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A girl's encounter with a stud sailor and an older couple.

I didn't even realize he was married."

"He's not." Tessa replied, "My mother passed away about a year after she married him, I was only three, and I never new my real father so Dr. Formike adopted me."

"I'm sorry, about your mother I mean."

"I don't really remember her." Tessa shrugged.

"Does Dr. Formike visit you often?" Conner asked.

"Once a week. So how long have you been in the pool business?"

Tessa had changed the subject because she was growing uncomfortable being the center of attention, so Conner humored her and explained how he had started his business after high school, and about the men who worked for him. Tessa kept asking questions, making certain that the conversation didn't turn its attention on her. But she did like talking to Conner, listening to him talk. He told her about his four-year marriage and his divorce, he talked about his parents and his brothers and even some of his more interesting customers.

Conner was not use to spending an entire night talking about himself. He would have loved to know more about Tessa, but he settled for her curious questions, and she made him feel like she was really interested in his life. Not many women wanted to talk about him when he took them out, and this was a rather nice switch.

They finished their ice cream and Conner decided to go before he wore out his welcome. He made a point to send the still working boys away first, deciding if they stayed it would only upset Tessa. He said goodbye to her as she waited away from the door. He didn't want to leave just then, and he thought maybe he saw the same feeling in her face as he left. He thought maybe tomorrow, he would try to talk to her more.


Conner looked over the master bedroom that happened to be an office. He had questioned the choice of red paint at the beginning, but now that it was finished and he was packing up his supplies he thought it looked really nice, and Tessa seemed to think so too as she looked over the room.

She had told him that she liked it, and Conner was pleased, but he was also somewhat disgruntled that he had finished so early. He was taking his time gathering his things, not ready to say goodbye. He was nearly ecstatic when Tessa offered him a drink, but he tried to hide some of his enthusiasm over it.

He followed her down to the kitchen where Tessa poured the lemonade and they talked for a while longer. He noticed she wasn't making circles around him, keeping her distance, so he comfortably leaned on the opposite end of the counter from her as he drank.

"Dr. Formike won't be back for a few more weeks." Conner said, "Mondays I'm supposed to go to the market for you, where can I get the list?"

"I leave it on the inside of the door." Tessa explained.

"Alright." He nodded, knowing he should stop there, but he couldn't. He might not see her again, so suddenly he was ready to be brave. "When was the last time you went to the market?"

He had expected Tessa to become tense upon his asking, so he waited in the thick silence for her to answer. Tessa knew that eventually he would ask her something like this, and she knew the longer she waited to answer the harder it would be to change the subject. She couldn't change the subject now. Why did she have to ask him to stay for a drink? Because she didn't want him to leave, that's why. This was exactly why she didn't talk to people, they asked questions. She could ask him to leave. She had a right to do that, but she really didn't want to.

"It's been a while." She replied. "Look, if you want I have a sister who can..."

"I don't mind." Conner stated, "I was just curious, that's all."

"Oh." She sighed, thinking it was over. She had answered his question, he would be satisfied now, but she knew that wasn't true.

"Don't your clients ever want to meet with you?" He asked.

"No, I think they like things the way they are." She stated.

"Do you?"

Tessa looked up at him suddenly.

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