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Four friends find a way to cope after a zombie outbreak.

He took out of the bag He had carried to the room with Him, two silver nipple clamps each with its own weight, a black scarf, and two clamps for her pussy.

As Ulliseus was standing there taking the things out from the bag, she was nervous about what He would do to her yet at the same time she was aroused. she wondered what her Master had planned for tonight. she knew it would be wonderful the pain and pleasures she was about to receive from Him.

He walked towards BarbaraAnne holding in His hand the items. He put them on a small table that was there.

He spoke to her telling BarbaraAnne that He would be putting them on her. He told her, "I know it will hurt but i also know you will like it."

she replied to Him, " yes Ulliseus i will enjoy all you do to me tonight and i can handle the pain. Please do what you will to me."

He picked up the black scarf and tied it tightly around her head, covering your eyes. she saw only darkness yet could feel and hear all around her. He picked up a nipple clamp and placed it on her left nipple and tighten it, He did the same to the other nipple on her. BarbaraAnne winced from the clamps upon her nipples. He tighten them even more, at this she tensed her body. He took from the table the other clamps and spread her pussy lips and to each side He put the clamps on her. He felt her wet already and this made him hard. His cock growing waiting to be in her.

Barbara Anne said, "Oh please Ulliseus no more it hurts already."

she started to cry and it excited Him to hear her pleading and crying to Him.

He told BarbaraAnne, "Soon i will please you, do as told little one, be strong and soon I will have my cock in you."

He took from the table the last thing He would use on her. He held the cucumber and slide it in her wet pussy.

she felt something hard and cold slide in her pussy. she moaned and the pain gave way to pleasure. she felt heat from the clamps on her body. she moved what little she could to the hard object in her pussy. her hips moving up and down on the hard object. With the blind on she did not know what it was but she did enjoy it sliding in and out of her. she moaned more now. Ulliseus slide the cucumber in and out of her. He stopped and slide his finger in her. she felt the object out of her. she knew His finger was in her now replacing whatever had been in her pussy. He heard her breathing heavier now and the moans from her mouth.

she pleaded to Him telling Ulliseus, "please i must cum soon and i want Your cock in me now so that W/we may cum T/together. i want Your mouth sucking my nipples. Please oh please, i want You, need You," she said begging to Him.

she was crying again this time because she wanted His cock in her wet pussy and His mouth on her nipples.

Ulliseus at hearing her pleading to Him. He began to take off the clamps. He undid the wrist and ankle cuffs letting her free. He left the blind fold on her and moved her quickly but gracefully to the bed. He spread her thighs, moved her legs to each side of His waist, and her feet along with her high heels were pointing up. she was spread wide for Him. He touched her thighs feeling the stockings softly beneath His hands. He slide His hands up her thighs to her opened, spread pussy and He slid two fingers in her. she moaned loud. He slide two more in her.

All four fingers were going in and out of her. He moved His head to her hardened nipples . He began to suck each nipple and biting them making her moan even more. her body shuddering as she feels His warm mouth on each nipple, His hand touching and rolling her other nipple with His fingers. Such pleasure, god how she had missed Him.

He moved His head above her body and He slid his hard swollen cock into her tight pussy. His body pushing her down on the bed. she matched the rhythm of His cock as He thrusts hard in and out of her. she was moaning loudly now to the point that soon she would be screaming.

her hips moving as she fels His cock gliding in and out so deeply within her pussy.

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