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Fiona visits Drake to seduce him again.

Oh damn, she thought, this all sounded so good in the car. These games people play are such a pain in the ass. It would have been a lot easier back at the airport if she could have just said gee, I sure would like to fuck you, would you like to come home with me and fuck me? She just wanted him in bed so badly. I know he has to be a great lover. He just has to be. Slowly a plan formulated in her head. First she took off the undies and used a tissue to dry herself.

Christ she got wet thinking about him! Next she put on a teddy. Not her most risqu__, but one that was pretty sexy. It was dark purple, almost back-less, low cut in the front, had a lot of see through lace to it, and had spaghetti straps. It was French cut at the leg openings, but not outrageously so. The material over her breasts, bottom, and crotch was solid so it wasn't all that inviting in spite of being very form fitting, or so she thought. I did the laundry a few days ago, so what is there in the laundry room that I could go by him to get? Ha! I have another loose skirt in there. She left her room with her heart beating a little faster and walked by the recliner on the way to the laundry. "You might know I would leave what I needed in the laundry room."

Bob had been flipping through the channels while he wondered what she would come out in that was more comfortable. He just about couldn't believe his eyes when she did come out. "Wow! You look very nice like that!" he blurted out, and couldn't believe he had said that. I must sound like a complete ass to her, he thought. The "wow" and the "like that" were too much. None the less, he was sure the clue he had been looking for had arrived.

She stopped by his chair feeling rather flattered. His eyes had just about come out of his head and his jaw dropped like a rock. She did have his undivided attention. "I was just on the way to the laundry to get a skirt I left there."

"You can stay like that if you like. I won't lay a hand on you and promise not to drool." Oh shit, why did you say that? he thought, especially the last part. You sound like some high school kid. Shit, he was always putting his foot in his mouth around her. He also wondered how he was going to hide the fast growing erection in his pants.

"You won't touch me?" We're going to have to work on that, she thought.

"Not unless you want me to." By now he was sure she did.

"Hmm....if you were just sitting there in your undies, I might have a hard time keeping my hands off you." Well come on, that's an invitation, take it! she thought.

"No," he teased, "you would be a perfect lady, avert your eyes, and act like I was sitting here fully dressed."

"Try me!" she hissed.

He thought that invitation was as plain as day. "Well, lets just see." Bob quickly stood up, slipped his shirt, pants, shoes and socks off, and sat back down. He was now sitting in the recliner with just his briefs on. The briefs were doing a very poor job of hiding his erection.

She leaned over and pulled the side handle on the recliner. The seat back went back and the foot rest came out. She climbed on it, putting one knee on each side of his waist and planted her bottom high on his lap facing him. "Do you think a perfect lady would do this?" she grinned. She could feel the bulge in his briefs pressing up against the very bottom of her teddy. He was going to feel so good inside her. She had him right where she wanted him. She was going to get laid now. Eat your heart out blondie!

His hands went to her waist and then slid up the soft smooth skin of her back pulling her down to him. "Probably." he said as their lips met. He felt her lips open as they kissed and he slipped his tongue into her warm inviting mouth. His hands roamed over the soft warm skin of her back. As they kissed, he could feel her crotch press down on his covered erection. He wanted to be inside her so badly.

She had her elbows up by his head as they kissed, giving his hands free acce

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