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A Fantasy Story.

Heck, she probably was. And her boobs were even bigger. But she was shorter, and looked a little too much like the girl next door, for me. I preferred bad girls like Nicky (I still do) but that didn't stop me from ogling Shannon's ass while Corey gave her a piggyback ride in front of us. Or stare at the way her tits bounced when, a few moments later, she gleefully skipped over to Nicky and said something in her ear.

Nicky noticed me looking. "Do you like her?", she asked with a wry expression. I blushed.

"Seriously, do you want to fuck her?" she continued, more firmly now, gazing at me levelly.

I started to stammer something, thinking I'd offender her - I literally felt a hole in my stomach thinking I'd messed things up - but then she started laughing. "I'm just messing with you" she said. "Besides, Shannon only does black guys."

I must have looked as shocked as I felt - Shannon didn't seem like she got around - because Nicky went on, "I'm serious, she's fucked a few guys from the college, and I hooked her up with one Tyrone's friends..." She trailed off, but it sounded like there were more. "You just don't know about it, 'cause she doesn't do guys at school" she finished.

It had barely even occurred to me that there was anything outside of high school - college was a lifetime away! - and already girls I knew were fucking older dudes. I started to wonder if I'd heard even half the stories about Nicky, or like I'd been thrown into the deep end. Nicky must have sensed something, 'cause she gave me a suggestive sort of kiss on my check, laughed, and said, "Don't worry, I don't only fuck black guys!"

The night flew by after that. Back at Austin's we mixed Nicky's vodka with juice from the the fridge, some of us smoked a little weed, then we all went into the huge room over the garage where Austin lived.

Shannon immediately noticed the porn DVDs lying on the floor and insisted we put one on. She pulled Corey on to Austin's bed with her, and the rest of us sprawled around a low table in the little sitting area. We talked while Shannon made rude comments about the video.

"Oooh, he's got a big cock, doesn't he, Nicky? Is your cock that big, Corey? I hope so!" We were all laughing, but pretty soon Shannon stopped doing it for laughs.

She half-straddled Corey, and started whispering into his ear. We couldn't hear everything, but she was clearly asking him questions ("Do you want to fuck my tits like that, baby?"), and, on occasion, threatening to do things like ride him till he begged her to stop, which, given how goddamn hot Shannon was, seemed pretty far fetched. Who'd want her to stop? But what did I know, I was a virgin, remember?

When it looked like Shannon might put her words into action right there in front of us, Nicky shooed the two of them into the bathroom. It was huge, and actually had an old recliner in it - Austin sat there to smoke so the ceiling fan could cut down the smell - and we could all hear them put it to immediate use.

It was distracting. Just a few feet away, one of us was getting laid - my cousin's plan had worked! But Nicky wasn't having any of that. I don't think she liked Shannon being the center of attention, so she turned to one of the oldest tricks in the book: she suggested we play strip poker.

Duh, of course we did. Nicky was in her element: the night was already sexually charged and now she'd upped the ante. That's not just a metaphor, 'cause she did it almost every hand too - she played recklessly, almost like she wanted to loose, wanted us to leer at her. She teased us; asked us what we wanted her to take off; did little dances for us; made sure we had a good view once she was down to her bra and panties.

She didn't loose every hand though, Austin and Terrell lost more than their fair share, and soon both of 'em were in their boxers. Then Terrell lost again, and Austin and I immediately started protesting.

"We don't want to see his dick!" we cried. "Come on, he lost! Game's over." It was of no use.


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