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They all join in together for some fun.

Fortunately The Commancheros she was captured by had been dispatched by a long haired Texas Ranger by the name of Hamilton McRae. Feeling grateful for her recue, she treated McRae to a blow job for which he habitually paid her five dollars after its conclusion. She had no idea she could get paid for such a service and she found herself in a town that had plenty of business. At Age eighteen, Carol Parch was a prostitute.

"Come in child." Regina said softly. "What got you so upset sweetie?" She continued.

"Iiii dddon't like the ssstorm" Carol spat softly.

Regina took the woman in her arms, holding her close to her bosom. Carol, like Regina, was drenched with the sweat that refused to evaporate in the humid air.

"This detestable heat" Said Regina breaking the embrace and scanning the room for her hand fan.

"Oh to hell with it." She said as she removed her gown.

Regina saw Carol scan her naked body with her eyes narrowed. She playfully put her arms behind her head, gently lifting her hair and instantly feeling the cool on her neck.

"fffuck it." Carol sighed and she dropped her gown to the floor. She felt the temperature change and relaxed instantly. Regina drank in the view of the young Carol. She tossed the brush on her vanity and walked to the bed. She lounged on her arm, taking in the curves on the stuttering beauty. Regina threw herself back on her pillow, sighed and stared at the ceiling.

"I'm so bored." Regina said with a sigh, as she looked at Carol.

The sky boasted another loud clap of thunder and Carol found herself quickly walking toward the bed where Regina laid. Another clap of thunder drove Carol into Regina's arms.

"Erye thin' gon be alright child" Regina said as she gently stroked Carol's hair.

Carol looked deeply into Regina's eyes. She leaned forward hesitantly and was met by Regina's lips. She melted into the softness, her tongue searching Regina's mouth. She found the soft wet muscle and slowly licked it. First on top, then gently rolling her tongue over the side, and slowly curling under their tongues danced and played. Regina pressed her lips tighter, now reaching up behind Carol's head. Her tongue answering every lick, every flick and flutter. There was no stutter evident now, the young Carol had a hidden talent and Regina was heading for bliss.

Regina Mae slid her hand over Carol's body, caressing her supple breasts her fingers found the dark areolas and gently caressed them. The nipples tighten and stand erect. Regina circled each one with a gentle finger. She slowly traced each pink protrusion for a moment before lightly pinching each one between her thumb and forefinger. Carol moaned as her thighs increased their gap. Regina's hand slid in between her thighs, she found the warm wet folds welcoming. She gently stroked the lightly stubbled slit.

Another clap of Thunder, this time ignored by Carol, was followed up by a knock at the door. Regina and Carol tried to ignore it. Another Knock invaded the moment.

"what!" Regina Groaned.

"It's me Lana...can I come in?" The Girl answered. "I don't want to be alone right now." She continued.

"Come in then girlie!" Shouted Regina as she shrugged at Carol.

Lana Worthington sheepishly opened the door to Regina's room.

"I'm so sorry to bother you but...but I just don't want to be alone right now. This storm, it scares me."

"Of course durlin, you can stay. We can all keep each otha comp'ny thoo the stohm." Regina said warmly.

"Yyyou are ooover ddddrrressed Lana" Said Carol with a smile on her lips.

"Oh am I now?" Lana said playfully as she lifted her gown over her head.

Lana Worthington was a rare beauty.

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