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She meets with you after a great day.

Another older man was by her head, naked as were they all, slowly stroking his horse like member, waiting for his turn on my wife's cocksucking mouth. The fucking slut! I couldn't believe my eyes.

I knew I should march in, indignant, demand to know what was going on. Order them all from my house, including my wife. But I didn't. Instead I stood there, cuckold that I now am, unzipped my fly, and with difficulty extracted my quickly hardening dick. I slowly began stroking it to a complete erection. I watched as my brother's body arched back slightly, obviously delivering his load of cum into my wife's very willing mouth. When she finally finished sucking and licking his meat she turned to the older man, All the time the teen just kept fucking her, watching the older men. The old guy quickly pushed his enormous cock into her mouth. She was moaning as she sucked. I didn't know she desired such a big cock, or so much of it. It wasn't long before he too delivered his warm load into her mouth. I wished it was my mouth. Finally I saw the young guy spear her hungry cunt with a final lunge of his hot teen cock. They finally collapsed onto the bed. I spewed my load of cum all over the wall. Luckily it is painted white. I quickly, quietly, cleaned up the mess with my handkerchief, and made my way silently back down the stairs. Then I opened and closed the door, calling out that I was home. I imagined the panic upstairs. Too good.

I came back to reality. This sexy hunk was moving his hands toward my crotch again. I felt his hand lightly touch my balls once more. I was sure I was going to cum.

"Roll over", he smiled.

This is going to be a problem. A little towel, and enormous hard on. What am I going to do? I try pushing my body over, holding the towel at the same time. The towel slips down onto the floor. I am lying there, hard on exposed, reaching for the towel and feeling embarrassed and foolish.

"Don't worry", I here him laugh. "It happens all the time."

I bet it does. I climb back onto the table, lying on my back. My hard cock lies, pointing upward, on my stomach. He tells me to push my knees up, legs apart. I do so and immediately feel his strong hands sliding up my thighs toward my ass. Suddenly I realise he has injected a finger into my hole. His lubed digit is slowly sliding in and out of my ass. My cock gets even harder. I'm sure I am about to cum. Fuck, it feels so good! He must hear my breathing, getting heavier as I enjoy his penetration.

"Good", he asks?

"Mmmm", is the only reply I can make.

I see him standing by my face. His towel drops to the floor, his great, thick erection springing forward only inches from my mouth. I have never sucked a cock before. My mouth opens slightly, I run my tongue over my lips without even thinking. I want it so bad. So fucking bad. In my mouth, in my ass, anywhere!

He moves from my ass to my cock. I feel his strong hand begin to massage my dick, his

other hand carressing my very full balls. His dick is still in my face. I know what is expected of me, and I am only to willing to do it. I lean over on my elbow, opening my mouth. He moves back, teasing me?!

"Get up," he commands quietly. "Better on your knees," he adds.

Obviously a man of experience. I do as I am told. Springing from the table I am on my

knees in front of his lovely strong body, my hand on his prick. I put my mouth to the head, lick his cock hole hoping already for some pre cum. Not yet. I can wait. Slowly I push the head into my mouth. Mmmm. This is as good as I had hoped. So fucking good! I slide my mouth further down his penis, just like I have watched my wife do to me so many times. And now like I have watched the slut do to others!

I slide the member back out of my mouth, my hand still gripped around the shaft.

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