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He goes on a second date.

I wanted to fill her with my dick and make her scream in this quiet neighborhood. Make that pretty girl my bitch. Even if it was for a night. I was going to do it.


There was a knock on the door later that afternoon as I was relaxing watching tv. I had just gotten out of the shower, wet hair and all. I had dried my body, drying my legs with extra tender love and care and drying the folds of my pussy. Wiping the water from my arms I had let the towel fall, walking to my bureau naked. I was going to pick out my black lace thong that was my favorite, and a black push-up but the doorbell rang. Slipping on the first clothes I saw I half ran to the door. In the end I ended up wearing my shortest shorts and black skirt so short you could almost see my pussy.

Hey don't judge. I had been trying clothes on yesterday trying on different outfits. In the end in this situation, I had neither thong or bra on.

I opened the door and there was Karl, my kind neighbor. His jaw dropped and his eyes widened. Oh Hell, why did it have to be him!

Clearing his throat, his eyes wandering my body, I blushed.

"Yes?" I asked, half hidden by the door.

"I..." He finally got his bearings and looked me in the eye. There I could see lust. He wanted me! It was creepy as fuck but a little bit of a turn on I had to admit. Only because I knew I was attractive at all.

"I wanted to know if I could borrow a cup of sugar and some Bakers chocolate if you had any." His voice was staggering.

I couldn't help but giggle. He glanced at me, curious and I awkwardly coughed.

"Come in, come in."

"Thank you very much."

I let Karl in and began walking towards the kitchen when I felt his hands cover my mouth forcibly. His body was pressed against my back. We were in the middle of the entry way, not far from the front door that he had silently closed.

He whispered "Your mine, you understand?" His breath smelled like spearmint and fruit.

I nodded, now frightened.

"You think you can come into a neighborhood like this dressed like a tramp? You think you can parade your pussy ass around here and not think you'll get hit on?"

He let me go with such force I stumbled. But it wasn't over. He forced me against my wall and held my hands behind my back with a single hand of his. He was so strong it made me so nervous on what he would do if, God forbid; I made him angry...

He smacked my ass, and a moan slipped out of my mouth. Oh no.

"You like that slut? Hmm?" Another smack but it was harder this time.

"No I don't! Please stop! Please!" but I couldn't help but moan again.

"You don't know how fucking delicious you look," He said threateningly, like it was a bad thing.


Holy fuck. Those titties that teased me when she opened the door were just begging me to suck on them. Oh and those legs. That pussy....that sweet young lovely pussy. It was going to be mine weather she liked it or not. Kimmy that whore loved me smacking her ass I could hear it in her moans. The way her head fell back, the way her knees grew weak.

Here pussy pussy. Come to papa.

"Are you a virgin Miss Olsen?"

"I'm not telling you!"

I ran my fingertips up her leg, teasing the hell out of her skin. She wiggled. I then one handedly started undressing. Commanding her to not leave I was able to use both hands. Very soon I was naked. I trusted she would obey my command. After all, I was the male. I was going to go with the plan of dominating her anyways.

I took this opportunity to feel her, to strip her. Running my hands up her very tiny skirt I could feel she was naked underneath.....and very wet.

"Your wet little Missy."

My hands ran up to her tank and in one fluid motion had it on the ground.

There she stood, hands on the wall like she were under arrest.

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