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Katherine redeems herself.

Arthur took Regina by the hand and led her to a rundown looking building across the way. It's once proud bay windows now boarded up to keep out unwanted guests. The front door was made of solid oak, its stain ruined by years of neglect and torturous Louisiana storms. The once shiny brass door handle now corroded and devoid of all its lustre. Looking at Regina's disappointment and disgust at the exterior. Arthur told her "Now Ms. Temperance, you should never judge a book by its cover, as the recently deceased Kahlil Gibran once said Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart"

As they stepped inside they were greeted by a grand site of beautifully restored club with gun smoke grey walls trimmed with white baseboards. A mural of the city was painted on the vault ceilings with a saxophone and trumpet crossed in an x pattern within a heart in the center of the city. As if to tell the world that Jazz is the heart of all good in the area. The bar table was an immaculate display of brass and lightly stained cherry oak. Crystal glasses hung like Christmas ornaments above the bar ready to quench a patron's thirst.

Amazed at the care and attention to all the fine details people have taken within this club. Regina arrived at her table led by this charismatic gentleman that she had just met. Arthur still smiling from ear to ear then said "I don't know what people have told you about jazz ma'am but here in the south jazz is life." Then with a final bow he left her and approached the stage to begin his session. His trusty saxophone still clutched in his one hand.

The crowd went silent as Arthur approached the head of the stage. Standing there in the faint light looking like some sort of mystic Sheppard he introduced himself to everyone. Then pricked up his sax. Put the mouth piece to his supple lips and began to play his music for all to hear. The room hanging on to every note as his fingers danced over the keys with the precision and flare of a ballerina in Swan Lake.

Regina sat there in amazement at the talent and charisma that was contained in this man before her. Her panties becoming moist from the desire to consume Jazzy Art. Her chest now heavy and filed with electricity at the thought of her tasting all that was Jazzy Art. Watching in pure amazement as his fingers hit each note with surgical precision. Wondering if his fingers might be as good at other "tasks". Moments later Jazzy Art finished his session. The crowd giving its thunderous applause at this spectacle they were blessed with.

Arthur feeling spent from his performance ordered a double bourbon on the rocks and another appletini for Regina before sitting down to enjoy the next performer. Looking at Regina still star struck at this mysterious man before her. Arthur calmly asked "Ma'am while I hope you enjoyed my performance. I cannot help but think that a noble woman such as yourself would come down here for a mere talent search. So please tell me what are you really doing here?"

Regina smirking from ear to ear retorted "Mr. Beaumont, as I said I am merely here to look for new talent for a show, and I think I might be able to use you." Staring right into his deep blue eyes blinded by the passion of the soul behind them. Arthur nodded and removed a newspaper from his blazer and placed it before Regina. The headline reading "Daughter of Noble Real-estate Tycoon Seeks to end Jazz"

"Ma'am I am a simple man but not simple minded. I know you are one of the three heads of the Temperance movement. That seeks to destroy not only our little club but all of the jazz and swing movement across this fair land. So please, tell me why do have so much hatred for Jazz?" Regina sat there her nostrils flaring at the realization that she had not only failed to fool this man. But also that he had managed to maintain this false sense of superiority she had felt so nonchalantly, while knowing everything all along.

Rolling her eyes she snorted out "If you really want to know sir.

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