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She performs for her captive audience.

A man she didn't even know. She was so ashamed and yet her nipples had hardened and her pussy was wet.
"Good girl," he murmured again. "Oh you fucking horny white bitch. Keep sucking it, whore."

She kept going, sliding up and down him, swirling her tongue around his stem, doing anything she could to make his breathing quicken.

"That's right. That's right. Now lick my balls bitch."

She hesitated for just a fraction of a second before ducking her head to lick his balls, looking directly up at him, his penis almost against her forehead. She was lapping at his balls like an animal, pushing up against their weight with her tongue, before taking each one in her mouth in turn, sucking it, making him moan with pleasure.

"Oh yeah. Now suck me again. All the way down."

She plunged her mouth back down over his cock, trying to take as much as she could, her saliva sliding down him and matting the thick black hair of his balls.

"Oh yeah," he moaned again. Then suddenly they heard the door click open and the voice of one of the black girls.

"Oh Jesus Christ!"

There was an intake of breath behind her and then giggling. She slid her mouth off Michaels' cock and looked over her shoulder in shock. Three of the strippers were standing in the doorway, fully dressed. She was completely exposed, her naked back and ass facing towards them as she knelt on the floor at her boss's feet. She knew that they'd seen her practically deep-throating him, her mouth sucking him all the way down his cock towards his balls.

"Sorry Louie, but we gotta get signed off and I ain't waiting for this bitch to finish."

To Kyra's disbelief he said. "Alright," and, gesturing her to get up, he added. "Go and wait in there."

She stood up, her chin wet with her own saliva, and dumbly headed to the door he was pointing to. As she went past him he lazily slapped her ass but he was so strong that the blow made her skip forward like a child, a firm pink imprint of his hand already forming on her skin. She rubbed it and ran through the door as the other girls laughed. He didn't seem to care about them seeing his cock, he just tucked it away and pulled out the form they needed to sign.

The office he'd pointed to was little more than a box room. There was no furniture except for one chair and boxes of filing. Kyra stood there, trembling with shame. A couple of minutes later he came in grinning. "Where were we?"

"I'm not. . ."

He looked at her, leisurely enjoying her naked body once again as though she were a steak that he was about to eat. "Knees bitch," he ordered, tossing her the cushion.

She slowly fell to her knees in front of the chair and he sat down with his legs spread. This time, though, after he'd made her lick his cock all over until it was fully erect again, he fucked her mouth. He was using it as though it were her pussy. The thought made her physically aroused, and she wished he would take her and fuck her properly. Instead he held her by her long hair, pumping her mouth and making her breasts bounce with every thrust. At last he came, in her mouth first, and then, pulling out, all over her face, the last hot jet falling against the base of her slim neck and towards her chest. "Oh yeah," he moaned.

He reached down and spread his own cum over her tits, rubbing it into her nipples, making her moan in turn. She looked up at him yearningly but he abruptly stood, wiping his cock against her face, almost slapping her with its powerful length, before sliding it back into his pants.

"Thanks bitch," he grinned broadly. "Here's your money," he peeled three five dollar bills out of his wallet and handed them to her.

She stood up shakily, her face glistening with his cum. "Where can I clean off?"

"In the dressing room."

"Upstairs? But I mean haven't you got a wet-wipe or a tissue or something that I can use."

"No. I ain't got nothing," he went back through to his office and she followed him.

"Where's my bikini gone?"

He looked at the floor and then chuckled

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