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Going out with a bang.

It was raining softly but steadily outside, I was under the car port. There was a knock on the window. It was the doctor. I rolled the window down slightly.

"Please come in Jay if just to use the restroom." It was a command as much as a request. I rolled the window up and opened the door. I grabbed my book and followed her into the house.

"Thank you Dr. Nelson." I was really fine but it seemed I would have been rude to refuse.

"Please call me Nancy, all my friends do." She snickered as she said it.

"Thank you Nancy." I repeated. "Nancy Nelson, bet you were never teased as a kid?" It was a joke. I hoped she took it that way.

"That was a long time ago Jay. I suggest you don't go there again." She grinning as she put me in my place.

"I doubt it was that long ago!" I teased back. "You are what maybe twenty nine?"

"Does that work with all older women?" She asked still smiling.

"Don't know any 'older' women so I couldn't tell you!" I teased again. She knew I was not going to give in.

"Albert is in the kitchen. He will get you a snack. You can study in the den, it will be quiet there." Nancy turned to leave. "Thank you for coming in."

It was such a simple sentence but it was delivered with meaning.

I stopped and washed up then headed down the hall. Albert was waiting in the kitchen. He sat with me as we snacked on fruit and cookies. We talked, he was very nice. He was not that old, maybe in his early sixties. He was quiet and attentive, refusing to let me carry my plate to the sink. He escorted me to the study. I studied for a couple of hours and then laid my head down and took nap.

"Mr. Brown." Albert was shaking me gently. "You will be needed soon." I looked around remembering where I was.

"Thank you Albert. Please call me JB." I suggested.

"I could not. Ms. Nelson would not approve." He explained.

"In that case I insist." I said. He smiled.

I knew she was not married he referred to her as Ms. and not Mrs. I would talk to her about Albert. I escorted the ladies back in the car, they were much the worse for wear. Drunk and unruly. Nancy seemed pleased to watch them carry on as we headed back. It was such a distraction I closed the privacy window. Nancy glared at me as it started up. I dropped each woman off at their house or apartment. I dropped Nancy off at her apartment. She left the car without a word. She seemed upset with me now. When I got home the house was quiet. Clare was already in bed.

It rained all day Wednesday. That night I was called to drive again. I changed and was waiting at the car when Nancy showed up. I opened the door and offered her my hand to help her in. She took it seemingly over her attitude from the previous night. As I drove her to the house she watched me in the mirror the whole way. Both windows were down she had a clear view. Helping her out she asked me to come in. She led me to the den.

"Jay. I want to offer you a new position." Nancy started. So Jay it was. "I would like you to be my driver for the foreseeable future. Would you like that?"

All things considered it was a better gig I thought. No more arrogant movie stars, no more stupid rich athletes, and no more drunk broke gamblers. The best of all no more sleazy predators like the 'Silk Sultan'. I know kind of stupid but when you are rich and you have connections you can call yourself anything you want. He always wore silk, always. Late forties I'd guess, dark hair, short beard.

Like to prey on exotic dancers. Groups of them five or six at a time. Since we could not card them the liquor was locked up. But he always had some sort of drugs on him, ecstasy or whatever. Doled it out freely. Then would take them home and fuck their brains out. Even got a bit rough a few times. Rumor has it his brother is in a biker club. Provides him protection if he steps over that line a bit too hard.

Randy told me once that Butch had a word with him about his activities in the limo.

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