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Erin finds a way out of Copulation for Profit.

I left the park with that cock lodged in my mouth and drove home through town sliding it in and out of my mouth, at times pushing it to my throat and holding it there while I drove with both hands or manipulated controls. I'm still curious what the other drivers thought of the guy driving around with a dildo hanging out of his mouth, lol.

This particular dildo had a suction cup base and I made good use of it. I'd put it on the door at waist level and get on my knees and practice sucking it and taking it down. I'd take it in the shower and stick it to the wall and drive that fucker down my throat. I got to where I could take its full length, bend the balls back and take it so far in I could close my lips around them. The feeling of my mouth and throat being so full turned my crank. I liked the feeling of my throat during and after stretching to fit that dildo in. I liked the slightly bruised feeling of my lips after a forceful mouth fuck with it.

I was hooked on mouth fucking this dildo. My girlfriend joined in, fucking my mouth with it and forcefeeding it to me. Her mouth would work on my cock and I would cum so hard that she said it felt like I had opened up a hose in her throat.

The inevitable day came when she came home on a Friday night and said we were hosting friends on Saturday.

Saturday broke with her waking me up with her lips wrapped around my cock and teasing my lips with my dildo. I opened up and we fucked each others mouths while I shoved my fingers in her pussy and rubbed her to an orgasm as I blew my load down her throat.

We spent the morning making a luncheon and around noon the bell rang. Frank(a coworker of Jennifer's whom we had shared Jen with in the past) came in with a couple bottles of wine. We all greeted and proceeded to have lunch. We moved into the family room and cracked some wine and after a couple drinks, Jen walked over to Frank and started rubbing up and down him, kissing his neck and lips and letting him reach under her top and play with her 32B titties. He peeled her top off and I was admiring the view with a growing hard on, anticipating a session of dp and getting my cock into her tight ass.

She got down to her panties and got Frank naked sitting on the couch. She started working her oral magic on his hard cock. Frank was 6 foot 2 and about 240 pounds, dark haired with nice chest hair and a trimmed crotch and a 7 inch medium thick cock. Jen motioned me over and I started rubbing my hard cock into the crack of her ass.

She took her mouth off Frank's cock and said, "no, come up here". She pulled me down next to her and said that this was the next step.

She took Frank in deep and then swirled her tongue around the head of his dick as I watched in anticipation but with a little trepidation. I knew this was the next natural step in my oral desire and so was not forced to do it, I just hadn't been forewarned. She pulled off of his rock hard cock and pulled me in for a deep probing tongue kiss. As she pulled me in I could see the wetness of her mouth and as she shoved her tongue in and our lips met I tasted a flavor I knew (from licking my own juices off my fingers and out of her pussy). As our kiss broke, I looked at Frank to see what he made of this.

Frank looked at me and smiled, telling me that Jen had told him what was up and he was happy to be my guinea pig.

Jen then held his cock out and I leaned forward and touched the tip of it with the tip of my tongue.

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