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Harlina gets a solid fuck on the couch.

rying to say?"

The girl sat up, her hair cascaded over her 36D tits. Her left leg was bent at the knee and Atlanta noticed her mound was smoothly shaven.

"I think, she wants you to join us."

Marina made a V with her two fingers and poked her tongue in and out.

"She, she wants to lick my pussy!"

"Fucking A, er, I mean really? Wow." Troy played down his enthusiasm, but his cock ached real bad.

Atlanta was at first appalled, but she had been aroused by the two in their act and paused to think. She looked into Troy's dreamy eyes and decided whatever and raised her right arm up and unzipped her uniform top and pulled it over her head. Then she shrugged out of the trousers and rolled them past her toned legs and off.

She stood there tall in her skimpy red bra and panties and looked very desirable, and padded to the bed.

Her right hand went behind her and unhooked the bra and let the straps fall then turned her attention to Marina who cupped her firm breasts in her hands and rubbed the hard nipples that stood out like two bullets. The silent girl pushed the American by the stomach onto her back, then lifted her supple legs and removed the underwear. Then Marina slid a leg up and brushed Atlanta's shaven pussy lips with her soft skin. She sucked in air as the olive skinned girl slipped a digit into her already damp cunt and made circles inside her tight walls.

Atlanta had never felt like this before and the sensation was amazing, the girl knew exactly what she was doing.

"Troy, she's doing things to me, I'm dripping."

Atlanta Shore stuffed her left hand in her mouth and whimpered softly as Marina flicked at her erect clitoris with incredible motions, first with light touches, then hard stabs. Troy wanked his throbbing cock, he'd never seen girl on girl action and was enthralled at the sight. Atlanta spread her long legs out wide and up and and thrust her head back into the pillow with her eyes tight shut. A scream escaped her lips as she came with a violent shudder and Marina raised her face grinning, her chin awash with the other womans juices.

"I...have...never...cum...like...that...ever." She whispered in a breathy voice. Atlanta held her arms out and embraced the mute girl, their big tits crushing against each other.

Now Troy Tempest could take no more. True, he had fucked his fianc__ many times before but Marina intrigued him, not to mention how her velvet pussy felt around his prick. He was desperate to continue his passionate fuck with her and climbed on the bed to join the two naked stunners.

"Alright girls, stand by for action. Anything can happen in the next half hour."

He laid on his back and stroked his erection and the two long limbed brunettes crept up the bed to him. Atlanta got her hands in his stiff cock first and fondled it between her slender fingers. She turned to Marina.

"Have you sucked it yet?" The mute girl nodded and gave a kiss shape with her mouth that meant she had enjoyed it.

"Show her the thing."

"Oh, the thing?" Atlanta motioned for the girl to watch as she poked out her tongue and gave the swollen head little flick, flick, flicks all around it just below the crown. It took her ten licks to complete a circle and it drove the stud crazy.

"Think you can do that?"

She handed her Troy's prick and the big titted brunette swept her long hair from her face and licked his tip and left a trail of spit that dripped down his stalk in a slow line till it reached her hand. He held out his hand and felt her soft tresses while his fianc__ kissed him. In her eagerness Marina sank her mouth down on his whole length and he groaned loudly in Atlanta's mouth. The young girl bobbed on him and he felt the back of her throat nudge him.

He needed to fuck someone and he chose Atlanta.

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