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A field filled with naked women. A song stuck in your head.

Those, thin, long sexy legs leaned against the door.

"Oh, shit sorry Sis. Your friends are really sexy and well I couldn't help stroke my cock to them. " Gently rubbing my balls as my cock is still exposed and hard. The figure in the door shakes their head side to side and then shakes a finger at me saying no.

"No what Sis? Do you know how much this cock gets sucked at college? I just need to cum real quick so I can sleep." I say trying to sound manly and mature. To my surprise she runs and hand to her breast and starts to pinch her nipple, then another hand to the other nipple. Twisting and pinching before I hear some soft gentle moans of pleasure. Slowly starting to stroke my cock again up and down I watch as, who I think is my Sister, starts to run a hand down her belly and then to her panties.

"Cindy, just what are you doing? You must be fucking with me right?" But she ignores me and starts to rub her panties about where her clit would be. I just keep stroking and gasp.

"OK, you dirty girl. Just what are you doing? I'm your brother and you can't be so slutty in front of me." Having learned from girls at school that calling them slutty and bossy gets them really tuned on, I use this tactic on the figure in the doorway.

Standing up now, I let my cock hang free as it starts to ooze some precum down to the floor. Figuring it would scare her away, I step towards her and say boo. But I am shocked to find she doesn't run away, but groans again and begins to turn around and then bend over. Slowly lowering her hands down her legs I see her plump ass arch at me.

Her plump and juicy ass bounces back and forth, teasing me from just 5ft away. I see her smooth legs and then notice she is wearing knee high socks. Unable to resist I take a few steps forward and stroke my cock faster.

"Cindy you better stop that or I might cum. When did my sweet little sister get so sexy?" I asked. She had never had a boyfriend and was a virgin last that I knew of. Did she get her cherry popped and learn how to be this sexy in just the last 5 months? I thought to myself.

Stepping closer only seemed to turn her on more as she began to rub her clit faster. Standing in the doorway where anyone could walk out and see her. Stroking my cock as I let my other hand caress her ass cheek. Squeezing a few times I could feel it was firm but soft. Taking one more step to her we both groaned as my cock no rested on the small of her back and my balls draped down her pantie covered ass crack.

Running my hand from her ass and up her side I made a bold move and went for a grab of her young breast. My cock oozing precum onto her back and panties. She suddenly grabs my hand and stops me, with a much firmer grip than I expected.

"Oh Cindy, now you get shy? Be a good girl and let me feel how hard your nipples are for me." I leaned over to try and see her face but she kept it hidden. Then I realized her ponytail was much shorter than it should be.

"What the hell." I say as I grasp the blond ponytail in front of me and turn her head so I can see her face.

"Dad!" I gasp. Stepping back in shock. Letting my cock go as I stumble back and fall into my chair. Staring at the tight body in front of me realizing it was not my sister, it was my Dad! He turns around and falls to his knees. Pleading me to be quiet as to not wake Mom and Cindy.

"Please, John. Keep Quiet and let me explain." He says as I realize he is even wearing lipstick and maybe some makeup. I can't deny that he looks very sexy and even has something in his shirt as his breasts look bouncy and plump. Crawling over to me slowly and shaking his sexy ass he looks me directly in the eyes. Is it my need to cum tonight or is my father dressed up in Cindy's clothes really turning me on?

"Son, I have a deep dark secret and can't hide it anymore.

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