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She joined Sergekt and Eloisa at their usual spot at the table, along with 15 of Sergekt's classmates and three of her co-workers from the music store.

Kim was in a very upbeat mood. The sad songs coming from the singers on stage made her reflective, as opposed to melancholy. She actually felt good about her life, better than she had felt in a very long time. She knew this feeling was only fleeting, but she would take Spokesman Dukov at his word and try to enjoy the small pleasures in her world as much as possible.

The group's birthday present to Criminal # 98945 was three songs dedicated to her, one of which was written by Sergekt himself. Sergekt's work was a deeply moving love song. He knew better than to try to write a sentimental love song; instead he had written about Kim's strange journey through life and his own efforts to understand her. Sergekt played in the band with his usual balalaika-looking instrument, while he entrusted the singing to Eloisa and a male classmate.

The next song was loosely based on Kim's arrest and the fact the arrest prevented her from going to Prague and dying of hepatitis. The final song was titled "A question I cannot answer", and focused on Kim's painful conversations with her mother. It was sung by 5 women, with Eloisa in the lead and the others providing back-up voices. The back-up singers punctuated Eloisa's singing with the peculiar and complicated deep-throated vocals that were unique to traditional Upper Danubian music. The song and its music was the most complex Kim had heard in the Socrates Club. The vocals left her marveling at Eloisa's talent and her ability to organize and lead four other female voices, all of whom were singing different notes.

Criminal # 98945 was deeply moved. She had given her friends ideas for their music; in turn so far they had produced four incredible songs dedicated to her. How many other people could say that, having provided the inspiration for such music?

Kim spent the rest of the night dancing with Sergekt, mischievously rubbing herself against him and looking into his eyes with a very seductive expression. She was totally aroused. She had not had sex with anyone since the end of May. She had waited long enough. She badly wanted Sergekt.

Sergekt now had a bit of a problem. He was hard, his erection pressing into his girlfriend. He could not separate from her, not unless he wanted to make a total spectacle of himself in front of 200 other people. However, he was not the first male in the Socrates Club in that situation, and he knew exactly what to do. He eased his partner towards a back entrance that led to a staircase going upstairs. As soon as they got to the door, Sergekt quickly slipped through and pulled Kim through with him. As soon as the door went shut he separated from her and took her face in his hands. He kissed her passionately. He ran his hands over Kim's breasts and down her stomach, as she reached for his penis and gently squeezed it. Sergekt gasped.

"Geem...Geem...Ya lub__k tebe...Ya lub__k tebe..." Danubian for "I love you".

With that he buried his mouth in her neck. Suddenly he grabbed her hand and led her up the stairs. As soon as they were up the stairs, Kim realized the Socrates Club, as a service to its customers, had several small "intimacy rooms". Each intimacy room had a double-bed with a nightstand and a small bathroom. The room Sergekt led Kim into was very clean and tastefully decorated. There was nothing tacky about it.

For a minute Kim and Sergekt stood near the door, passionately embracing each other. He sank to his knees and kissed the insides of Kim's thighs. Yes...oh yes...she wanted this so badly. He stood up again, and Kim massaged his penis. He was so hard...he had wanted this for such a long time...and now finally the moment had come.

Sergekt's next move surprised Kim, but greatly increased her respect for him.

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