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Whem mothers are unable to cope.


"Like what?"

"We had real foreplay! He came down on me orally for the first time in years and he could not get enough of my breasts. It was so nice."

"By the time he mounted me I was sooo ready that I just had orgasm after orgasm. It was fantastic. I think he'll sleep for days." We both laughed.

"And I have Cassie to thank...sorry for that kiss Matt, but now you know why I had to thank her."

"You've been so good to us. Is there any fantasy you would like exploring?"

"Yes, I do have one fantasy...sort of. One day, could you and I take an afternoon and go through your entire closet and drawers, we could try everything on and then arrange everything? Kind of like a girls day in?"

"Let me get the approval from Mr. Warren. I don't want him thinking anything other than the fun we all have together. But personally, I absolutely love the idea."

"And Matt, good luck with your quiz."


It wasn't but a day later when Mrs. Warren called my mom and asked if I could babysit on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. From our chat earlier, she knew I had if off from school and would be available.

I had wanted to relax a bit, but then again, what's not to like babysitting at the Warrens.

I called her back to confirm the time and she discreetly said, "Matt, it's going to be less babysitting and more organizing. Mr. Warren loved the idea and said that we could get together if we gave him a fashion show when he got home from work. It would be an early day for him."

Now this was going to be fun. We agreed upon a time and now I could not what until Wednesday.

When I arrived that Wednesday morning, she was still in a robe. Once inside she gave me long, sensuous hug. "Well, 10AM is different isn't it, young man?"

"To be honest, Cassie has been a night time person, so this will definitely be a different experience. I almost expected to see you in curlers and fuzzy slippers."

We both laughed and she replied in a serious tone, "That's exactly what I have for you to wear...just kidding."

"But I did put a nightie and the wig out on the bed just to get you into the Cassie mode if that's all right with you. Then we can have some coffee and figure out what we are going to do."
When I returned to the kitchen, I was all dressed in a cute nightie and robe, I could smell the coffee that she already poured. As she walked behind me she gave me another little hug, sat down with me and said, "I like this...I could really get used to this."

"Mr. Warren is going to be here around 4:00. We have plenty of time to go through everything, figure out what we are going to show him and how, and hopefully get some time to play throughout the afternoon. Does that sound good?"

"I could not have planned it better," I replied.

"Cassie, I have to be honest. For the last two nights he has fallen right to sleep and I've been using my vibrator...a lot, especially thinking about today. So if I'm a bit over the top, it's really not my fault."

"I can deal with over the top. I just completed a huge intensive time at school. I'm ready for it."

Our first stop was the closet. Virtually everything came out and we made certain areas in the room for dresses, for skirts, for blouses, for jackets and for pants. The only things that were organized in her closet were the nighties that I did from last week.

"See," she exclaimed proudly, "I kept my nighties neat all week!" I just shook my head.

We were to begin with the dresses so she turned and asked me which bra and panties set I wanted.

"I'll take the ivory bra with the flowers and matching panties," I said. She located them and tossed them to me.

Then facing me, she dropped her robe and standing there completely naked in front of her dresser drawers she announced she was going to wear her black bra and panties.

As I was putting mine on and adjusting them in front of the full length mirror, she walked behind me, still naked and gave me another hug. I then heard her say..."Crap."

"Is something wrong?"

"No, everything is perfect. That's the problem."

She reached over and

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