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Ranger Station at Glacier Bay.

And looked to number at least twenty. As I watched I saw one move and push away a broken shard of pottery. The fact that it moved with such obvious intent freaked me out a little. I let go of Amber for just a moment and she burst away from me.

I grabbed her by the ankle just in time, and Amber dropped to the floor inches from getting to the plant. Then, we struggled.

It wasn't a fight, exactly. Not once did Amber try to hurt me, but she was so unusually strong - and I couldn't hurt her. Normally, I would have won this wrestling match easey-peasey, but all that broken crockery kept me from using my weight-trainer's strength.

"Sam. It's soooo goood. You just have to try. Need it so bad. Fuck. Please?" I managed to work my hands up the back of Amber's calves as Amber twisted in front of me. Her friend's muscles were amazingly strong and tight. Amber's legs felt so sexy between my fingers even as she struggled to get away. Then, Amber suddenly drew both her legs up to her chest to try to pull them away.

It only served to yank me up on top of her.

She was still wiggling to get free, but now I had leverage to go with my strength. I was taller and my tits were heavier. I pressed myself hard against Amber and wrapped my legs around my struggling friend's. Now Amber couldn't move much beyond an up-and-down motion. I jutted my chest out and forced Amber into the floor even as I grabbed my friend's wrists and pinned them behind her head. I had to do all of that really, really quickly. I wasn't giving Amber any chance to think.

Done it! Kept her from getting any more twisted up by that seductive plant cock creature. My pinning Amber brought me into too close proximity to the thing's heavenly scent. That led to my downfall. That, my own excitement and arousal and my nearness to that sweet smelling incense.
It was intoxicating. The bizarre thing drew me in and dizzied me. My strong hands were still locked down on Amber's wrists but now I suddenly felt weak, faint. Amber's naked hips were grinding and squirming against me. I had entwined my legs around Amber's, locking them in place. Which left Amber's open sex, her fragrant, wet, sloppy pussy smashed up against mine.

I felt like there were a thousand butterflies tickling through my body from my mound up into my shoulders. Amber's long hard nipples pressed against the bottom of my breasts, filling me with heat. I wanted desperately for my clothes to dissolve from between us and allow our bodies to slide together in passion. Amber was panting hot, quick breathes into my neck and nibbling gently against her stronger friend's chin. A shudder ran through my body and my mind dissolved into a puddle of need.

I kissed Amber with open-mouthed desperation and moaned in satisfaction. I could taste the slippery syrup of the plant in my friend's mouth and it brought the heat of a blush that ran down my neck and, into my spine and spread out across my ass. I felt my butt squeeze itself and then came a hard flex and then relax as my anus seemed to open. My vagina swallowed itself and then opened as well, releasing a river of liquid that spilled into my pants.

Our kisses were sloppy, saliva-laden tongues wrestling as we shared that glorious flavor of the plant's potions. We were greedy and lustful and lost in our need for more of it and more of each other.

In a moment of lucidity, I looked up from our kiss and thought to retrieve the plant so that they could both share in its pleasure. It had been just inches away from them, but now as I looked all I saw was fragments of an empty, shattered, flower pot.

That earlier odd, purposeful-seeming move of the plant as it kicked away the fragments of pot combined with its being missing now shocked me into a moment of rational sobriety. Why did I rouse myself as I lay there entwined with my new lover? What dimly-remembered caution started me scanning the room for it? I really didn't know, but I was sure it wasn't just a plant.

It was some sort of creature and I also knew that it would eventually come for us.

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