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I kissed him to reassure him, and arouse us both after the safe sex talk.

'You're going to need to open me up. You must have seen that in the films.' He nodded, still a bit embarrassed. I grabbed my bottle of lube from my bedside table. 'You'll need this. Start with one finger, I'll let you know when to add more, okay?'

He still looked embarrassed and nervous. I kissed him hard to try and get that out of his system. 'It's going to be amazing. You're going to be amazing. And trust me, once you hear the sounds I make when you finger me, and I beg you to fuck me with your huge dick, you'll forget any nerves you have right now.'

My words were turning me on even more, and this time seemed to be working for him too because his eyes showed his lust and stopped showing fear. He even smiled at me, and then suddenly he was back to the confident Steve I'd been getting used to since last night.

'Roll onto your stomach and spread your legs.' he practically growled at me. It was enough to make me moan, and I moved fast to assume the position. I had the funny feeling that line had come from some porn film he'd seen, but I didn't care.

I told him to use his fingers, so the last thing I expected was to feel his warm breath against my crack. I tensed for a moment and felt him pull my cheeks slightly apart. When his tongue licked over me I practically jumped off the bed and I cried out in pleasure. I guess he'd liked what I'd done in the shower and wanted to see what it felt like to give. I moaned and cried out as he kept at it, and when his tongue slipped slightly inside me after a couple of minutes it was almost too much. I started begging him, a lot earlier than I thought I would.

'Please Steve, put your finger in me. I need more.' I felt the cool lube and my prayer was answered a moment later with a welcome intrusion. It still wasn't enough though, and I started humping back against his hand asking for another. When that came I did have a moment of discomfort, but it was only a few seconds before I was groaning my pleasure again. I hoped our neighbours were out at work, because otherwise they were going to get a lot of audio before the day was out.

Steve really had been paying attention to those movies, because he was scissoring his fingers and expanding my opening, and he didn't wait for me to ask him for three fingers, seemingly judging it by my reaction to his explorations. I screamed and shuddered with the pleasure when he found my prostate, and he started to circle and press against it softly. My hips humped at the mattress as he kept finger fucking me, and I knew I was going to come before he ever got his cock near me. One more entrance from him, pressing against that spot when his fingers got inside, and I know I called his name as I covered the sheets beneath me.

I lay dazed and confused afterwards, and didn't resist when he turned me over. I dimly heard him speaking to me, but I didn't understand the words. What was he doing to me? I felt kisses, and responded, now aware he was lying on top of me. He moved to nibble an earlobe and then whispered in my ear. 'Are you ready?'

I just moaned. I'm not sure if it was a response to feeling his breath on my ear and neck or me agreeing to what he was about to do, but I felt his cock press against me. My body reacted even if my brain couldn't, and I pressed back, feeling his head slide inside. That focussed my attention and my eyes went wide. He was big. Not that he hadn't got me ready, but until I'd tried to get it inside me, I hadn't realised how much he was going to fill me, or how good it was going to feel. I don't think he moved, I slid myself down and raised my hips until he was seated in me fully, and when I realised I had all of him I couldn't help the wanton moan I let out. I closed my eyes and panted a little, trying to get used to the feeling before we moved.

When I opened my eyes Steve was supporting himself above me.

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