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A delivery opens a whole new world to him.

" However, she did stop crying.

I managed to start up another conversation and we both relaxed, so much so, that I forgot about my staunch erection and lowered my leg that has disguising it. Suddenly she smiled at me.

"I'm glad to see that the situation turns you on so much!"

I suddenly noticed that my dick had burst through the hole in the front of my boxer shorts and was plainly visible. I must have gone even redder than I already was as she giggled.

"Sod it Tony lets both go naked, in this heat it makes sense doesn't it!"

Before she had finished the sentence she stood up and removed her tracksuit bottoms revealing a nicely trimmed golden bush. Then she lay out her top and sat down on it facing me with her legs slightly spread.

"Come on then," she said, "don't be shy, I've seen it already."

By now the situation was getting on top of me and I thought what the hell and took of my last item of clothing allowing my erection to spring out. We just sat there for a few moments taking in each others bodies, she then pulled her knees up to her chest giving me a perfect view of her swollen pussy, the lips already slightly parted and her juices were clearly visible. Just when I thought the situation couldn't get any sexier Diane changed position again. This time she leaned back a bit spread her legs and started rubbing at her pussy with one hand and her nipples with the other. My dick was now aching and desperate for relief as I watched her as she masturbated in front of me parting her pussy lips as wide as they would go to give me a better view of her hole.

I realized I was being given a green light to fuck this beauty so I moved over to where she was and asked if I could help. She moaned and I took this as a yes. I moved her into the middle of the lift and put us into a sixty-nine position so that I could lick her moist pussy at the same time offering her my dick to suck. She didn't need any more persuasion and took my hard penis into her mouth and started what was the best ever blowjob. At one point I had to ignore her lovely little pussy as I moaned to her that I was about to come. To my amazement (and joy) she didn't let go of my dick as all my other girlfriends had done, instead she sucked harder moving her head back-and-forth as I erupted what felt like gallons of spunk into her mouth. She swallowed the lot and then licked me clean not letting go of my dick for a second. My erection hardly subsided and I was rock hard again in seconds with her mouth working wonders on my dick. Next she ordered me to stop licking her and to fuck her. I didn't need asking twice and turned around her sexy blue eyes were sparkling and there was a little dribble of come that had run down her cheek. I placed the end of my dick at the entrance to her tunnel and was going to enter her slowly but she grabbed a hold of my buttocks and pulled me in with one hard stroke as she let out a gasp of delight. I started moving in and out of her tight little hole with full strokes at a pace that Diane was controlling. We continued like this for about ten minutes before I felt Diane quickening the pace as her breathing got faster. She then wrapped her legs around my back and pulled me in really fast but with shorter strokes. She closed her eyes tight and a shiver went through her body as she came with a muffled cry, a big grin across her face. I could feel her pussy spasm around my dick and this was enough to send me over the top as I came for the second time, her pussy squelching as our juices mingled. Diane went all floppy under me and, her face showed the signs of satisfaction a woman gets when you make her orgasm.

I was already thinking about the next shag when were both startled by my briefcase ringing, actually it was my mobile phone, I had forgotten that I had it.

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