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A day in the city.

I turn my neck sideways to give you the same delightful kisses all around the drooping underside of your breasts, your skin is exquisitely soft here, an untouched grove. I cup your breast with my hand and gently lift it up so that I can lick the sensitive crevice where your breasts join your stomach. I use long rhythmic licks with my tongue tip back and forth underneath both of your breasts whilst my fingers fondle your nipples in between them. The rain moisture had been trapped underneath your heavy breasts, sodden bra and tank top, and is now also mixed with some of your sweat. The taste is undiluted and womanly - sweet and sour, and sexual.

The underside of your breasts have now been thoroughly lapped. I look up into your eyes again and extend my tongue out as far as I can to lick a long, slow line up your ______ ru gou (breast crack / cleavage). I push my tongue flesh into you so as to make as much contact between us as possible. Does my wide open mouth display a semblance of a mischievous smile? Or do you only need to see it in my eyes?

My hands return to peeling down your top clothing, revealing your stomach. I see that you have abs! Reaching down lower and lower, I have to sink to my knees to pay your body the proper attention, your hands immediately rummage through and play with my long hair and knead my shoulders.

Your top two abdominal lumps are now exposed and I give each a deep and sensual kiss, brushing them with my tongue. I bite them, but not hard enough to cause any mark or indentation. I continue peeling down your clothing and kissing and biting each of your abs as they come to light, all the way down past your belly button.

I look up at you again, teasing just the tip of my tongue out between my lips to poke inside your sexy button, in and out, in and out. I smother it with my lips whilst my tongue dances everywhere around it. My hands have now slid around to the middle of your back where they are stroking up and down your spine, my fingers are playing you like a flute, the soft sighs and moans you elicit are the sweetest music. My forceful tongue pushes harder into your belly button, you shudder and shriek at the surprising strength of the wet, fleshy muscle.

I roll your bunched-up clothing all the way down to your pelvis, but since your sumptuous body widens at the hips I can't move it down any further. I grab the damp roll of clothing around your waist and, still on my knees, shuffle towards the bed, pulling you behind me. I tighten my grip and swing you around onto the bed. You yelp, your legs kick up as your bottom lands heavily on the mattress springs before bouncing to a rest in a splayed open position. Your head has landed spot-on on the pillow, rolling from side to side while you pant in sexual heat. I'm pleased with my aim.

Together we push and pull your bundled tank top and bra down off your hips, they tear and stretch as we struggle them off your body and slide them off your legs. We throw the ruined clothing on the floor in contempt. You raise your arms, feeling free to stretch out on the bed and purr. A more relaxed, yet still highly sexual grin appears broadly on your face, as if you are over the tenseness of our initial encounter and are comfortably looking forward to all of the shortly forthcoming sexual pleasures.

The bed creaks with my added weight as I push myself up onto it and crawl on all fours on top of you, magnetically pulled towards your beckoning eyes and smile. We are both equals now, for the time being. Both of us topless. With my face directly over yours we simply smile at each other warmly, you touch my face and hair and rub my neck and shoulders. I lower myself down and kiss your forehead, you close your eyes. I give you the softest, daintiest kisses that I can everywhere on your face - your eyebrows, eyelids, nose, cheeks, chin, just above your upper lip, and then on your lips.

You try and kiss me back, you want this deep kiss so much, mouth to mouth,

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