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She meets her second husband on her anniversary.

It was sweetly frustrating because I can take two of your fingers without pain, but you were showing me that you were in control of me, enjoying your Dominance. You gradually sped up your motion, hooking your finger against the front of my vagina until I was too close to cumming right then, so you stopped to tie my legs.

You tied the ropes around my thighs like garters and attached the ropes also to the headboard, pulling my knees up and apart....

You were binding my legs in a position to leave me exposed and open to your Dominant touch. One leg was tied with my knee close to my leaking breast and I threw the other straight out to the side, where you left it, relaxing it by stroking my soft inner thigh. You had my ankle in a tight grip and bent down to bite my flesh, your face near my cunt to breathe in the scent of my intense arousal. I held my breath and after a moment you returned your fingers to my slut training.

You watched as you slipped two of your fingers into me easily; my wetness was audible as you pulled them back and then pushed deeper inside me. You did this slowly, to tease me and I loved your pace, anticipating how hard I would cum from this elaborate treatment. My muscles clutched around your fingers in time with their motion, exciting you, making you feel that surge of power flowing between us. You were still wearing your trousers and told me to open my eyes to look at the shape of your cock straining hard against the dark fabric. I made an involuntary noise of desire and without stopping my slut training you unzipped to show me your sticky cock and fed me your juices from your fingers, pulling your hand firmly up inside me when you were near my face to let me taste you, hovering over me looking so angelic. You pressed my clit down with your thumb and kissed my lust flavored lips to capture my moans.

I felt the pressure build up in my lower belly, like I was about to squirt into your hand, but I forced myself to enjoy the desire and see how far it could take me instead of begging you to let me cum right then.

You noticed how I fucked your hand in my bound position and felt how you possessed me, had made me your love slave and whore. I was already straining in the ropes to wrap my arms around you and make love to you. You licked the hot skin of my cheek before pulling away. I told you how I wanted you and you assured me that you knew. You were going to go back to my slut lessons, I could tell, and you knelt again between my legs, where you could get the complete view of your slave spread out before you.

You had both hands on my slippery cunt now, using one to part my labia wider. I groaned at the pleasure of this intrusion--I wanted to be used and violated by you, so it was a powerful feeling of love I felt for you, and no shame at all. There was something excitingly clinical in the way you pulled me apart, but not without passion. Your expression of concentration was sublimely sexy--the glimmer in the eyes, the perfect mouth slightly open. Your face glowed with life and lust and I could see the tantalizing droplets of your pure sweat at your hair.

I felt a strange new penetrating pressure and tensed up for a moment. "Shhh," you said to me and I melted into your touch. Your fingers on the outside of my cunt lips were light and soothing. I realized somehow that I was feeling all of your fingertips of your left hand shallowly inside the entrance of my cunt, and I was stretched more than ever before, but still hungry inside to be filled with my Master. It was an intoxicating mix of fear and trust and pain and desire. I wondered if you really wanted to put your whole hand inside of me and the look on your face said you were enjoying this. I asked you if it was going to hurt, and you said calmly that it would, the tone in your voice conveying all that we did not have to say: that it would hurt, but I want it to hurt, that I am your pain whore and that you are the one to give me this experience I craved with you.

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