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Oh, I forgot to mention that Sara was the spouse of Robert with whom we played golf with. She treated all of her husband's friends with contempt. He was a very successful entrepreneur who was always looking for more opportunities. Knowing he was rich and successful, everyone believed Sara played, trapped and married him for those reasons. Outwardly to the uninformed, they were a happy couple but privately Robert told me that their sham marriage was much less than ideal. At home, they were in separate bedrooms; sexual contact was limited to sterile public kisses and no intimacy. If he were to divorce without cause, it would cost him millions.

"I wonder if I can sucker Gere into helping Robert in this lame new project." I read her thoughts.

"Bitch!" I thought to myself. Of course the guys had already talked with Robert about it. He told us it was actually Sara's venture that he was forced to support. He also confided it probably wasn't going to be successful so please don't invest in it. Sara would profit but others would probably lose.

We talked a bit more as I pretended not to know anything about the project. I asked questions I already knew the answers to as my infiltration of Sara's thoughts continued. "Hmmm. Gere isn't too bad looking. No wonder Amber always wants to jump his bone. From what she tells us, his cock is really nice and big."

"Amber, my wife talks to her friends about me and my cock?" I thought to myself. "Maybe I should..."

I started to manipulate her thoughts. I watched as I made her entire body feel as if she was relaxing in her hot tub at home. Her eyes closed. Her knees parted slightly; enough for me to see the pink panties she wore beneath. As I made her mind drift, I mentally started to play with her clit. Her breathing was hard and deep. As her nipples engorged, they poked through the thin material of her golf shirt. She bit her lips as her legs parted wider. A darker pink stain started to grow on her panties.

While I empathically felt what she was feeling, I was able to sit back in my chair and enjoy the show. My hard cock formed a big tent in my light material pants.

I was no longer influencing her mind as Sara arched back slightly. She pulled her skirt up and slipped her inside her panties. I watched as her fingers played with herself. She lifted her bum and pushed down her sopping panties to her knees. Her thighs spread wider; her hand spread her lips as she masturbated her hard clit. I felt she was about to climax. So was I and I didn't even have to jerk myself off. Sara lifted her bum from the chair and arched strongly upwards. She moaned. "Oh gawd! Oh gawd! Oh fuck!"

Hot juices streamed from her gaping hole as I creamed the inside of my underwear. A dark patch grew on my light coloured khakis.

I withdrew myself from Sara's thoughts. Kristina was looking in our direction to see what the noise was. Sara had collapsed back into the chair and was panting heavily. Suddenly her eyes popped open. She looked at her soaked hand covered in her pussy cum, then at me. The realisation of what she just did and where caused her to panic. She slammed her legs shut and stood up to run away but she forgot to pull up her panties which had fallen around her ankles. With her first step, her foot caught and she went tumbling forward landing in my lap.

She struggled to kick off her panties. I calmed her thoughts so she was able to step out of her wet panties then went to go change.

Still engaged in her mind, I found myself inside the women's change room. Tiffany (Allister's wife) was standing in front of her locker, naked. I felt the sudden surge of excitement in Sara's mind. She looked around before cradling the back of Tiffany's neck and pulled her in for a long passionate kiss.

Tiffany, according to Allister, was bisexual but was not involved with any of our significant others.

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