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Jan Dunsworthy begins her seduction of a nerd.

For Billy the goose-bumps were an indication she liked it and wanted more. He considered for an instant to become more aggressive, but lost his nerve moving quickly moved away from her vagina. He began to apply sunscreen to her right leg. He took his time giving her plenty of time for the goose-bumps to go away and for her to calm down. He gently massaged her calf and then moved higher on her thigh. She seems to be relaxed and composed, but for some reason she stiffened again and stretched while pushing her ass into the air like she was inviting him to touch it. He didn't. He wanted to but wasn't sure he was reading her signals correctly.

He spent a good deal of time working his way back near her vagina. He knew if he misread her actions it could create real problems for him. He understood how to handle women his own age, but she was at least ten years older than him. That was almost a different generation. If she were his age he wouldn't be so reluctant to interpret her signals. He took a deep breath and finally made the conscious decision for go for it. It was a calculated risk, but he was getting hornier by the minute.

He extended his index finger and slowly stroked her vagina through the bikini bottom. Her breathing deepened and became rapid. He could feel her push against his finger. He took this as a good sign and slipped his finger under her bikini bottom. She was very wet and his finger slipped easily in to her pussy. She moaned softly as he started a slow steady in and out movement. Filled with her own lust, she moved with his motion. Within minutes she shuttered and his finger was flooded with her juices. Her orgasm occurred so sudden; she panicked and bolted up right on the chaise lounge. She had been swept up in the moment and never intended to let it go that far. That part of her fantasy was supposed to occur when she was in bed with Walt role playing. She grabbed her cover-up and bikini top, and then covered her breast. She started to say something, but instead rushed toward her bungalow. Billy trailed close behind her. He didn't have a handle on her abrupt mood change.

She fumbled with her room key long enough for Billy to overtake her. He was able to push his way in before she could lock him out. They stood in the front room of the small bungalow staring at each other. Both were gasping for breath. She clutched the cover-up and bikini top to her breast and appeared alarmed. He couldn't believe her sudden mood change. Moments ago she was softly moaning as he stroked her vagina. Now she looked at him as though he were a crazed rapist.

"Why are you acting this way? You know I would never do anything you didn't want me to do."

"No I don't know that, Billy. My husband and I just met you and we don't know what liberties you might take with me. Besides, that's not the way the game is played."

"GAME!" Billy screamed. "What fucking game?"

Billy was in panic mode. He wondered if had been sucked into a trap. He could see himself being brought up on charges. He could lose his career in the Marine Corp. He could be court-martialed and sent to a federal prison. His whole life flashed before his eyes.

"What fucking game are you talking about?" He pleaded.

Vickie could see he was falling apart and immediately felt empathy for him.

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