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Rick teaches him the right way to please him.

Oh my god! My mom was standing naked, brushing her hair. My body felt like it was on fire and being shocked. My dick became unbearably hard. She was beautiful! She started to turn around, so I quickly continued down the hall. I wanted to wait until later before coming. I had hoped to get to fuck at least Sheila or Gloria or both, but I wasn't going to make it.

As I lay in bed stroking my hard cock I tried to remember Gloria's white face buried between Sheila's thick black legs, but all I could think of was my mom's naked body. I came and came hard. I thought I saw movement, but when I looked, there was nothing. But in my haste, I hadn't shut my door all the way either. I listened carefully, but didn't hear anyone. Would I find my mother outside my room if I jumped up and ran to the door? What would I do if I did? I closed my eyes for a second and then turned on some music. I needed a shower.

Four hours later I pulled up in front of Derrick's house. Gloria's car was already there. I rang the doorbell and waited.

"Come on in Drew," Gloria said as she grabbed my hand and pulled me in. She had answered the door in lingerie. I stared at her then back out the door to see if any of the neighbors had been standing where they could see her.

She must have read my mind. "Oh, who cares if anyone sees me? Don't you think they would like what they see?"

"Hell yes!" I growled.

She laughed and gave me a kiss. Not a regular mom kiss either. She licked and sucked on my tongue until I gasped for air. She moved her hand down and felt my cock through my pants. "My, my!" she said with wide eyes. "I think this may get very interesting. Come on." She led me back up to Sheila's bedroom.

When we got there, Sheila was on all fours with a hand between her legs rubbing her pussy. Her ass looked so good.

"Ok Jerry, the guest of honor is here and I think he brought us a big package to play with." Gloria called out.

I quickly looked around the room nervously. I wasn't so sure about this. "Jerry is here?" I asked when I didn't see him.

Sheila laid over on her side. "No," she laughed. "I am already taping and we talk to him as if is here when we do that. It gets him off." She turned to the camera on the dresser and smiled, "Doesn't it baby?"

Okay, I have to admit, this was all a bit much for me and I thought for a second about just turning around a walking out. I am not scared of having kinky sex, but it seemed like I was in over my head.

Gloria sensed my reluctance so she walked over to the bed and reached in between her friends legs. Looking at me she said in a low sexy voice, "Drew, come over and feel how wet this black bitch is."

Sheila looked at me and nodded as she spread her legs wider. I slowly waked over and reached down to hold my hand over her pussy. She had shaved it and the wetness glistened on her black skin. My reluctance was gone completely. I wanted to fuck her. I pulled off my shirt and then started to undo my pants when Sheila looked at Gloria.

"No, he is supposed to videotape us. Jerry doesn't want him to do anything but touch me with his hands."

"No, Drew, don't stop," Gloria begged. "I want to see your cock!" she started to help undo my pants and pull them down.

When my cock sprang free they both gasped and reached out to touch it. Sheila grasped the shaft while Gloria cupped my balls with her hand.

Gloria looked at her friend and then turned to the camera. "Looks like there has been a change of plans, Jerry. It looks like your wife wants that big white cock filling her black cunt."

Sheila pulled her hand back quickly like it just got burned. "No! I can't. This isn't what we planned. Jerry would not be okay with this."

Moving her hand to stroke my cock Gloria said, "But have you ever seen a more beautiful cock? He wants to fuck you." She turned to me almost pleading, "Don't you Drew?"

It was hard for me to speak so I just nodded.

"No. I can't." Sheila said again, not taking her eyes of my cock, but more quietly than before. "We are just supposed to do each other and Drew will tape us."

"Fuck that! I am

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