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She taught me to never judge a book by its cover.

I let her trip but saved her from falling. She told me that I was so nice.

I asked her how to lock her door as I pretended not to know how. She locked it securely and patted me on the shoulder, and then offered me a drink. She also turned on some music. After she had taken a couple of sips, I pretended to dance with her spinning her left and right.

"You got me drunk," I said.

"You can't hold your liquor," she laughed and stumbled.

I laughed with her as I guided her to her bed. I took off her shoes and told her that she had better go pee. She staggered into the bathroom and I shut her in there.

I did a quick scan to get the layout of her things. I riffled through her drawers and her closet. I got her bra, shoe, pants, and dress sizes.

When she came out of the bathroom I gave her, her glass and asked if I could put my shirt over the back of the chair. Before she could answer, I asked her for another dance.

I just wanted to get my hands back on her. I matched our pelvis and started to grind. I grabbed her ass and moved her with me. I was dry fucking and she was almost completely gone.

I danced her back to her bedroom and put my face to her neck. I moved cheek to cheek, and then to the corner of her mouth. She moved her lips to mine and I laid her on her bed.

I kept my lip locked on hers as I grind my hard-on against her crotch. She moaned slowly. I kept up my movement, while removing my shirt and tossing it on the floor near the door.

I was able to spread her legs wide without resistance. I felt my opportunity was there, so I pulled out my cock and slipped it pass the crotch of her panties into her tight cunt.

I worked my cock all the way to hilt. I fucked her steady for about twenty minutes before I realized that she was almost unconscious. I eased out of her and got us both completely naked.

I used her camera to take a couple of pictures of my lips to hers. It took me a few tries before they looked real. I even programmed my number into her phone.

I got back on her and slow fucked her. I put drops of my cum in her mouth and watched her swallow. I wanted her to feel that we had been fucking all night.

I worked my cock in her ass and was surprised that I didn't have to force it in. I came in her ass and it took me a little while to recover. She was completely out by then.

I tossed our clothes from the front door to the bedroom, making a trail. I figured that if her boyfriend came, he would see it as consensual sex.

I moved her under the covers and began fucking her pussy again. I continued until I just couldn't go anymore. That was when I rolled her on top me. I kept my cock in her and laid her head on my chest.

I woke when I felt her begin to move. I moved my hands down to her soft buns as I pushed my cock up in her. She moaned and rolled her hips.

I heard her front door open, so I slid the covers down. She pushed down taking more of my cock her. I spread my legs knowing that the figure I glanced to see in the door way could see my cock going into her pussy.

"Fucking shit!" her boyfriend shouted from the doorway.

She rose looking toward the door and then down at me. She hopped up out of bed and covered herself.

"Is this what you call not cheating on me, Anne?" He stormed out of her apartment before she could say anything to him.

She looked at my sex-laced cock that was pointed straight at the ceiling, and said, "Oh my god." Then she ran into her bathroom.

She was in the bathroom for a while, so I started quickly cleaning up. I left her panties and my boxers on the floor of her bedroom together.

I cooked her eggs, beacon, toast, and coffee. I found her Asprin and poured her a glass of juice. I let her see the breakfast on her counter before she laid eyes on me.

I sat on her sofa putting on my pants, shoes, and socks. "You should have told me that you have a boyfriend, I would have left last night."

I could tell that she was trying to figure out what had happened.

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