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"Yes!" She cried, simultaneously hoping he wouldn't repeat the blow and wishing he would hit her harder. He kissed her deeply, then broke the kiss suddenly.

"I don't know if I believe you," He said playfully, then pulled her hair harder to wrench her head back even further. Such a pretty little neck. I should make a point of marking it up before we're through here. He slowed his fingers in her pussy, drawing them in and out slowly now, making her feel every push. He released his grip on her hair and moved his hand to the side of her face. She looked into his deep blue eyes and saw gentleness there. The kind of eyes a girl could fall in love with, if she looked too long. He brushed a stray lock of hair out of her face, then drew her forward into his kiss. It was soft, and long, and she lost herself into the tenderness he had.

He kissed the side of her mouth, then over to her earlobe. She could hear his heavy breathing as he nibbled and teased her, then he kissed down the side of her neck and onto her chest. He drew her left nipple into his mouth, flicking his tongue expertly and sucking hard enough to make it harden. When he pulled back to admire his work, she groaned in protest. He smiled to himself and lowered back to her left side, interspersing small bites as he sucked on her heaving chest. As he heard her sigh, he bit down savagely. She yelped and he clamped a hand over her mouth. Picking up the pace in her sopping pussy, he bent over her and growled low in her ear.

"Apologize for the outburst and promise me it won't happen again." She looked up at him with fearful doe eyes and he softened a little. "It's okay, Sara. I just need you to be quiet so we don't disturb the others. You wouldn't want them walking in on us would you?" The last comment did the trick.

"No! I'm sorry, I'll try to be quieter," She blurted. He moved one hand back to her throat as a warning.

"There is no try, pet. I don't wanna hear anything above a whisper from you, or I'll silence you myself." As he spoke he squeezed harder and harder, releasing when he was through so she could respond. She blinked the spots away from her vision.

"I promise. I'll be quieter," She whispered. He slapped her across the face, hard.

"I promise, who?"

"I promise, Sir!" She said, still not daring to speak too loudly. But he believed her. She was coming along nicely. "Good." He returned to her chest and was pleasantly surprised to see her perky nipples still hard as iron, standing at attention and, consequently, very sensitive. She looked down into his eyes him as he bit down slowly, pleased to see her raising her own hand to her mouth to muffle her cries. "Good girl," He said, and began kissing down her stomach. "Good girls get rewarded,"

He paused over her clit, breathing hot and slow over her most sensitive spot to build anticipation. He pulled his other hand completely out of her, and she pushed up in protest. The unexpected tilt forced him to lick her and she gasped, lowering a hand to the back of his head to keep him where she wanted him. He pulled back immediately and slapped the area he had been tonguing. Although she jerked, she kept quiet. Wow. She's learning fast. This is going to be more fun than I thought it would be.

"Don't move towards me -- I'll please you when and if I think you deserve it. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir." She said quietly, casting her eyes to the side as she moved her hand back to her side.

"Good girl," He said, and turned back to her cunt. With no warning, he plunged two fingers into her pussy and started lapping at her. He alternated long, deliberate licks with short hard flicks of his tongue. When he felt she wasn't animated enough he would nip ever so lightly to elicit a jump from her. He listened as she moaned, finding the right spot every time to push her up to the edge -- only to pull out and wait for her to relax. After the second time, he came back with three fingers, stretching her out and pushing her even closer to her limit.

This time when

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