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She sat on the toilet and spread her legs, really a shaved little brown chestnut of a pussy with the tiniest landing strip. He could smell her...like a spicy Tempranillo. Her little lips swelled in front of him as she pulled her labia apart and put a finger deep in her little Empanada. She pulled her finger out and he could see the moisture on it. "Mmmmm," she sighed..."Tastes so good, Captain...you like me?" He could only nod as she plunged her long-tipped red nail back into her quim and brought it out again, this time smearing her Mojo sauce across his gasping Lips.

Wilhelm groaned deep in his throat, desperately needing release. His dick began to throb and clench on it's own as he was at the edge. Isabella then brought him to stand right in front of her as she sat on the toilet and began to lick the head of his penis with sensual tiny strokes. She took tiny sucks on the head and massaged the bottom of his shaft, pressing into the area between his two balls. He got even harder as she started to take his Love machine deep into the cavern of her mouth, one inch at a time until her nose was pressed into his public hair. Faster and faster she went and he grabbed her long silky hair.

"Isabella, stop..." he weakly protested, "I can't cheat on Lucia, it's not right" She ignored him and began licking and sucking his cock and had it so deep in her throat that he could feel her windpipe.

"Mmmm, yes, babbee..." she murmured, "Cum for Mami, cum in my mouth, I want to taste you." She was purring and humming as she wrapped her round Tomatillo's around his balls. He then started fucking her face wildly, unable to stop the wild gyrations of his strong hips.

"OHHHHH FUCK!" he roared, as mountains of salty cum shot out of his engorged cock into her throat. He was so deep in her Love gullet, he swore he could feel her esophagus milking and draining his cock. She never stopped sucking and bobbing her head until her pulled her off and pushed her down on the ground. Just as he was bellowing his pleasure, someone came in the bathroom and rapped sharply on the door.

"Captain Wiener?" the soldier questioned, "Are you ok?" Wilhelm struggle to regain his composure while drawing gasping breaths and legs shaking hard. Isabella was smirking up at him from her splayed positure on the floor. The sexy Puta was licking her lips to make sure she got all of his delicious spunk.

"I am FINE, Private!" Wilhelm shouted, "I will be out in a minute!" With a look of gratitude at the still panting disheveled girl solder, he zipped up and exited the bathroom. He watched the door for several minutes but she didn't emerge. With a puzzled shake of his head but a satisfied smile, he went on with his day.

On the drive home, he was struck by a wave of anxiety. He thought of the Tailhook scandal and his wife. A wave of remorse swept through him. How could he face Lucia? Just because after the kids, their lovemaking had slacked off, didn't mean he should have been with Isabella. But Isabella was like a flame to him...Caliente...he was helpless to resist her.

With trepidation, he crept into the house. To his surprise and disappointment, there was no dinner on the table, nor smells of cooking. Instead he heard some Music upstairs and the kids were all out. He figured Lucia was in their bedroom, he could slip past her and wash Isabella's coral lipstick off his limp manhood. He neared the bedroom and stopped short. He heard a strange sound, almost like a cry of pain but with soft sighs. He opened the door and almost jumped out of his skin. There was his lovely wife between Isabella's legs licking her wet pussy and fucking her with a 10-inch black dildo!

Lucia was slurping Isabella's lips and busily fingering herself and rubbing her clit.

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