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Kayla is joined by two, he is tied to a tree.

Alexanderia moaned, quietly, with an erotic charge that brought a smile to William's lips. Alexanderia could hardly discriminate now, but William then took the icy edge of a fresh cube to each of those little bumps, and then circled her swollen peaks, before placing the cube carefully to her lips, and she sucked naturally, happy for the cold, and the liquid, welcome now with the sexual tension.

After Alexanderia finished with the cube, she felt William move off the bed, and for a few moments there was only silence. Somehow, without his presence near her, she felt all the more exposed, open. Alexanderia now felt the wetness that had seeped from her heated opening this last 20 minutes, and she wondered how she looked to her lover now. How would he pleasure himself? On her? Might he just spill all over her lips and neck and chest, then tell her to suck and lick him clean? As Alexanderia felt the air on her spread vagina, she wondered if this man would even give her the pleasure, the release she craved? Or would he leave her to sleep like this as best she might, to wait until morning for release? It was a weekend, with nothing scheduled. Would he keep her dripping and aching for that long?

Then, she felt the warm, slippery drops on her lips, and she smiled, moaned, and opened her mouth for him, and the yummy, thick, steady strands of William's pre-cum oozed from the cock she wanted to take. It was like a small stream into her mouth. And then, she felt the smoothness of the head and she was so happy to be giving pleasure, instead of suffering William's tortuous pleasure, this sexual agony she hoped would come to a close. Alexanderia gratefully suckled William, with the realization her sexual agony was only starting.

When Alexanderia had licked all the gooey clear sap from William's cock, his head and shaft now wet and warm from her mouth, William withdrew slowly, with gentle slaps of his cock to her lips. Alexanderia could feel the highly defined ridge of the crown as it smacked her. She so wanted to please him. She would take this gentle slapping if it meant she could please him, enjoy him, with just one suckle. She wanted to encircle her lips around that ridge and softly work him. Then, again, he was away for some moments, and she heard the ice again.

Alexanderia realized, just before the next cold drops landed all around her breasts, how deliciously warm it was for this. The Florida Gulf breeze was perfect, it was nice and warm without too much humidity, and she smiled to herself at the perfection of William's preparations, the open windows and all of it. The ice and its effect on her had not made her cold, but rather excited. That did not change her squirming and twitching with each of the next drops, though, all the way down her stomach and across her hips.

The feeling of William's tongue was like a warm jolt on her - he simply lapped up each drop, as if Alexanderia needed to be bathed, and it was the most delicious, wet, sex-kiss sensation. Alexanderia wanted more, on her still hard nipples, and she thought to herself how badly she wanted William to just swirl his tongue on her and then drink her hot, aching liquid. Would he, this time? Or would he just take her for his own pleasure and leave her, with his sticky cum on her, inside her, for her to ache and squirm and imagine what an orgasm would feel like, and when he might grant it?

The sudden pressure at her swollen center was awful.

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