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Ben rescues the girl and gets his reward.

"What do you want from me!?!" she begged. She was even weaker now, unable to put up much of a fight even with her legs momentarily free.

"It's simple, Alexa." Jaren said, beginning to once again caress her breasts. She groaned. "What do you see?"

"You're fucking crazy!" she yelled at her captor, spewing a long line of curses and insults at him. "You fucking bastard! Let me go!"

Jaren backhanded her across the face, cutting off her tirade. It then stepped back out of her line of sight. Something wet began to trail its way up her leg to her inner thighs, little kisses soon replacing the tongue, getting closer and closer to her center. She tried to close her legs, but two pairs of hands forced her back open and chained her knees to the sides of the table, keeping her widely splayed as the lips found their way to her core.

"Ah!" she yelped as the tongue came back into play, flicking back and forth across her exposed clit. Her hips began to move with the tongue, unconsciously begging for it. A pair of hands begins to caress her hips and thighs, making her jump. This newcomer seemed to have soft, pliant spikes embedded in their palm. Giving her wet pussy a quick kiss, the new assailant slowly removes the four clamps on her swollen lips. Alexa moans as the pain brought on by the blood rushing to her labia is soothed by the oh-so-enthusiastic tongue.

"Please! Stop! I can't...!" Alexa pleads, getting closer and closer to release.

"Mmmm, you can't what?" came a woman's voice from between her legs. "I couldn't quite hear you. I'm a little busy at the moment. Maybe you can tell me what you can't do when I'm done, kay pumpkin?"

With that, Elmoira began to eat again with gusto, her tongue working a decadent magic on Alexa's sensitive pussy. Her hands began to trail up Alexa's body, slowly, the sharp bards digging into her soft skin, across her stomach, to her heaving breasts. She jerked awkwardly, halfheartedly trying to get away. Her restraints showed no sign of giving in anytime soon and she was quickly wearing herself out, leaving only the dull throb of fatigue and pleasure that she desperately wanted to get away from.

Alexa shook her head back and forth, getting closer and closer to her inevitable release, unwilling to give in to her captor's touch, but unable to do anything about it. The room was silent save for the lapping and sucking sounds Elmoira made between her thighs. As she reached the edge, a large ball gag was shoved into her mouth, her screams muffled as she flew into a fit of orgasmic convulsions, unable to stop, unable to think, the soft lips and tongue caressing her through her orgasm, prolonging it until she collapsed in a pool of her sweat and juices. Twinkling stars floated lazily before her eyes, she only vaguely aware of Elmoira still kissing and nuzzling her sensitive pussy. The last thing she remembered before you succumbed to the sweet bliss of sleep was a deep chuckling that seemed to envelope her entire being.

The ball gag Jaren had developed was an interesting piece of work. For all intents and purposes, it was a normal gag, if slightly more porous. He had soaked it in a mild methamphetamine. Nothing so bad as to transform her into some kind of fiend. No, that would take away a very important part of the game. Instead, she would eventually associate the high she got from the gag's cocktail to the various sensations she would soon be receiving.

Once Alexa had passed out, Jaren ordered Eddie and Victor to undo her bonds and turn her over, face to the table, ass high in the air, arms bound up to the elbows and to the table allowing her to lean on them.

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