joke. "That should be more than long enough for Shawn."

The captive seethed while Madam Pain propped up his penis with two fingers and measured him. She tsk-tsked and reported, "Little-Dick's wimpy little willy is two inches long."

"Thank you," said Gwen. She entered the information into her laptop, then looked into the live-feed camera, saying, "Everyone, I will be placing a link to Shawn's personnel file on the intranet Welcome page and giving all of you security clearance to access it. In his file, you will find his resume with his education and work history, notes from his job interview, his IRS Form W-4 with his social security number, periodic performance evaluations, and his salary history."

Shawn felt dizzy as the Vice President of Human Resources continued her long list of private information that would now be in the public domain.

"His personnel file also includes contact information, like his home address and phone number, his mobile phone number, all email addresses, and his social media pages, including some passwords.

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