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He shows neighbor what to do in a rainstorm.

As the last two buttons were undone, the dress opened the rest of the way. The falsies were clearly visible even under the slip. Yet Connie and Karen still didn't catch on. They were confused.

"What is going on here?" asked Connie.

Jean ended the suspense. "Bobbie is Bob, Connie."

"Holy Cow, if John had seen her, I mean him, he'd want to jump her, I mean him. How did you do it?"

"Wow," was all Karen could say. No one acted embarrassed except Bobbie/Bob.

Jean told him to take the dress off and the crinolines. He obeyed, his cock throbbing for release.

Gloria added, "Wouldn't he be more comfortable without the bra?"

Jean agreed and reached over and unhooked him, letting it snap.

"Now you know how it feels when you guys do that," she added. "Honey, reach under your slip and take off your panties. I want you to feel the slip against your free cock for a while."

He obeyed.

Every one of the other girls licked their lips in anticipation.

"Well, girls, what do you say? Should Bob or Bobbie give us a show?"

A unanimous "Yes" answered.

"Tonight for your viewing pleasure, Bob is going to show us how guys masturbate. But not just masturbate. He will show us how he does it as he watches a certain porn star. Her name is Wifey and he loves to stroke himself while he watches her suck a dick. He likes to do this with a slip, so that is why he brought two tonight."

Although a dull recognition came through is fogged brain, he was powerless to resist what she was about to have him do. He only barely reacted to her revelation.

She moved him to the center of the room and the girls gathered round in front of him to get a good view. He sat cross-legged on the floor and his erect cock "tented" the slip for all to see. His hands were roaming all over his nylon-clad body. He was lost in the feel of the silky fabric encasing him. A wet spot began to appear at the apex of the tent. Jean knew that she could not prolong this as much as she wished.

"Take off both slips, sweetie. I want you naked before my friends."

He pulled the full slip over his head and squirmed out of the half-slip. He tried to cover himself with them. It did little good.

Jean took the full slip from him and draped it over his shoulders like a shawl. She knelt down next to him and arranged the half-slip in his lap then placed his had on his nylon covered cock. With one hand she guided his hand up and down on his shaft. With the other she massaged his neck and shoulders with the full slip.

She leaned over and kissed his ear. "Good, let them see you do it. Share your fetish with my friends. Tell us how that nylon feels on your cock. Is it as good as my pussy? No? Are you sure?"

She pulled the slip back. A large glob of precum was just oozing out between the lips of his cock. She collected it on her fingers and brought it to his lips. He opened his mouth and she put the precum on his tongue.

"I know you like to do this and watch Wifey get a facial, but Wifey isn't here tonight."

He was getting very close to orgasm. His breathing was now coming in short gasps. He began to spasm as a week of prevented orgasms sought release.

Still working the slip on his shoulders, she worked to the nape of his neck.

"Since she can't be here, why don't you show us how she takes it? She takes it in the face, doesn't she?"

The other women in the room gasped, as they watched her press down on the nape of his neck, forcing him to just inches of a volcano ready to erupt.

"No" was all he could say before it happened. But there was no meaning in the word. Something inside him was liking this.

It was so quiet they all heard the soft splat as the first load of cum gained its freedom and flew. It flew straight into Bob's face. He tried to move but she had the leverage. Three then four eruptions of cum before the last just sort of hopped out of its prison to his chest.

"Good Boy! Yes you showed us how Wifey likes facials. But there is more, isn't there? This next thing is what really gets you off doesn't it."

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