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Marcus learns how much is sister loves him over the holidays.

All this while, they would have a school uniform that would be extremely tight on them so they would know how they should display their assets at all times.

Sluts were not allowed to speak. They were only to take orders from all superior males and abide by them like grateful slaves. They could only say 'Yes, Master', 'Sorry, Master' and 'Thank you, Master'. They couldn't say anything else if they tried because they were not taught to speak anything else at all.

They could especially not say anything to each other. The only kind of interaction sluts were allowed to have with each other was to exchange saliva and eat each other's pussies upon the orders of their masters.

Slut training was a general kind of training that only taught girls the basics of their role in life. Beyond slut training, their masters could choose to send them into house-whore training, petgirl training or slave training.

Frank didn't have money for slut school so his brother agreed to pay for it, and even for petgirl training when Redhead graduated from slut school. Frank had never had such a highly trained bitch before, so he was obviously excited. To add to that, Redhead was still a virginal puppy at eighteen.

The doorbell rang. Frank kicked Dolly, who was sniffing his crotch, out of his way and quickly opened the door. A tall, young man in an expensive suit stood before him.

"Frank Channer?"


"Hello, I'm Chief trainer Mr. Johnson. I've brought your property back."

Frank slowly tilted his eyes downwards to find Redhead sitting on all fours, looking at him wide-eyed. Her hair had been tied up into two pigtails with pink ribbons. Her makeup was making her innocent little face look extremely slutty. Her tiny but well-rounded tits were barely hanging underneath her. There was a collar around her neck with a bell on it. Her ass was slightly pointing upwards and its firm shape seemed impressive. There was not a hint of hair on her smooth pale skin. The most obscene thing about her was her puffed up cunt which was so fat that Frank could see it under her, even with her knees together. She was a tiny piece of perfection on a leash in Mr. Johnson's hand. Frank could feel himself getting hard already.

"Should we get inside so you can inspect her?" said Mr. Johnson.

"No, no. Let's take the bitch outside."

Redhead was taken to the front lawn. Frank checked around to see that his neighbour, Albert, could see what was happening. And indeed, Albert was spying on them from his porch. Frank wanted to show off his newly acquired piece of fine booty.

"All right, let's start," Frank said.

"Position!" Mr. Johnson cried.

Redhead immediately leaped up and sat with her hands behind her head and her legs far apart. Her pink cunt was still throbbing.


Redhead opened her mouth so wide that Frank could see her throat.


Redhead started panting hard with her tongue out. Frank was getting harder and harder.


Almost suddenly, Redhead was on all fours, crawling around Frank and Mr. Johnson, looking up at both of them expectantly. Mr. Johnson took out a ball from his pocket and threw it towards the back end of the lawn.


Redhead leaped towards the ball on all fours and came back with the ball in her mouth, almost with the speed of a real dog. Her small tits were too bouncy for their size. They seemed to go up and down when she ran. She put the ball carefully in Mr. Johnson's hand, still looking at him expectantly.


Redhead turned around, put her head down on the ground and pushed up her ass in the air, towards Frank, with her legs apart. Frank couldn't resist. He slowly rubbed his finger on her fat cunt. "So tight!" he thought.

Redhead yelped slightly, pleasantly surprising Frank. If a little teasing was getting her on, she would be screaming when he did her good! Frank loved himself a noisy bitch. His bulge was now getting out of control. He nodded to Mr. Johnson who now gave his final commands.

"On fours!"

Redhead was back to her bitch position.

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