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Meteorology part one.

Your heart shall be his, not now maybe, but in time you shall learn to love him."

She did not bother, her previous attempts has failed, so she knew how this disagreement would end. Instead she got up and stormed past her father, out of the door and out of their house. She roamed the town until she noticed a barn. She approached slowly, her anger still running wild trough her mind. She noticed a man brushing the mane of one of the horses. She scouted him up and down. He wore tights and no shirt, muscular physique, and big arms. She approached him as silently as she could. she wrapped her arms around him from behind and started rubbing his dick through his tight pants. He got a fright, but because of fear, he did not turn around. Moans came from his mouth, as she kissed the back of his neck. He knew he was at the mercy of his mistress, but curiosity made him want to know who she was. He turned around and his mouth dropped. Here was the sweet innocent little Tracy, his master's daughter. He served there family as a man who looked after the horses and contact of any form was strictly forbidden from Tracy.

"Tracy," and before he could finish his statement she stuck her tongue into his mouth, still rubbing his dick through his tights. She dropped to her knees and pulled down his tights to his knees, and she started massaging his huge cock that was now standing at almost 9'. She kissed the tip of the head and could taste a bit of pre cum on her lips, and then with one quick movement she put as much into her mouth as she could. Moans escaped his mouth as she move it in and out of her mouth, rubbing it with one hand at the and massaging his balls with the other. He felt tension start to build in his balls, and she could feel it build up as well. And she managed to get his entire cock into her mouth and then felt an explosion of liquid at the back of her throat, but her mouth couldn't contain all of it so some was dripping down her chin and the side of her mouth. Then she got up and he pushed her backwards and she lost her balance, falling onto a stack of hey. He lifted up her dress and saw her still clean pussy, he could see immediately that she was still a virgin, not a trickle of hair. He went down and put her mouth over her pussy and tickled her clit with his tongue, she moaned loudly. He replaced his tongue with a finger and inserted it, but it wasn't easy, it was so tight. He moved his finger in and out and could feel her pussy squeeze around his finger. She felt a rush through her body, and she wanted to curl up into a ball. Her legs clutched closed around his head and for a second he couldn't breathe and all he could smell was pussy juice, but this scent just got him stiff again.

Tracy was determined to disgrace her family, so she wanted to go further, she wanted his nine inches inside her firm, tight, inexperienced pussy.

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