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Toni returns for more.

"Did you fix yourself anything?" Dan asked.

"I had a bite while making yours," she said.

"Well a bite isn't enough, the least I can do is give you my banana," he said.

She took the banana and looked at him with a wry smile. "You want me to eat your banana?" she said slowly.

Dan suddenly realized the implications of asking a girl to eat a banana. "Oh, um, no, or yes, if you want..."

Ezmerelda was starting to really enjoy making Dan feel uncomfortable. She could tell he was a sweet guy who was not likely to be pushy or aggressive. "How would you like me to eat your banana?" she said, as her hands slowly fondled the banana and peeled back the skin.

Dan's eyes got big watching Ezmerelda's long fingers caressing the banana in a deliberate effort to torture him. "Um, like that, I guess," he managed to mumble.

Ezmerelda eased down onto her knees in front of him on the couch and got close enough for him to have a good view of her lifting the banana slowly up to her mouth. She let it touch her closed lips, ran it across her mouth a few times, and then slipped it slowly, seductively, into her mouth. Just as Dan thought he was going to faint, she gave out an exaggerated growl and chomped down, cutting the poor banana in half and abruptly ending Dan's banana fantasy. She laughed so hard she almost choked on the banana.

After Dan got over the initial shock he was laughing too. "Your King did not authorize a banana castration."

Ezmerelda had not yet stopped laughing. "I couldn't stop myself, you should have seen your face," she said. She lifted up off her knees and sat down with him on the couch. "So what are you watching...wait is that Real Madrid v. Barcelona? I forgot they were playing today."

Dan looked at her in disbelief. "You're a soccer fan?"

"Absolutely," she grinned.

Ezmerelda's approval rating was going through the roof. "Well, in that case, I order you to sit there and watch the second half with me."

"As you wish, my King," she said.

Ezmerelda wasn't kidding about being a fan, Dan quickly figured out she knew the game. He managed to work into the conversation that he had played a little soccer back in high school, which led Ezmerelda to point out that she had been all state both her junior and senior years. Dan was struck with a vision of Ezmerelda in a silky jersey with her long legs and long dark hair flowing behind her.

"I guess playing soccer all those years is why your legs look so fabulous," Dan said. Actually he was thinking it, and before he realized what had happened he had spoken it.

"Thanks, my King," she smiled. "Walking around on these high heels is pretty good exercise too."

"I can imagine," said Dan. "As your King, I command you to kick off your shoes and let me give you a foot massage."

"The King, giving his slave a foot massage?" said Ezmerelda as she set her feet in Dan's lap. "What would the tabloids say about that?"

"That I am a kind and noble King," he said.

For the rest of the soccer game, Dan rubbed and massaged and scratched Ezmerelda's feet, much to her delight. As much as she cooed and aahed at his attention, he swore he enjoyed it more than she did.

When the game ended, she got quickly back into slave character, slipping her heels back on and standing up in front of Dan. "What is your next wish of me, kind and noble King?"

Dan had a flood of ideas hit him all at once and was unable to articulate anything beyond ums. Ezmerelda quickly rescued him from his indecision.

"Perhaps the King would have his subject return the favor of a massage," she said.

"Yes," he said decisively. "That is indeed what the King would wish."

Ezmerelda pulled some of the cushions off the couch and made a makeshift bed for him to lie down on. As he started to lie face down, she stopped him. "You know King, I have already seen you naked, so I don't know what the harm would be in you being undressed."

Dan was more than happy to oblige, awkwardly removing his t shirt and shorts and positioning himself face down on the cushions.

Ezmerelda started at his feet and worke

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