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A slow descent or rising above?

"That machine is not just expecting a little milk. The console says it's set for 1000ml of milk." Jake and Brian looked at him, startled. Brian ran through the math. "It's going to take a few days for milk to come in with the drugs. Only a couple of ounces first few days so probably four days until she really starts producing. Four milkings a day at 50ml each will take another four days. So she'll have to be like that for over a week and a half at the least."

"Fuck," came Jake's reply. "This is the end of the company. We have to call the authorities and report this and see if there is some way to get her out." Rob stepped in. "I wouldn't recommend trying to disconnect anything while the computer is in program. If you pull one part now, it might clamp down somewhere else. I really don't know what program it is running. Even if we pulled the batteries and cut the power, with the fail safes disabled, I'm not sure we could disconnect everything."

Brian chimed in, "She signed the waiver, right?" Jake nodded his head. The foreman continued, "So she's under contract and consented to everything?" Jake nodded again. The waiver he had Jessica sign was the standard contract all of the women sign when they are employed by HuMilk. It explains the pumping process, the various apparatus used and the risks involved with hormone therapy and prolonged lactation.

"Ok," Jake said after a minute. "Legally, we might be fine. She signed the full employment contract so we can put her on the payroll so she's an employee. Ethically, we are still in deep shit. She's a reporter and when she writes her story, it's going to be hell explaining how our software fucked up and enslaved her for a week." Jake stared at his technician. Rob looked away, a little pissed this was coming at him. "The bay was down for maintenance," he said softly. "No one was supposed to use it." The men walked away, leaving Jessica alone in bay 6.

After 30 minutes, the tugging and pulling on the woman's nipples ceased. The dildo retracted slightly so it was no longer deep inside her. The anal plug, which had been expanding and compressing with air relaxed so it no longer filled her cavity. She could still taste the liquid running down her throat. For a moment, she thought her ordeal was coming to an end and the machine was ready to release her. But the cups remained snug over her breasts and pulling up on her metal bonds provided no release.

Jessica began to cry, the first time the full weight of what she had gotten herself into had hit her. She wondered if the other girls felt this way the first time they were strapped into these machines? The sexual pleasure she had felt had passed away, lost to the realization she was a prisoner to these devices for who knows how long.

The machine would start again every few hours, milking her dry breasts for 20 or 30 minutes while the impalers in her pussy and ass attacked her. Each time, the machine seemed to increase in intensity, the computer sensing no milk was being produced and increasing the stimulations. She knew the other women were released between their sessions, relaxing in the hot tubs or lounging and watching TV. But Jessica didn't have that luxury as she was left chained here by the computer throughout the day and into the night.

The woman fell into a restless sleep. Micheal, the overnight operator, had checked on her just after dark, making sure the heaters in the bay were working to keep her warm. Jessica wished they would cover her in a blanket or something but she had no way to speak her desires with the tube in her mouth. She knew a couple of the women who worked here had walked by. Perhaps they would rethink their employment having seen what the machines could do to them.

Michael had retired to the main control room.

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