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Taken by the Federation.

Her headache returned from the exertion of her sobbing. She felt the swelling of her eyes. She also felt lighter like an invisible amount of weight as been pulled out of her. She knew that it had to do with the fact that the majority of the burden that she was holding onto was now gone.

"I'm sorry."

The apology had come from the large man that was still cradling her in his arms. Somalia gazed up at him and murmured a "huh?" which earned a chuckle from him.

"I said that I am sorry for all of things that I've done to you..." he explained to her. His hands caressed her back and shoulders while his chin rested on the crown of her head. "I'm not going to make any excuses for my behavior, because there isn't any justifiable reasoning."

"Oh, oh okay," she whimpered, before resting her head against his left shoulder.

The suite's bedroom was silent. Somalia knew that she shouldn't have felt relaxed as she sat on his lap. Her body screamed in delight as his hands massaged at her scalp, as well as, her left arm and shoulder. She knew that she should've been angry and should've been lashing out at him. Instead, she felt content, lighter and relaxed, as she stared out of the large bedroom window, at the scenic Mountain View.

"Pretty view," she said aloud, to no one in particular.

"What?" he said to her, with his lips lightly brushing against her forehead.

"The view" she said, lightly, as she pointed at the window, "it's beautiful".

He stared out the window at the mountains.

"Yeah, it's nice but not as beautiful as you" he said to her, which earned a 'ugh' from Somalia. "What? It's true. I would rather stare at you instead of some big pile of rocks."

"Ugh, does those corny ass pick-up lines work?" she asked him as she adjusted herself on his thick, muscled thighs. Unbeknownst to Somalia, her ample derriere brushed against her groin, which stirred his cock from its slumber.

"That was not a pick-up line, when it was the truth," he said to her, hoping that his erection won't be detected.

"Yeah, whatever, Casanova," she said to him as she settled into his lap. Her arms were now wrapped around his waist and her face was close to nuzzling the curve of his neck. "Casanova who smells like roses and..." She then set his loins aflame by placing her face close to the sensitive part of his neck and taking a whiff. " cucumber-melon body wash that I bought from Bath and Body Works," she stated. Her breath had tickled him and he felt his arousal grow even more. "It's not bad on you. I always thought that it would be weird smell, if it was on a guy, but on you..." Her voice trailed off; when she felt his hands pull at her upper body. His hands asked of her to sit up on his lap and she complied. Somalia stared at his face and saw that he appeared angry. She wondered if he was angry at her and for whatever reason. "Tristan, are you-

Somalia did not get to say another word, due to his lips crashing down on hers, as he supplied her with a kiss. It was a kiss that held passion. She groaned in surprise, but then whimpered in pleasure. She whimpered again, when she felt his tongue slide into her mouth, once his kisses had become more passionate. As they kissed, she felt his hands tug at her dress and touch at her skin. With every caress, her body would crave for more contact. A shudder trickled down her spine, when she felt his fingers touch the bare flesh of her back. He managed to roll down the zipper of her dress and slide the material off of her. Now, topless and with her breasts exposed, his mouth left hers and travel down to her neck. He sucked, licked and bit at the sensitive skin before traveling lower. Her hands encouraged him with his journey as they cradled his face and urged him to continue. When his lips reached her mounds of flesh, his lips clamped onto a brown, puckered nipple and sucked with a strong force.

"Oh, Tristan" she gasped, as her hips writhed on his lap.

Her ass rubbed against his cock as it lay against his left thigh.

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