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The vampire gets what he wants.

Her hand was in place and her thumb was on the release button, about to push down and inject Spock with the drug inside when suddenly his hand was gripping her arm and she jumped.

"Christine." He breathed. She looked at him and saw something strange in his eyes. "Christine" he said again. "Why are you doing this?"

She knew she was caught. Don't panic, she thought, as she tried to bullshit her way out. "I told you, McCoy thought you needed a shot. If you don't want it, I could just tell him that you decided against it." and she tried to pull her arm out of his grasp.

"I'll go now." There, she couldn't go through with it, she was a coward. Her eyes couldn't meet his, she was ashamed of herself. But his grip was tight on her arm.

"No." He said. "Please. Stay." She was confused. Her eyes flicked up to his face and posed a silent question. What was he doing? He finally let go of her arm and stood up, facing her. He was so close that she could feel his breath on her face as he spoke.

"Christine, I have known what you were planning days ago. I did not think you would actually go through with it, given that I have not shown anything other than professional interest."

Her eyes narrowed. "You KNEW? You KNEW? Then why let me go through all this? Why not just confront me and tell me I'm being a child?" She tried to turn but he held her arms in a vice grip.

"Spock, let me go, you're hurting me."

"You are a fascinating creature, Christine. I knew what you had planned and I was not altogether against it." He looked down at her perfectly beautiful face and let his words sink in.

"Not...against it?" She was even more confused. "Spock, what do you mean?" Suddenly it dawned on her.

"Spock, you mean, you wanted me to come on to you?"

Now it was his turn to convey confusion. "Come on to me?"

She was not growing excited. "Yes Spock, did you want me to come on to you, to make a play for you? To...to...try to seduce you?"

"Ah, yes." He said. "Yes, the fact that you wanted to seduce me was interesting. You are a beautiful woman, Christine. I didn't not see it logical that a woman of your beauty would have feelings of a sexual nature towards one not of her race."

"But Spock, you're half human! You're like human men! Don't you want and need and have desires? For god's sake you have a..." Christine trailed off and looked embarrassed.

"A penis, Christine?" He asked, again raising his brow.

She looked down at the floor and nodded. "Well, yes." She looked up and searched his face. "Is it so hard to believe that I could be attracted to you? Spock, you are the most interesting man I have ever met! I wish I didn't have the feelings I have for you, but I do, I can't help them. I'm a human woman; I'm not completely logical. That's why I knew that you would never have the same feelings for me. I'm no Vulcan princess, I'm just this plain, illogical, human woman, who is love with an unfeeling halfman/halfvulcan."

His grip on her arms had loosened as she made her speech and he stood with one hand caressing her temple and the other sliding down to hold her hip.

"Spock? What are you.." but he interrupted her.

"shhhhhh. Shhhhh." he shushed her as if he was calming a child. His hands went on caressing her body and he went on. "Christine, I said that I did not think that a human woman could have feelings for a Vulcan. You proved that one could. I am glad. Christine, since before my failed Pon Pharr with T'pring, I have had strange feelings towards you." His hands were now on her stomach and moving up to lightly caress her breasts over the fabric of her uniform. He looked down at his hands as if he couldn't believe he was actually touching her and she heard his breathing grow loader.

"Christine, I realized that I no longer wanted to join with T'pring. I realized that I wanted to join with you."

Christine's eyes had fluttered closed as his hands moved over her body, but they now flew open and widened at his last statement. His eyes were on her mouth and she knew he was about to kiss her.

"Spock, why didn't

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