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Royce makes a confession to Miri.

Mare chuckled and slapped the larger of the two horse-men on a muscular rear, and scooped me up again. He tossed his mane and laughed at her, swishing his tail.

"This is Chet and Michael, dear pup," they both raised their heads proudly at mention of their names. "They are friends of mine. They agreed to help us in our escape. Up you go." Mare tossed me up into the wagon and climbed up after me, clucking her tongue at the (horses?) and we began to move. They pulled the wagon easily and without any guidance by traces or reins. Only the occasional verbal direction from Mare was all they apparently needed. I waited until my merry benefactor had taken off her breast plate and then jumped up into her lap, nuzzling her generous chest happily. I got a well needed hug and kiss from her and almost felt like a human being again (What am I saying? almost human being).

"Aye, I missed thee too, little one." She pressed me close and I felt deliriously happy. We watched the scenery pass by in silence, just enjoying each others presence for a while. I noticed that our handsome team was beginning to sweat with exertion. It must be hard to pull a wagon, I thought to myself. I began to feel sorry for them and asked Mare if maybe we should get off the wagon and walk, so as to lighten the load a bit.

"I doubt you would make much of a difference, pup. Mare, however, would be a different story." The larger of the two (Michael?) spoke and joined his brother in another gale of whinnied laughter. "That would be a horse of a different color."

I groaned at the excruciating pun and looked up at Mare, expecting her temper to flare. Instead she just laughed along with them and threatened to buy a riding crop at the next village.

"What, you've already worn your old one out? You just bought it a week ago, Red." Chet snorted merrily at Mare's all over blush.

"Hush Chet, or I shall wear one out on you and you alone."

I decided not to inquire about the exchange and settled myself in Mare's lap to enjoy the trip. I drifted off to sleep gazing at the muscular legs, broad backs, and cute (yes, cute) behinds of our kindly team.

The moon was rising when I awoke, curled up in a soft bedroll beside the dying fire. My headache was gone and only my severe hunger remained. The camp seemed deserted so I rummaged through Mare's pack for something to gnaw on. A slight noise from the underbrush made me jump back and crouch, a low growl rising in my throat. To my intense relief, Chet made his way back into the camp to sit by the fire and poke at it. He fed it some twigs and looked up, seemingly noticing me for the first time.

"Hello, pup, did you get enough sleep?" He smiled at me, his long face making the smile look odd.

"Um, yeah, thanks." I stammered a little, noticing that he was unsheathed. I tried not to stare, but it was so big! Can you see a blush underneath a coat of fur? He could. I looked away in embarrassment, remembering the fact that I was p[art fem, after all. He tingle in my stomach was pleasant but foreign to me.

The rustle and sigh from the bushes sounded again and I broke eye-contact with Chet for a second to glance that way. He smiled at me and sighed.

"It is them, for sure." He sighed.

"Who? It is whom, horsie?" I was enflamed with curiosity.

"Your Mare and my brother, of course. How do you think she got the nickname?" His snicker was too much. I crawled over to the edge of the clearing and peered into the dimness that had produced the sounds of passion.

I saw my savior and love mounted upon the thick, massive meat of the horse-morph Michael. She was enjoying herself immensely, moaning and writhing as she repeatedly impaled herself on him. I felt a gentle touch on my rear end as Chet's voice tickled my left ear.

"She is lovely, no?" he whispered hoarsely.

"Yes, she is....and most desirable, Chet." I turned to look at him in confusion.

He read my expression and smiled.

"I am more interested in my own sex, pup.

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