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The pleasure swing.

You released Your grip on my ass and said, "Stand up, girl, and face me."

i shook as i stood and turned toward You again, dropping my gaze to the floor. You brushed my hair out of my face and tucked it behind my ear, saying softly

"Look at me so I can see Your face."

i beamed, excited to finally get a good look at You, and turned my face up to You. You smiled in return, sending a warm feeling through my entire body.

"You're beautiful, pet. I'm pleased that you dressed as I told you to" You said.

my smile widened and i replied, "Thank You, Sir! i'm so glad You approve of me."

"Now get dressed and go back to the table and finish your coffee while you wait for Me" You told me.

i scrambled to get dressed, slipping back into my skirt, putting on my bra, and pulling my shirt on, before hurrying out of the bathroom and returning to the table.

A few minutes later You joined me but didn't sit down.

"W/we're leaving, girl" You said.

i stood and Your hand immediately found its way to the small of my back, subtly but firmly pushing me toward the door. You guided me to Your car and opened the door for me, allowing me to take a seat before shutting the door behind me and getting in on the other side.

You started the car and drove U/us to Your house, opening the door for me again when we arrived. You grabbed me gently by the wrist and led me inside, through the house, and into Your bedroom.

"Strip, pet" You commanded.

i shivered, eager to find out what was in store for me, and slid my skirt down my smooth legs. i hurried to remove my shirt and tossed it aside before unclasping my bra and letting it, too, fall to the floor.

i stood before You again fully exposed to You. You pushed me down onto the bed and told me,

"Lie on your stomach and raise that ass high in the air, girl" watching intently as i did as You said.

i stretched out on Your bed, kneeling with my legs widely spread, raising my ass high as i buried my face into a pillow, trying to hide the wide grin that was slowly spreading across my face. i felt You sit on the bed beside me, Your hand sliding up the back of one thigh to my ass, rubbing it gently. Your fingertips brushing over my flesh, stroking slowly up and down between my cheeks.

As You stroked lower, Your fingertip brushed over my dripping hole and You asked me, "Why are you so wet, slut?"

i shivered, mumbling into the pillow, "Because i've ached for You all day, Sir" as i slowly rocked my hips, pressing back against Your hand.

You lifted Your hand, bringing it down hard on one exposed cheek, leaving an angry red hand print on my pale flesh, then wiping off the cunt-slime from Your fingers.

You laugh quietly, saying, "you ARE a little slut, aren't You!" quickly shoving one of Your fingers into my ass.

my back arched deeply as i cried out in pain then began to roll my hips, moaning softly as the heat in my cunt rose. You began to stroke Your fingers in and out of my ass, stretching me a little before forcing a second finger deep into my ass with the first. You pumped Your fingers harder and faster, sending shivers of pleasure and pain racing up my spine. my entire body began to quiver, overwhelmed. You jammed Your fingers into my ass one last time then slowly withdrew them.

You leaned back and undid Your pants, pulling them down and stepping out of them, then pulling Your cock out and saying, "Come wrap Your lips around this, slut."

i got up on my hands and knees and crawled closer to You, leaning down and wrapping my tiny hand around Your cock, squeezing gently. my lips brushed softly over the head, placing a soft kiss there, then i flicked my tongue slowly out, dragging it down the length of Your cock and back up again.

i wrapped my full lips tightly around the head, slowly taking it into my mouth, breathing deeply before taking the last inch, filling my throat with Your cock. i moaned contentedly as I began to bob my head, my mouth moving up and down Your shaft, Your hand in my hair guiding me.

i wrapped my lips tighter ar

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