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A late night at work brings some unwanted attention.

Her hair was now the same length really but no longer 'big', it just hung down beside her exquisitely made-up face. As she sat and picked up her gin-and-tonic she took a small sip.

"I'm glad you stayed, Ben. I thought you might leave. Most men are rather shy about being seen in public with a woman like me."

"Oh, no Erica. It's just that - when you said you were going to get changed, I thought you meant..."

I left it like that. Just couldn't finish the sentence. I really was in awe of the total sex-pot I was sitting with. Whatever gender, I was still amazed that anyone could so totally personify the word 'sex'.

"Oh, I see. Well, even if I'm not in a shirt and a suit, do you approve?"

She leaned back to show off her figure, and crossed her legs to flash her thighs once more, this time right in front of me.

"Erica, I mean it, you look totally gorgeous. Really ..."

And this sentence I wasn't allowed to finish. Erica leaned over and kissed me! On the cheek, admittedly, but there it was. And she shuffled closer, looking coquettishly though those gorgeous long eyelashes.

"Thanks so much, Ben, just sometimes it's nice to be a woman instead of a drag queen."

And she took my hand and placed it on her thigh!

"I'm sorry, Ben, I'm such a flirt, do you mind?"

This really was fantastic - Erica was steadily and oh-so-erotically sliding my hand, very slowly, along her nylon-covered leg.

"Wow, Erica, oooH my God, ooooooH!!!"

She had just moved her own hand a little, mine was still there moving up and down her thigh almost of its own accord. And hers was - edging up my own thigh, she'd met the evidence, the proof that she was having a very arousing effect on me.

"Oh Ben, I'm so glad..."

And she kissed me again, this time on my left ear, yet again lingering. I could smell her perfume - which made my arousal even more evident. I opened my eyes, and looked past Erica's gorgeous long dark hair. I could see the man behind the bar and a couple of other customers. They were all looking over towards us, grinning lecherously. OK, so they probably all knew, but I guarantee any one of them would willingly have swapped places with me at that moment.

Then, just one iota of common sense began to make its presence felt in my mind.

"Erica, please, I have to ... tomorrow ... I mean ..."

It really was pathetic in a way, I SO wanted to go on but I really hadn't much idea exactly where this was all leading. She sat back, moving away a little. I was disappointed. I know I'd asked for it, to be released in some way from the spell she was casting over me. But I was still disappointed.

"I'm sorry, Ben. I was maybe going too fast, you're just a nice guy, I shouldn't have..."

This time it was her turn to leave the sentence unfinished.

"Don't be sorry, Erica, I mean, you do really look totally fantastic, in any other circumstances things may have been different."

What the hell was I saying. Here I was, in a bar in a strange hotel in a strange town, apologising to a man dressed as a woman for not wanting him. Or rather her. But I did want her. HER!

Suddenly the thought of the interview the next day, and the job, and what Carol might say to me when I got back the next day, and what my mates at work might say, they didn't matter. Suddenly, and so very much to my own surprise, I did know what I wanted. I reached out to take Erica's hand.

"Please, Erica, I just need to clear my head."

And we walked proudly, me with my head held high, past the bar and the awe-struck barman and his friends, past the big burly guys just coming out of the function room, out through the lobby to the small garden area by the car park at the front of the hotel. As I turned towards her I could see, out of the corner of my eye, several of those guys looking through the glass door and through the windows. I didn't care. I turned to the woman I was with. I pulled her close and gently pressed my lips to hers.

I felt her initial reluctance, I hoped I hadn't misjudged things.

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