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You remember my son Johnny don’t you?

She easily flipped her cup upside down, stepping back from the table with her hands held high.

The rest of the game went just as successfully. I flipped my empty cup into the air and landed it upside down, ending the game in our favour.

I cheered and turned to Taylor just in time for her to jump and hug me in celebration. She was hanging off my neck with her arms interlocked behind me.

My heart silenced the crowd, overtaking my ears with a racing beat that only let me hear my own thoughts. Thank god I could at least hear them, because they were all saying the exact same thing.

Kiss her, you idiot.

I tucked my arms behind her waist and pulled her to me, silencing her surprised gasp with a kiss. Her limbs seized up for a second, overcome by the surprise. I held her tighter and she relaxed, bringing her hands to rest on my head and pull gently on my hair.

We held our kiss, and each other, until we remembered there was a crowd surrounding us. She pulled away from me and I let her go, taking note of the adorable blushing she was trying to hide.

"Subtle, bro." Carter shook his head and laughed, but I shrugged off his comment.

Taylor told me she needed some air, and Carol assured me she would take care of him. The smile on that kid's stupid face was unmistakeable.

I walked with my flip cup co-champion down the jam-packed hallway until we reached the stairwell. Several people had taken seats on the stairs away from the loud action.

"Do you smoke?" Taylor asked me.

"Smoke what?"

"That's the right answer."

Just at the bottom of the steps, on the ground floor, there's a glass door that leads outside. It's supposed to be a fire exit but somebody disabled the alarm so we use it freely.

Stepping outside brought the realization that the cold was not something to be messed with. I hadn't brought a jacket and the September air was nipping at my arms.

Taylor reached into her back pocket and pulled out a small red tin with a blue strips across the top. She slid it open and picked out one of the long, tan sticks.

"Those don't smell like cigarettes." I nodded towards the case as she put it back into her pocket.

"Quite the detective, you are." She sparked the flame on her lighter and scorched the tip of the hand rolled joint. The end sizzled as she inhaled through the tube, simmering down when she opened her mouth and released a breath of milky, grey smoke.

I waved the cloud away and fit the joint between my lips, pulling firmly and letting the smoke replace the air in my lungs. I breathed the thick smoke from my chest and let it float into the chilly afternoon air.

We were tucked away from any roads, and anybody who walked by would be a student on their way to or from the school.

"If you want, you can crash in my room tonight." She had taken the stick back and was punctuating her sentences with deep, heavy inhales. Wisps of smoke filtered through her teeth and snuck out of her mouth, curling up and bouncing off her nose on their way to disappear into the sky.

"You know I'm only one floor above you, right?"


"You don't think I can walk up one flight of stairs?"

"When I'm done with you," Taylor stood closer to me on her toes and was almost level with my eyes, injecting a blast of smoke into my mouth. "You won't be able to walk those steps without my help."

With her lips only a small distance away, I was tempted to kiss her again. Something in my stomach told me to wait for a better moment and let Taylor have her fun teasing me.

"In that situation, couldn't you just help me to my room?" I was poking at her invitation to spend the night with her, already well aware that I was going to accept it.

"I could, but I think I'd rather just force you to stay with me." Her fingers lingered against mine as she passed me the joint, motioning for me to finish it.

My head was starting to spin from the mixture of alcohol bubbling in my stomach and the THC making its way into my blood.

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