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On this particular Saturday morning, the start of the second week, I went round to his house. It was a beautiful day and pair of us went for a dip in the pool. Afterward we lay out in the sun and I started to get randy. Dick told me to suck his cock, which I did. I thought that this would be it, but after a matter of minutes he come in my mouth and then go up and went in the house.

On his return he was dressed and told me he was going to the match with some of the lads and asked if I wanted to come along. I declined and told him I would sunbathe until he returned.

Not long after he had left it clouded over and I went back into the house and slipped into my skirt and put a top on. I was pouring myself a drink in the kitchen when this man stuck his head around the patio doors. He asked me if there was any chance of coffee and told me he was the gardener. Before I knew it he had stepped in.

He was quite chatty and before I knew it I had told him that Dick had gone to the soccer match. He sipped his coffee and I could tell he was eyeing me up and down. I took his cup to the sink and he then shocked me by saying something like, "I would let you suck my cock all afternoon in preference to footy match." I spun on the spot and felt my skin turn scarlet. I hadn't given any thought to the fact that we might have been seen. I stood confused to the spot as the gardener moved around the breakfast bar toward me.

I would have put him in his early 30s. Then before me, he unzipped his pants and pulled them down to his thighs.

"Come on love, suck it for me, like you did your boyfriend."

I moved just a fraction towards him as I looked at his huge hanging cock. It was still soft but it was so much bigger than Dick when he was hard.

He moved towards me and his large hands seized my shoulders, I was now at eye level with his cock for it. I looked at the large helmet and his cock twitched between my fingers. His hands went around the back my head and I found myself taking his shaft into my mouth for several minutes. He groaned.

"Oh that's good baby. You're so good sucker."

I keep suck that big cock. The taste is so good. The precum is out and I lick them. It's salty but it's ok. I like that.

"Come on baby, lets go to the sitting room."


We go to sitting room. He told me to lay down in the carpet. I watched him as he pulled my cotton skirt and knickers off together and then put his head between my thighs. He licked and played my clit. I never done this with my boyfriend. It's so good.

"Oh keep doing that, ah, ah..... it's so good."

I watched one of his big hands slide up my stomach until it had delved under my bra and was tweaking at one of my nipples.

In no time I was naked and so he was. Then he was rubbing his cock between my slit, making me jump in anticipation.

"It's ok baby, relax. It wouldn't hurt."

He penetrated me slowly and I was hoping it wouldn't hurt too much, but then I realized he was up me completely that maybe I had broken my hymen with my hair brush handle when I masturbation.

"Oh, your pussy is so tight."

"Harder, harder."

He moved within me slowly pulling it out and then pushing it deep into my very depths. I seemed to just keep coming time after time. I had no control and was completely at his mercy as hi pounded above me.

"Oh give me that big cock, harder please."

He was now lewd names as his strokes became more powerful. I remember building up to a really strong come and he told me he was going to come himself. I gave no thought to that fact that we were performing unprotected sex and when i paid no heed to his warning he just carried on. I was now coming like never before and he let out a cry before pouring his molten hot seed into my deepest recess.

A few moments later we uncoupled. His seed had leaked out of me onto the carpet and my only fear was that Dick's mom would notice. Once I was happy with the stain removed. We both got dressed and had a coffee together.

"Thank you for your teaching. It was my first time."

"It's my p

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