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Seeing Red.

ows where my whip might stray?"

She dragged the leather tails over my scrotum. I writhed on the bed so hard that my eyes nearly crossed, but I straightened up as soon as I recovered.

Come on, David... Stay still... You can do this...

With flawless form, Katie flicked her wrist gracefully and brought the whip down in a series of rapid-fire blows, traveling up the length of my left leg. She started at the bottom of my leg and nailed a tiny spot just above my ankle. Then, giving me barely a moment to recover, she rained blows down on my shin, my knee, and my thigh-ending barely an inch from my vulnerable cock.

"Not bad, eh?" Katie said, as she stopped momentarily. Her eyes flashed with arrogance.

She moved to my right leg, and the pain started all over again, travelling up my leg like a shockwave as she went to work on me. I focused on the white-hot center of the pain, trying to breathe it out of my body with each labored breath, even as the sting of the whip made me want to flinch.

But then, another sensation commanded my attention. It wasn't pain, or even that ever-present arousal that had gripped me since Sarah put the ring on. It was...a gentle tickling?

I felt some tiny appendage playfully stroking the sole of my left foot-the most ticklish spot on my body. I looked up, and I saw Sarah playfully tickling my foot with her index finger, right behind Katie's back.

I managed to stay still through the whipping, but the unexpected tickling suddenly caught me off guard. My leg twitched, and I twisted my midsection as I tried to kick Sarah's hand away from my foot-just as Katie brought her whip down again, aiming for a tender spot on my upper thigh.

As soon as Katie saw me twitch, she jerked her wrist upward to correct her aim. Whether by good reflexes or sheer luck, she managed to aim away from my exposed testicles, and snapped the whip against my stomach.

She turned around to stare down Sarah, and just barely caught her as she pulled her hand away from my foot.

"Did I fucking stutter?" Katie demanded. "I told you to keep your hands off of him!"

In spite of herself, Sarah gave a nervous giggle.

"Sorry, love. Couldn't resist," she said.

Katie brandished the whip in Sarah's face.

"Do you really want to push your luck with me tonight? After all you've done?" she challenged.

Embarrassed, Sarah shifted nervously on her feet.

"Watch yourself," Katie said, pointing a threatening finger towards Sarah. "I mean it. Touch him without my permission again, and I'll whip your scrawny little ass 'til it's black and blue!"

Sarah didn't balk at the threat, but Katie's word choice touched a nerve. She crossed her arms and stuck out her hip.

"'Scrawny'?" Sarah repeated. "Think my arse is 'scrawny', do you?"

"Just look at yourself in a mirror sometime," Katie fired back. "You're practically skin and bones, girl. I'm amazed you can even fill out those undies, with the way they starve you in the studio."

Sarah raised an eyebrow, but she refused to back down.

"It's called muscle, darling. But I wouldn't expect you to know anything about that. It's a pretty cushy life you've got, sitting at a desk all day on that oversized cottage cheese arse of yours!"

Katie's eyes flashed.

"I never hear my David complaining. At least he appreciates a girl with curves!" she said proudly.

Sarah laughed.

"Maybe. But you should have seen the way he looked at me when I strutted in here! I thought the poor bloke was gonna have a heart attack. As soon as I peeled my leggings off, I could practically feel his eyes glued to my bum!"

To underscore her point, she pivoted on one foot to point her ass towards me, and reached down to playfully smack her own butt.

I wanted to prove her wrong-but for one glorious second, no force on Earth could pull my eyes away from Sarah's behind.

Luckily for me, Katie didn't look down at the bed to see where my eyes were pointed.

"Any man can look! But you should have seen

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