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Shit! I'm cumming!*

Dane and I continued to talk, well, mostly he talked while we ate.

Nicole kept her composure enough to eat, add a comment here and there, and still have several orgasms on Dane's talented fingers.

*Geran? I have to see what his dick is like.*

*Wait until the after dinner drinks when your hands are free.*

*I REALLY want him to bend me over the table and fuck me. I want him to cum in me and cum on my face. I want him to make me walk through town with his jizz all over my face and tits and have everyone notice. I want him to rip my dress open and have my boobs exposed and have a collar and leash on me.*

*Sounds like you're having fun.*

*I also want nothing to with him. I don't want him anywhere near me. I want to smash his face in for even daring to look at me.*

*Nicole, you've got some serious issues with this guy. Although on the plus side, you've found someone who could actually fulfill your rape fantasy.*

The thought of him taking her without her permission made her climax again. When all the dishes were cleared and we were just sitting at the table talking she slid her hand under the table.

*Geran, I'm reaching for it, but I'm really nervous. I found his zipper and I'm sliding it open. No underwear, just a big bare cock. He's so hard. He must want to shove this thing deep inside me while he's squeezing my tits. I bet he's thinking about fucking me doggy style. I'm gonna use your corruption thing and make him cum. Oh yeah, he's shooting thick jets of cream all over my hand. I need you to go to the restroom for a moment so I can eat his load.*

I excused myself and went to the restroom. *Geran, he doesn't taste as good as you, but he tastes pretty damn good. OK, I've slurped it all down and he's zipping back up. He's finally left my pussy alone and we're straightening our clothes.*

I came back to find them in pretty much the same positions. He chose the table well to hide their activities. I sat down.

"So Nicole and I need to discuss this. How do we get back in touch with you?"

He handed both of us a business card. Nicole gave a short laugh, "The CDC, why didn't we think of that?"

Dane started to get up and so did we. "Nicole, I think it would be best if you joined me for a nightcap to discuss how we could make a pretend Apocalypse without kicking off the real thing. Geran, it was a pleasure." He started ushering us downstairs.

As we got outside Nicole put her hand on his chest and pushed him to arm's length. "Thanks for dinner and dessert, but I am going home with my husband." She wrapped her arm around mine.

Dane had a very confused look on his face. "I was told you were siblings. I thought you were siblings. You two are married?"

"Yes. Thanks again and good night." She kissed his cheek and I shook his hand. We got into the limo and were whisked away. His face glowed red in the taillights of the limo and his expression was one of confusion and irritation.

"Geran, I need you to make love to me tonight. Not sex and not fucking. I need you to do what you like best with me."

I gave her a nice kiss. "When we get inside I am going to worship your body all night long."

"Good." She snuggled in closer. "I really need that and you."

Nicole's Story:

Fucking shit I didn't know what was wrong with me. I never have conflicting emotions, especially about sex and that piece of shit had me wanting to lick his balls. Or bite them off. The conflict made it that more arousing. And fuck did he know how to work my clit and pussy. I was still dripping from the workout during dinner. I knew as much as I couldn't stand the man we would fuck sometime soon and it would be amazing.

He had a really nice cock too.

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