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Mark and Kendall interact with the other step-siblings.


At first she found it slightly unsettling that as they walked together he seemed to like to keep a possessive hand at the small of her back, but as she inhaled his heady scent, she soon realized that she enjoyed having him close and also knew she might as well get used to it, if their working relationship was eventually going to include intimacy.

Wandering from room to room, she was also relieved to see that the house was brighter and more beautiful, and far more up to date than it appeared from the outside. And as they walked through the gleaming white kitchen into the long, stately well-appointed dining room, Nicholas explained to her how his great-great grandfather, a Scottish Laird, had come over from the old country and built the house in the 1880's when he'd made a killing in transportation and the oil sector, and how through the generations the company had diversified to the point that he, the last remaining Steele, now had business interests in nearly every corner of the world.

She nodded as he spoke. Seemed he'd come from some pretty impressive lineage, and by the sounds of it, running a major company like this, was no slouch himself.

Then once they got to the second floor, he led her off to the right of the grand staircase to what he told her was his own personal wing of the house. Pausing at one particular closed door, he looked back at her and with a curious grin, said ominously, "And inside this door is my true domain, but I'm afraid you'll have to wait to see that until you're ready."

Unsure what to make of that, she wondered exactly what she'd have to be ready for, but she still just let him lead her along until they reached what he referred to as his bedchamber, which was a series of large high-ceilinged airy rooms including an enormous ensuite bathroom. And his bedroom alone was massive, as was his bed, standing in the middle of the room, draped in heavy raw silk burgundy canopy and drapes. Although the room was on the dark side, all done in muted burgundy's and browns, she thought it was absolutely stunning, so rich and utterly masculine. Then as she glanced around, she became aware of his hand sliding lower, until he was firmly cupping her backside, and whispering in her ear, "And now if you wouldn't mind undressing, I would very much like to see you out of your clothes and spread across my bed."

Her eyes flaring open wide, she thought her heart would stop the moment he said it. Although she'd agreed to be with him, she had no idea it would start so soon, especially in the middle of them still touring the house. Believing he'd want to slowly work his way up to this point, giving her time to get used to the idea, apparently she was wrong, and he just wanted to get to it. Swallowing hard, knowing she had no choice but to comply, she nervously asked, "Uh, where would like me to change?"

Grinning at her, he said, "Just where you are, works fine. But please take your time. I enjoy a leisurely reveal, every bit as much as the actual unveiling."

Not sure what she was meant to be doing, if he was hoping for a strip-tease or something, she reached back and unzipped herself and slowly began to peel out of her form-fitting navy linen dress. And as she watched his eyes begin to flare as she first bared the fullness of her breasts encased in just a white lacy push-up bra, before pushing the dress down over her hips, her flat little tummy and finally her sex, barely concealed by a sheer white lace trimmed thong, she could actually see his chest beginning to heave and his nostrils flaring. About to kick off her sexy black patent leather heels, he held up his hand, his jaw rigidly tight as he told her, "No, leave those on. I'll take care of the rest."

And as he approached her, doffing his jacket and impatiently yanking off his tie, his eyes rapidly transforming from silver-blue to a highly aroused smoky gray, she wondered if

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