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He kissed the dark red streaks softly rubbing his cheek against the sensitive skin. "I'm sorry. I wanted to be your first but I never thought that I would be." He licked at the dried blood causing me to cry out sharply. "You tasted so sweet. So tight. I'll make it better this time. Daddy's going to make you scream."

With that he buried his face in my cunt licking the tender abused flesh, kissing the opening to my cunt. I writhed on that sinful bed trying to keep my screams of ecstasy inside but I couldn't. I moaned, panted and pleaded for him to stop but Daddy wouldn't. He stuck his tongue inside my cunt licking the tender virginal walls before moving up to suck on my clit.

I came for the first time loudly just as my Daddy promised.

He moved back up kissing me fully on the lips letting me taste myself on his tongue. I wrapped my arms about him my hands running through his black hair.

Daddy turned then so that I was on top. He grabbed my hips holding me up suspended over his erect cock. "Nice and slow, baby. This will feel so good, I promise."

I flinched at the first hot touch of his cock but Daddy kept pulling me down so that inch by inch he came further and further inside me. It still hurt in a dull sort of way. Finally I was sitting on Daddy with his thick hard cock buried inside me.

To be truthful, it felt really good.

Daddy grabbed me underneath my arms coaxing me to lie down so that we were pressed chest to chest. I could feel his heart beating wildly.

"Daddy." Tears swam in my eyes.

"You're mine now. My wife." He kissed me then. I closed my eyes feeling my tears escape down my cheeks.

He pushed up then, I cried out throwing my head back my hair falling down about us. "So beautiful." He breathed.

In a natural rhythm I moved up and down loving the feel of his big cock sliding about in my wet tight pussy. I came again and again Daddy held himself back.

After my fourth orgasm Daddy rolled over so that I was beneath him. He began to pound deeply inside me harder and faster than before with me urging him on. We were slick with sweat Daddy's eyes locked to mine when he came. My whole body tensed up squeezing his cock painfully. Hot bursts of cum flowed deep inside me causing my womb to spasm and contract. Daddy licked the sweat from my neck in one long stroke up to my ear. "I never loved anyone but you." He whispered.

We both slept in his bed.

For the next three days Daddy never let me alone I was fucking him constantly but even though I was practically drowning in pleasure I never forgot my plan. On the third day Daddy took me to Tiffany's and the saleslady laughed when Daddy pushed me in blushing like crazy. Daddy said that we wanted to look at diamond rings. The lady trilled sweetly. "Oh where did you ever find such a sweet looking wife?"

At that I smiled. If the dumb bitch only knew.

I picked out a platinum and diamond ring that I thought was lovely if expensive. Daddy put it on my finger right away and he fucked me again. Another four days went by until Daddy trusted me enough to let me alone. Once the front door shut I waited an hour then ran into the room we had been sharing digging into the closet.

My heart beat rapidly chocking my breath as I searched frantically for the key. After 45 minutes I found the key taped to the bottom of a drawer. The box number was etched into the key. Bingo.

I quickly ran into my room checking out my window to see if Daddy's car was there. When I saw that it wasn't I began tossing all my clothes and jewelry into cardboard boxes and whatever suitcases I could find. My car was parked in the garage so I was able to make several trips to the car without attracting the neighbors' attention. With my car packed I got in and drove to the bank.

It was too easy they didn't even ask for ID assuming that if I had the key then I was the rightful owner. I held my breath as I opened the box. For a moment I wondered if there really was any money in there.

I needn't

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