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Carin's training continues.

Everyone stared in amazement as all of him disappeared into her. Her face was buried in his hair, gently rocking back and forth, letting his cock enjoy being swallowed whole before she slid back. Grabbing his shaft with one hand, she began to suck him furiously, pumping with abandon.

With her free hand she began squeezing her tits. She moaned as she pinched her nipples through her shirt. She pulled her shirt down to expose one breast then the other, rubbing them gently as she did. She then reached around and pulled her skirt up, rubbing and slapping her ass until it was a succulent shade of pink. She peeked around to see that a few of the boys were rubbing themselves through their clothes, unable to keep their hands still at the sight of her. She smiled slyly and decided to really set them afire. She pulled her thong aside and arched her back presenting a lovely view of her obviously dripping snatch. She spread her lips apart for a moment pausing to feel all the penetrating stares before plunging in two fingers. She heard more than one zipper come down as she fucked herself.

All the manhood around her became intoxicating. The desire to satisfy all the wanton lust in the room overwhelmed her. She fought it for a minute, nervous about what her husband and the others might think of her. One look at the pleasure on Paul's face made her realize that if his fantasies could come true so should hers. She pulled the cock out of her mouth long enough to ask someone to take over for the hand in her cunt as it was beginning to get tired. Most of the men were hesitant, looking to Paul for approval. They received none as he was lost in the pleasure of his sensuous wife. But Henry needed no approval. He had remained the gentleman up to this point, never touching himself. He had often fantasied about Betty, his friend's wife, the forbidden fruit he thought he would never be able to eat. The sight of her beautiful pussy had not gone without effect and Betty's request was the chance that he had been waiting for to end his polite restraint.

It took but a moment for Henry to begin rubbing Betty's ass. One hand penetrated her sternly over and over as the other alternated between rubbing her cheeks and tickling her asshole. The feeling of strange fingers wriggling deep inside her gave Betty's moans renewed intensity. Paul was trying to hold off as long as possible but a few minutes of his wife's sexual abandon was all that he could take. As he announced his coming orgasm, she pulled him from her mouth directing his come onto her chest. She encouraged him to keep coming all over her as she rubbed his juices onto her glistening tits. She screamed as her first orgasm on the night washed over her. Henry was doing an excellent job at helping her ride the wave of ecstasy. He gently rubbed her clit as he slid a wet finger into her ass to keep her on the edge as long as possible.

Betty was very appreciative as she began sucking the very last drop from Paul until he finally recovered. She then straightened up and took off her shirt. As Paul sat back down, she sat on him, directing his still throbbing member into her well prepared hole. Once one cock was settled deep inside her, she knew she needed more. She had not known whose fingers had been inside her but she was glad to see it was Henry. When Paul talked about her fucking more than one man, she always thought Henry would be a good choice. She knew that he always wanted her, and the way he talked, he seemed to know his way around a woman. She pulled Henry to her by his pants and wasted no time in freeing the object of her lust. Out of the corner of her eye she could see the other men stroking themselves. The thought of them anxiously waiting their turn to take her was driving her wild.

When Henry's hard cock sprung from his pants, she was shocked for a moment.

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