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She purred like a leopard as he stimulated her.

She moans a little as his lips cover her nipple through the lace of her bra.He sucks gently at first, then more greedy as His hands pull the straps off her arms and he lets the bra fall to the floor.

She gasps, pleasure anticipating inside her. He grabs her left breast in his hand, squeezing gently.

"Nice" he says as he lowers his head down again, and licks he nipple, sending chills through her body. She moans softly and he looks up and catches her eye, grinning sheepishly. His eyes watching her face, he lets his tongue trace around her now erect nipple, which, in turn, makes her pussy start to awaken. She feels it tingle and longs for him to touch her, taste her. But he is focused on her breasts, licking around the nipples, sucking them. They are now erect and the very touch electic to the rest of her body.

He stands up fully, towering above her, and guides her hand to the bulge in the front of his pant. She squeezes his hardness just a little and he pulls her closer.She tries to feel haw long he is, to know what she is getting herself into. Her ex was a very small 6 inches, and never really fucked her the way she needed to be, very vanilla sex.He would actually get upset if she wanted to try other things. But his oral was fantastically delicious. That was the only way he ever made her cum.

"Need help", he asks as she reaches to unbutton his jeans.

"I'm good", she whispers as the button slips open. She slides her hand down the front of his jeans, into the waistband of his boxers. She traces a finger down his shaft, then lets her whole hand wrap around it. He pushes his rock hard cock into her hand, and she looks up at him, his eyes full of hunger. She uses her other Hand to edge his pants down, never letting go of his stiff dick. She starts to stroke the length, squeezing a little as she moves up and down. She wants this, though it is bigger than she has had in a long time. Would it hurt?

She then does the unthinkable (at least to her), she kneels in front of him and takes his swollen cock into her mouth, a little at a time. She opens her mouth and lets the tip of his hard cock just touch her lips. Her tongue Snakes out and barely grazes the head and he reaches down to touch her hair . She slowly let's his penis slide into her mouth, and she lets her tongue caress it. In and out he thrusts into her mouth. She swallows slightly and feels the head push a little further in the back of her throat almost gagging her. She resists the urge to gag. And let's his penis slide a little bit out of her mouth before forcing it back in her mouth, his full length now engulfed to the balls . He moans in pleasure, and places his hands on her head. He lets his fingers run through, and grabs a handful and pulls her lips further on his shaft. She pulls back a little, and And lets her tongue whirl around the head.

She abruptly releases her mouth from his cock, and reaches up, pulling his head close and kisses his mouth. Gently at first, then with more passion. She lets her tongue trace along his lips, then plunges it into his open mouth. He puts his hands behind her head and grabs a handful of hair, pulling their mouths closer, his tongue thrusting into her mouth.

He spins her around and pushes her down onto the couch. He kneels in front of her, and starts to tug the black leggings down. He catches sight of her red lacy panties and she can tell by the hungry look in his eyes that she made the right choice there. He lets his fingers touch her pussy through the lace. He traces around her clit and she lets out a moan. She lifts her hips ever so slightly so he can slide her panties down. He leans his head in and lets his tongue lick her outer lips. She shudders a little inside.He pulls away for a second,then He grabs a handful of hair in the back of her head and pulls her gently to her feet. He kisses her full on her mouth, his toungue plunging in her mouth. Greedily their lips crushed together, she grabs his ass and pulls him towards her, feeling his hard cock against her stomach.

He turns her around an

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