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So it begins.


James, "Sounds interesting, I will have to add 'breaking in virgins' to my business card."

"There are all kinds of conditions, she just wants the penetration to occur, no wining and dining, or foreplay and it will occur in a dark room so you will not recognize her. She might have a bag over her head?"

"Sounds quick and easy, this is going to cost you a case of beer."

"Melanie is highly organized to the point of being obsessive. She has been on the pill for a week and bought a tube of lubricant."

"OK, make the arrangements; do I get a bag for my head too?"

"If you need one I'm sure Melanie will get your measurements and have it color coordinated to your underwear."

The date was fixed for Saturday night the following weekend on Bill's 40 foot cabin cruiser.

James met Bill on the aft deck of his boat a few minutes before eight on the chosen date.

"Melanie is here already, she is in the master suite ready and waiting."

They went to the cabin which had a couple of very low lights on and they could see Melanie on the double bunk. She had her hair tied up under a turban and was wearing a long t-shirt and a mask.

The mask was made of a gauze material and she could probably discern shapes and movement through it. Bill wouldn't recognize her again if he fell over her in the mall the following day.

Bill introduced James and Melanie and said he would be up on the flybridge having a beer or two.

Melanie said, "I'm sure Bill told you what I want but we will go over it again to make sure. I just want penetration to completion, nothing more."

"As you wish," said James, "I would suggest a little more to relax you and unrelax me -- I need to get hard to achieve penetration."

"Whatever it takes, I have nothing on under this long t-shirt, lift it when you need access."

James asked her to roll over on her front for a minute or two of preliminaries, Melanie sighed as if she was being subjected to an unreasonable delay.

James massaged her shoulders, Melanie's sighs changed in tone. He then worked on her lower back.

"Ever had a massage before?"

"Only for specific sports injuries, never for relaxation. I'm beginning to feel sleepy, this is not too bad."

James switched to a fingertip massage and gently worked her butt crack, just brushing the surface.

Melanie lifted her hips in response,

"Oh my God, that's feels so good, are you trained."

"No training but I quickly find out what a girl responds to."

"You have already gone five minutes over time for the entire procedure, but I'm going to forgive you."

James asked her to turn over again and he undressed. Much to his surprise Melanie lifted her shirt above her breasts. Taking this as an invitation, he massaged and kissed her breasts and motioned to kiss her on the lips. Melanie put a hand behind his head and pulled him down to her lips.

James stopped for a moment, "I hope Bill isn't getting cold up there."

"It won't be cold for another hour or two and he has another boat to go to if we are not finished by then."

This gave James the message he wanted. He lifted her knees and splayed her legs giving a view of her hairy pussy.

"Do you ever play with yourself down here?"

"I sometimes put a hand down there when I'm reading in bed but generally speaking, apart from pissing, it's as redundant as a Cardinal's penis, you are going places that no man has ever been before."

As James worked his tongue and fingers he talked about her clitoris and labia and asked her to identify the pleasurable areas.

"So far the pleasurable areas extend from the top of my head to my toes but the area you are in is very special, all of it."

"Are you ready for the main event? Sorry I'm running overtime but I was diverted," he joked.

"I would like to feel your penis and get to know it briefly and then you can put it in."

Melanie stroked and kissed James' penis, but she hardly knew what to do with it so she guided it towards her pussy. James detected that she had already lubricated herself and it went in without resistance.

There was a knock on the cabin door, it could onl

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