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He works out with the bodybuilder next door.

Julie grabs my cock and pumps my shaft. I release several more spurts, covering her cheek and chin.

She releases her grip on my spent cock and crawls back to Denise. Julie straddles Denise once again and lowers her cum smeared face. Denise licks the spunk from Julie's cheek and chin before engaging in a heated kiss. They share my hot, sticky fluid as they mash their lips together. The scene before me is hot, better than any porn I've ever seen on the internet.

Julie moves up and dangles her D-cups above Denise. Denise uses both hands to grab her breasts and suckles on Julie's puffy nipples. Denise licks and bites the erect nubbins as they continue to play. My cock softens and I slide the cock ring off my shaft. I still feel a fullness in my ass from the butt plug. I want to get more involved, so I walk over to the ladies and plop down beside them.

I move my hand over Julie's ass cheeks and tap on her plug. I move my hand down and palm her wet vagina. I massage her outer lips with my fingers. Denise looks in my direction with a pleading look. I take the hint and move my hand down to her pussy. I rub her mons and slide my fingers back and forth along her inner labia. She is still dripping wet from her climax. I lick my fingers and taste her cream. Julie unwraps her body from Denise and we all take a breather. They sit up and we share a group hug.

Denise is the first to speak," Julie, your tongue is magical. I came so much and I'm still dripping. Do you want some more of my juices, Rob?"

I nod my head and run my fingers along her pink slit. I gather more of her lady nectar on my fingers and lick them clean. I dip my hand one more time and offer her juice to Julie. Julie grabs my wrist and stuffs my fingers in her mouth. She licks and sucks on my digits, savoring Denise's taste one more time.

Julie releases my fingers and states," I need something hard in my pussy right now. Rob, you look like you need a little more time to recuperate."

I suggest the green double-head dildo, so both ladies can enjoy something hard in their pussies. Denise and Julie agree at once. Their smiles are contagious. I grab the silicon dong from the toy box and spread some lube over both ends. I'm sure we don't need the lube because both gals are still dripping. But I add it to the mix anyway.

Denise and Julie sit up and rearrange themselves so they face one another with their legs intertwined. They reach around and draw together for a tight hug. Their breasts press together; hard nipples poking into soft skin. They press their lips together for a deep open mouth kiss. Their tongues search and probe. The sight of their huge tits smashed together is so erotic. My cock starts to inflate watching them. I roll the cock ring over my shaft again to help my seven inches harden up.

I position the green dildo between their open legs. As they continue to kiss, I reach over to Denise's pussy and run the tip of the dong up and down her slit. She is still very wet from Julie's tongue. I spread her outer lips and press the fake cock between her folds. I push it in three to four inches and then slide it out, slowly twisting my hand as I withdraw the dildo. It is slick with lube and Denise's cream. I push it in again with no resistance, until six inches fill her inner core. Denise spreads her legs more and sucks on Julie's tongue.
Next, I slide the opposite end into Julie's open cunt. Her ample wetness sucks the head right between her thighs. With my hand on the center of the green monster, I work six inches into Julie. As the dildo enters Julie, the opposite end slides out of Denise. With the sex toy firmly rooted in both ladies, I can move it back and forth between my lovers. The back and forth motion stimulates both ladies at the same time. I am stimulated too, as my hand rubs against both juicy cunts.

Denise and Julie massage each other's breasts.

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