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There is a very good chance the child is Eric's.

Then, to her horror, she realized that he was black! Oh god! she thought. Here I am a girl raised in the south and I'm sitting in an adult theater, next to a black man, stroking his cock in front of me.

She suddenly felt flushed. Her gaze turned toward the screen and she saw the beautiful blonde girl walking down a path in a wooded area.. It was obviously some kind of nature trail or something. She had on a skimpy, short summer dress that did little to cover up her sexy body. The girl turned when she heard someone say hi and the camera panned in to show a black man, very athletic, dressed in short running shorts, tennis shoes and a tight tank top. The blond girl smiled back and they started a conversation that Margaret couldn't keep up with as her mind was reeling.

Her gaze then turned back to the guy next to her and she was now able to see the cock he'd been stroking. Her eyes widened as they focused in on it. It was huge! He held it at the base of his cock and she could still she 8-9 inches of it above his fist! She watched as he slowly moved his hand up, up and up his huge black cock. When he got to the top, his thumb and forefinger circled the head of his shaft and she could see that his cock was so thick his fingers wouldn't even touch!

She watched as he slowly began to slide his hand back down the length of his cock. It was so black and glistened wetly in the dark. The light skin of his palm was an erotic contrast to his giant black cock. She felt herself shutter at the sight. Her gaze turned away from his cock and looked into his face. He was smiling at her as their eyes met. He then glanced down at Brads hand still working in her pussy, then back to her eyes.

Margaret looked away back to the screen. As her mind focused on what was happening there, she saw the blond now down on her knees in front of the stranger she just met. Both her hands were wrapped around his black cock and her tongue began to circle the tip just before she began to ever so slowly slide it in her mouth. Her lips were stretched obscenely around his thick cock. She took as much of it in as she could then began to slowly slide her mouth back up to the tip leaving the shaft glistening wet. How erotic!

Margaret's mind began to race in so many different directions of excitement. She turned to look at Brad and saw he was still intently watching the guys across the aisle. Now the guy in the aisle seat was moving his cock in and out of the other guys mouth. His head was tilted back and his eyes were closed as his cock was being engulfed by the mouth of his friend. Brad was still stroking his cock slowly but now it was hard and at full mast. Margaret whispered words to Brad that he never heard. He was in a world of his own. Margaret again turned her gaze to the screen.

They were both naked now and she was quite taken at the beauty of it all. A beautiful fair skinned blond, breasts swaying back and forth as the handsome black guys held her head between his hands and fucked his huge black cock in and out of her mouth. It was then she realized that the man next to her had slipped into the seat right next to her! She looked to his lap and saw that he had pulled his pants down to his knees and was cupping his huge balls in his hands rolling them back and forth.

Her eyes followed his massive cock upward as it lay on his belly and the tip actually touched his chest! As he continued to fondle his balls Margaret did something she never would imagined she would ever do. She reached over and took his black cock into her hand. It was so hard and so smooth. So black against her white hand and so thick her fingers wouldn't even reach around it. She looked at him and his smile was warm. He was aware of the big step she'd just taken and wouldn't do anything to force the issue. He simply sat back and let her go at her own pace, doing what she wanted to.

Margaret was amazed at the length and thickness of the black cock in her hand.

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