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Leigh knew he would be coming to his deer stand any time now.

My mind raced as I tried to rationalise what I just saw. I locked the door and sat back on the bed, carefully removing the key from the ring. I didn't want to spend ages trying to find it next time. I picked up my phone from the bed, unlocking the screen to be confronted by Drew's 8 __ inches, my stomach turned at my own betrayal. I checked the time after deleting the image; 10:21 am. I returned to the kitchen and poured myself another glass of red wine. I tried to collect my thoughts as I grappled with the discovery of an in-use glory hole hiding in my closet. And not being used by any old penis, but by the Holy Grail of penises. The sort of man-meat you only saw in porn movies. The cock young women whispered about in groups. Or was I? Maybe I was wrong? It was dark in there after all. I knocked back my glass of wine and poured myself a yet another. I had to return for a better look.

It was all that, and more. I got closer this time, trying to get a better look at the offending appendage. If it wasn't a full foot in length, then it was close enough. the girth of this beast was even more impressive, as I estimated it at almost as thick as my wrist. I could make out a faint light coming from the hole around the shaft and could just make out the sound of someone breathing on the other side. I got closer still, now on my hands and knees as I approached, holding my breath in case he heard me. I could see the movement now, the slight inflation and deflation of his manhood. I crawled on, noticing the details of this magnificent member come into focus as my eyes adjusted to the reduced light.

Just then I shrieked, my hand hand just dropped straight down into a puddle of fresh cum. My heart almost stopped as I realised he now knew that I was there. I heard him grunt and another load shot out of his erect manhood, this time splashing onto my face and chest. I scrabbled back, trying to get out as quickly as I could, slipping and sliding in the mess. I could feel his warm jizz oozing down my face, the taste of him entering my mouth. I glanced back at my assailant as I left the cupboard, the thick cock still switching as his seed continued to leak out, all over the hardwood floor.

I ran to the bathroom to wash the hot cum from my face, pulling my soiled shirt off. I tossed it onto the bathroom floor and turned on the hot tap to wash the cum from my hands, I looked up and saw my reflection in the bathroom mirror. My face was covered in his cream. Thick globules dangled from my chin and jaw, my hair slick with it, my lips glistening with his glossy seed. I reached up with one hand, transfixed by my pornstar appearance, my fingers caressing my face and feeling the texture of the cum. My other hand already in my panties and my fingers gently massaging my clit. I gasped, head tilted forward as I part my legs enough to tease my pussy lips apart, I flick my clit, my other hand now inching across my face, my fingertips touching to my slick lips, my tongue tasting the first new man since I met Nick. I cried out as I came harder than I had in years, squirting onto the bathroom floor, my fingers still going as I tried to climax again and again My covered hand now on my breasts, massaging the strangers cum into my tits, pulling at my swollen nipples as I thought about that huge, throbbing dick in my cupboard. As I masturbated furiously, my fingers thrusting into my throbbing cunt, I heard my 'neighbour' moan. I could hear him orgasming as he listened to my slutty screams. I was deathly embarrassed as I realised that I forgot to shut the doors and he could hear everything, but I couldn't stop what I was doing. Instead I went harder and faster, screaming louder. I knew what I wanted, what I needed, but I couldn't admit it to myself. Not yet.

"I'm sorry, Nick.

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