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Apprehended, End of Book 1.

"My permanent camp is about two miles to the southeast. We can go there until I've rested up. Then I've got a truck hidden and we can drive that wherever we need to go."

"OK, let's take what we need and let Linda get rid of the rest." We packed up his backpack and the cooler. He looked at his rifle and the pistol I had picked up from where it had been dropped the night before. "I'm sorry, we really should let her take that and the pistol. They will be safe. Linda, put his stuff in my room when you get back."

"As you wish, Snow. You guys get going, I will take care of this." With that I helped Doug to his feet and then I put on his backpack and grabbed the small cooler. He slowly moved off, I could tell he was stiff and he was still pale from the blood loss. We could only walk for ten minutes before he needed to stop. I helped him sit on a fallen log then opened up the cooler. There was some hot chocolate in there, I opened it and handed it to him.

"Baby, you need to eat and drink to get your energy back. Your body is repairing itself faster because the wolf gene is now in you. You will find you need a lot more food as you make the change." He nodded as I dug through the backpack, producing a Carnation Breakfast Bar. "I want you to eat and drink something at least every hour." I polished off a bar and some granola along with a bottle of water while he slowly ate. I could tell his throat hurt when he swallowed, but he was getting the food down. Ten minutes later we were walking through the woods again.

It took us over an hour to make it to the cave, the entrance was well hidden by a fallen pine and some brush. The walk had taken all the energy out of him, in fact the last twenty minutes he had to keep his arm around my shoulder to keep his balance. I turned on the flashlight and looked around, the cave was about ten feet across and four feet in height. Cozy. He had a large mattress on the back wall, a metal box for foods to the right, and a container with clothes on the left. In the middle was a kerosene space heater and a camping stove. The cave entrance could be covered with a heavy waterproof canvas drape. I helped him over to the bed, stripped him down and tucked him in. He was out before he was covered up.

I found the matches and got the small heater fired up. It didn't take long to take the chill off the space, not that it would matter under the thick blankets and sleeping bags. I stripped naked and slid in next to Doug, being careful not to touch his neck as I curled around him. After all these months, it felt so good to be snuggling him I fell deeply asleep within minutes.

I woke up in the middle of the night when Doug's hand grasped my right wrist. Apparently he woke up as I was stroking his proud cock. His hardon proved his loss of blood wasn't too severe, right? I looked at Doug's eyes in the dim light of the space heater, I could see his desire sparkling in them as he tried to say something. "Hush," I said as I brushed my lips to his. I flipped the covers back until he was uncovered in all his glory, all firm muscles, tanned skin and sex. I could smell his pre-cum on my fingers as I gently moved it across his head. Grinning, I moved down and placed my head on his stomach.

I reached my tongue out and gently licked the sticky mess off the tip of his cock.

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