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Sucked into heaven.

I am your husband Darius. Lord Darius Montague. You will never escape me again, my beauty, ever.". He then smiled menacingly.

"I am ...what?" This cannot be happening, why does he think I am his wife? I am not married, nor do I ever remember being married I have had dreams where I am trapped between worlds, and a deep sense of nostalgia...but this?....."

Deep in her thoughts, Monique never realized that Darius read her thoughts. "Aye Monique, you are mine. Do you remember at the theatre this evening? I tasted your sweet nectar.....the nectar that belongs to me". As he said this, Darius's big hand dipped to cup Monique's tiny pussy, still glistening wet from the bath.

Snapping out of her shock, Monique's shimmering hazel eyes snap with fire, as anger overtakes her fear. Tears of anger leak down her cheeks as hand connects with Darius's handsome face. Smack!!

His shock turns to anger as he growls deep within his massive chest, gripping both her small hands within one of his. His face leans down to capture her succulent lips in a punishing and brutal kiss. Anger and lust combine to create this electrical current between the two alpha souls. Darius takes easy strides with his long muscular legs, to take her to the bedroom. As they neared the bed, Monique lashes out to try and escape his hold. Her hand connecting with his shoulder instead, her sharp nails cutting him slightly. Instead of making him angry, this mark fuels his furious hunger for her. As he reaches the side of her massive bed, Darius sets his wife upon the wide headboard. Placing her hands upon the wall, Darius commands invisible restraints to hold Monique's hands still. Her dark auburn hair dripping wet from the bath still, her golden body slick with the water, her eyes snap fire at him. Her fear no longer present, having been replaced by hot anger at his intrusion upon her life.

" Your life is no longer just your own, you are mine, as I am yours. I need to feed upon your sweet little pussy as if it were my dying breath. Ever since that night 300 years ago, when we first met. I took your virginity my long hard piercing tongue, tasting your blood and sweet nectar all at once. Strengthening my spirit with your purity. I need you now as I needed you long ago". With those words, he bend his head, part her soft thighs with his massvie hands, impaled her tiny pussy with his long hard tongue, reaching her womb. Monique's head bends back..as her body arching involuntarily into his powerful mouth. His lips parting her sweet little pink petals, as he devours her with hunger and ferocity. Darius circled her engorged clit with the tip of his long tongue, gathering all the cream around her glistening slit. Darius' massive hands grip her hips hard, pulling her body to his hungry mouth, as lips sucks hard on her little clit..he then nips her little creamy bud, causing it to bleed. Crying out with pain in the throes of passion, Darius suckles upon her bleeding clit, devouring her mixed juices of blood and sweet nectar. Darting his tongue gently over her little clit, he slowly heals the cut he made on her little clit. Healing her instintantly, knowing he hand to brand her with their mixed blood, otherwise she would be lost to him forever this time. Raising her hips in extacy, Monique throws back her body as a tightening overtakes her body, orgasming into his mouth, torrents of her sweet cum filling his eager and hungry mouth. Moaning into her little pussy, causing her little clit to vibrate, bringing forth another huge orgasm, this time causing little stars behind her eyes to blind her.

Placing a massive hand on her smooth stomach, he reassures her that he does not intend to harm her, only to ravish her.

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