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"Put it in her mouth first."

Bella almost started crying with humiliation, hearing Felix give her body away the way he did. But she was also turned on by his decisiveness. Rukus stood up and unbuckled his jeans. They slid down his muscular ass a little as he pulled out his long, thick cock. It was a rock.

Bella didn't have to be asked to open her mouth when Rukus took hold of the back of her head and moved her face closer to his crotch. The black snake entered her throat patiently and slid in and out of her mouth slowly. Her lips held onto his manhood tightly as he filled her face with the only other dick Bella had ever sucked before. Felix quickened his strokes on his own dick as he watched his lady perform oral on his best man. He groaned in quietly as Rukus moved squarely in front of Bella and pushed her head into his groin with both of his strong hands. Bella almost panicked a couple times when Rukus's cock almost choked her. "Suck that dick, Baby..." Rukus murmured in satisfaction. "Damn, Dogg...your girl can suck dick fuckin' good...shit this feels amazing..."

"She'll eat your nutsack too...show him what you can do, Sweetie...and get on your knees, Mami." Felix's cock burned with desire as Bella temporarily let go of the dick, slid off the bed, and knelt before the hot black guy. She looked incredible with only a tiny plaid skirt on and slutty plastic heels. Her breasts hung from her small shoulders, accentuating her tight little waist. Bella kissed and lapped at his sweet balls. Rukus nearly blew right then and there as Bella massaged his testicles with her lips. "God, damn!" Rukus spat, his breathing getting heavier. "Start sucking my dick again, Girl...before I cum on you too soon." Rukus and Felix chuckled.

As Bella sat back on the bed and began blowing him again, Rukus worked his hand between her legs and up her little skirt. Surprisingly, she wore no panties. Rukus started tickling her pussy lips. Bella didn't resist him this time, but remained a little guarded which drove Rukus crazy with desire. He loved a woman who was hard to get. His fingers sank into her soft cunt and he felt that she was warm and very wet. He smeared her pussy juices all over her center. She was definitely ready for a long, mean fucking.

"Lay back," Rukus ordered. He grabbed her knees and spread them open, revealing a hairless young pussy and another hot little hole that he hoped to penetrate at some point also. "Damn, Dogg...this is what you climb into every night, Man? No wonder you marrying this girl!" Rukus laughed and Felix smiled proudly. Bella let a small smile slip, which made Rukus grin at her even more. Rukus's smile was wide and white; very sexy. He was such an attractive man, the most attractive of all Felix's friends by far. She couldn't believe she was naked before his eyes right in front of her husband-to-be. "You ready for it, Baby?"

Bella nodded. Rukus pushed her legs back further and rubbed his dick up and down her slit. The fat chocolate head found her opening and was pushed up into her gut in one powerful swoop. Bella went crazy. She cried out in Spanish and bolted upright, looking desperately at Felix whose eyes were half closed as he yanked his dick like a maniac. He murmured absently at his woman to lay back and relax. Rukus pushed her back down gently as he climbed on top of her and pulled her center up to him, making the last few inches of his 9-inch pole sink into her body. She tried shutting her legs and turning to the side to get him out of her, but Rukus held her firmly on her back. Then he methodically started giving her the dick deeply and roughly. "Oh yeah...yeah, Girl...you like that?"

Bella whimpered as she felt her pussy stretching to its max.

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