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Murani is found by a Bull/Buffalo like man.

I adjusted the mirror just so, to get a good look at the action. I didn't know if they just didn't realize how easily I could see back there, or whether today was going to be a very lucky day. Already I was getting really excited, and I started to rub my cock through my pants, wishing I could do more. They were obviously playing some kind of game, because she then begged, "What do I have to do to convince you?" and slid her hands down her body. Flipping up her shirt, she began to rub her pussy through her panties. I could see her tiny matching black thong, and her lips soon became engorged and practically swallowed the fabric underwear, as her head rolled and she moaned loudly, begging the guy to take her.

The guy didn't need any more coaxing. He almost ripped his own shirt off, and crawled across to her, burying his lips on her neck when she got that. She started sighing and loudly as he placed small wet kisses all over his neck and throat, using one hand to hold her head, and the other to stroke one of her breasts, swirling and pinching her nipple through the fabric. Without breaking his kisses he slid that hand down and expertly popped the front clasp on her bra. As her breasts sprung out my cock did the same, straining for the same freedom she enjoyed. I only began to strain harder as spent minutes licking small circles around her nipples, before sucking her tit into his mouth hard, causing her to gasp. I could just imagine the electric bolts that must have been running down her body, with her pussy becoming soaking wet.

As she gasped she took moved her hands, which had been on his muscular upper back, pulling him into her, to the top of his head. She pushed him down her body as she slid slightly down herself, her legs opening up a bit more. He kissed his way down her belly, and when he pulled her panties down and leaned to toss them aside, I was rewarded with a view of her beautiful pussy. I was already going crazy with lust, and I almost died when I saw her neatly trimmed bush. I never understood why everyone thought women had to be hairless now, and I was dying to take the place of the guy, whose head was now kissing her thighs, moving in a tantalizingly slow progression to her pussy.

At this point, my erection was almost becoming painful, and I was dying to release it from confinement. When her head began to rock back, and she started to moan, I decided to take the chance. I unzipped my pants and slid the waistband of my boxers down over my 7" cock, and began stroking it almost immediately. It seemed like I felt an extra pulse every time I saw her moan. At one point I saw her eyes in the mirror, and my heart skipped a beat in terror, for she seemed to be looking straight at me. By my fear soon turned into ecstasy as she moaned, licked her lips, and winked at me! I couldn't believe what I had just seen for a moment, but right after breaking eye contact with me her head rolled back again and she groaned , "Ohhh, yes! Keep going, keep going!," as her legs almost put a vice grip on her man's head.

Left hand firmly on the steering wheel, and the cruise control on, I kept playing with my dick with long, slow strokes of my right hand, sometimes sliding my hands down to rub my balls, which I had also pulled out of my shorts.

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