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Holly continues to suffer at the hands of Sarah's gang.

"Oh, it has been so long. Fuck me Greg, fuck me hard." And that is just what he did.

"Now I know why Mrs. Barker was smiling for a week after she returned from New York." Greg looked surprised. "Women don't keep secrets well," she said as she slid down his body to clean his cock with her mouth. To her amazement, she didn't even have it totally clean before it was rock hard again. "She knelt on all fours and said I love it doggie style"

Greg entered her sloppy wet pussy from the rear and drove as deep as he could. She was pressing back again him until her orgasm hit. He still had plenty of staying power left and pulled his cock out and ran it up and down her ass. As he used some of he juice from her pussy to lubricate her ass, she said, "I have never done that before."

"Ok." he said as he backed away, but she grabbed his cock and guided it to rose bud."

"But I am ready to now." she said as she felt the head pressing its' way through. Greg took his time, slowly moving in and out. "Oh that hurts so good, she said as she pushed back against him. When he bottomed out, he started in and out with ever increasing speed. When her next orgasm hit, her ask tightened around his cock bringing forth a geyser from him that was buried deep within her body.

He was still trying to recover when his phone rang. "Hi Tammy, how was the waxing."

"It was great. More than I ever hoped for. In fact, Sylvia and I are going to have dinner at my place. I'll see you first thing in the morning. Why are you breathing so hard?"

"Because Amy just fucked my brains out." Amy almost fell off the bed in shock.

"Enjoy the evening," Greg said.

"I can't believe you told her that. I thought you and she were getting it on."

"We are, but I figure if she is going to be eating Sylvia's pussy, I didn't want to feel I was sitting home alone. Do you have any plans for dinner?"

"How about if I cook for you. The children are both with my parents for a couple of days and I could sure take a whole night of this activity." Looking down at his cock, she said, "You couldn't possibly be ready again!"

He rolled over on his back and asked, "Have you ever ridden a bucking bronco." She saddled up and had the ride of her life. With his strong legs and back muscles he kept lifting his hips from the mattress. There were a couple times she almost fell off,

After his sperm shot upwards; he collapsed and she collapsed on top of him. "I am going to have one sore pussy by morning at this rate. They got up, and took a shower together and then got dressed.

Instead of you cooking, why don't I take you out on the town? I have never been to the Top of the Town restaurant."

"I haven't either. That is not in a single parent's budget."

Greg looked up the number and made a reservation for 8:00. "I'll pick you up at your house at 7:30. Why don't you stop by Marion's boutique and buy yourself a dress for the evening." He reached in his petty cash envelope and gave her $1,000 to buy the dress and accessories. She hesitated and he said, "I want this to be a special evening for you."

She tucked the $1,000 in her bra, gave him a kiss and said, "You really are a very special person. I can see why everybody loves you."

When Tammy arrived at Sylvia's salon she was amazed at the size of it. There were ten stylists busy at work, 8 manicure stations, another room for facials and private rooms for body massages and beauty treatments such as seaweed wraps. She met the cosmetic and beauty specialist. He was a very gay man who Sylvia told her was the best in the business. He works one day a week in each of my five salons here in the city. He also trains the beauty specialists at all my other sites. They are required to shadow and study under him for one month before they can lay a finger on a woman's face. You wouldn't believe the money that generates. Women are so vain; they will pay anything to have their face look beautiful.

"And then there are women like you who have such naturally beautiful skin that you make the rest of us jealous.

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