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Suze versus Jeremy.

It wasn't long before she began leaking hard from her little clitty and filling his ass with her girlie cum. Finally Sony decided she had enough fun and started to get himself off of her now rapidly softening clit. Just as the last of her was slipping out he had the urge to poop. Maybe it was just her cum that was inside him so he decided to dump it right on her soft pink clitty. As he did however, he noticed that he was full of more than just her cum and thought that now might be the perfect chance to shit all over her tiny penis. He grabbed her boobs and squeezed them hard while also forcing himself to shit and within 15 seconds he already coated her with stinky brown poop mixed with the clear white cum she injected him with.

"What is that?" Jenny asked confused.

"It's your cum baby. I think it's proper for you to be coated with it instead of being inside me."

"I guess that's true." She giggled.

"Now be a good girl and clean my asshole. You did this to me after all." Sony said after reversing his position and sitting on her face. "There is a lot to clean and make sure to swallow everything. It's yours after all."

Jenny though about it for a little and then immediately went with licking the cum and poop from his wet hole. It was really disgusting but she figured it must be because it was in his ass which wasn't clean like hers to begin with. She lapped everything she could find and swallowed it. Finally she kissed his asshole and said:

"All done. It sure was fun. Next time I want you to cum in my pussy please."


"Are you listening? What happened to you?"

Sony's eyes were wide opened. He didn't dare say a word or move. Right in front of him next to the door was Jerome. And he didn't look happy. In fact he was pissed. He began approaching Sony and started slowly clapping.
"Good work sissy boy. You finally did it."

"Huh? Jerome what do you mean? What did I do?" Jenny asked a little confused.

"I'm not talking to you baby. I'm talking to your asshole ex-friend."

"Sony? He is here? I don't want him to see me like this." She panicked.

"Too late for that. It was he that made you look like that."

"W- what do you mean sugar? Y- you've been here with me the whole time." She was getting more and more confused.

"Are you sure? If you are then remove that blindfold off your eyes."

"I can't do that. You cuffed my hands together behind my back."

"Oh I see. Well then. Sony! Stay where you are and slip the blindfold off her eyes. Quickly!"

Sony reached back and took the blindfold with his fingers and pushed it over her head. Jenny opened her eyes and saw the most horrific sight she ever witnessed. Sony's ass was barely above her face while Jerome was in the middle of the room. Her eyes watered and she began to cry loud. Sony was getting very afraid and Jerome was looking even more furious.

"How long... have you been staying there?" Finally Sony managed to mutter.

"Oh I just got here. But I saw the whole thing while Daisy was enhancing me. I couldn't contain my anger, I had to endure everything and believe me when I'm saying this. You are not getting out of here alive you bastard."

"Jeromeeee" *sob* *sob* "I'm sorrrryyyyyyy." *sniff* "I had no ideaaaa." Jenny was still crying, tears covering her entire face.

"It's not your fault Jenny, I'm not mad at you. You however..." He pointed at Sony. "I cannot forgive."

Sony was shaking and was about to piss himself when Jerome continued.

"I am not a person who doesn't protect his friends and seeing you do all these awful things to my friend after you insulted her so much, well, things are not looking good for you. But don't worry. I'm not unreasonable man. I'm going to present you with 2 choices. Either I beat you here and then fuck your ass until you die or you do the cowardly thing and repent for your sins. What will it be fucker? And I really want you to kill you, so I hope you make the stupid decision."

"I'm sorry; I'll repent for what I did and said.

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