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Things continue to develop.


"Wait." said another voice. "Let me get in her before you start."

A cock replaced the vibrator in my pussy and slowly thrust back and forth. There was a whistling noise and a million fires started in my breasts. The owner of the gruff voice had bought the cat of nine tails down hard across them.

My interest level ramped up a notch. The man thrusting inside me was quite big and took his time he was obviously giving signals to the man wielding the cat and several more strokes fell across my body. I felt the tempo quicken and a voice said, "Yeah give it to her Dave." The cat swished several times and I felt the man come. I clenched my pussy walls and he took a long time coming. A creditable performance I thought, but I was a long way from orgasm.

The cock slid out to be replaced by rough fingers pushed in then scooping out. They then smeared the come across my now burning breasts. Just then Jane screamed. "Oh God, so many of you; please don't all fuck me. I will help you with them!"

"Ha bloody Ha." said the gruff voice, "anyone ready for a double flying fuck?" Jane moaned and then screamed. "Oh No, Oh No." then went silent. There was slapping and slurping noises coming from Jane's direction.

"Can I watch please?" I had to join in. My blindfold was roughly removed. Jane was indeed being fucked fore and aft by two six foot men. Her feet were way off the floor and she was in heaven bouncing up and down as the two men thrust up together. I was rather jealous! Another cock slid into me and began keeping time with the men in Jane. In and out, a swish and a cane landed across my belly. I heard another swish and saw Anne receive the wicked whip round her breasts. Two men released the ropes holding her feet.

"Here hold these for a minute" said the Deep Bass voice and gave the ends of the rope to watching men. Anne was then entered for and aft. Anne was spread wide and although her feet were being held she made no attempt to support her weight.

I was seriously jealous now. Another cock was presented to my mouth. That meant there were at least nine men; Two in Jane, two in Anne and two holding her legs apart, two in me and one wielding the cane which fell across my left breast in time with the cocks in my mouth and my vagina. I felt less jealous. I ramped up another notch.

"Ok guys the waif here wants us all to fuck her; line up." I saw the owner of the gruff voice taking charge of the men.

Jane pleaded, "Oh No." but of course meant yes and so I watched and was being used to suck cocks to erection as man after man took Jane. I revised the count fifteen perhaps more they were all youngish fit men. A rugby team or footy team! The gruff voice was last in view an older man with a big cock was last at my mouth and last into Jane. I had counted nineteen of the bastards. I smiled as Jane hung limply from her ropes.

"This one is all used up for a while. How about the Bitch? Does anyone else know to use this?" the gruff voice asked.

A good looking young man said "I can try." and so Anne got several good lashes with the short whip and I got more cocks slimy from Jane to suck erect before they took Anne some singly others together. I had not had a cock in my anus at all and it had been some time since one had been in my pussy. I played super Bitch.

"Hey you, I need cock." The older man had just finished with Jane and laughed as he came and thrust his dripping cock into my mouth. He mauled my red tits.

"This one is well up for it, but I don't think we better let her loose Come on guys tag team her." He said as he filled my mouth and pushed his cock into my throat. Many hands joined the ones tearing at my tits and soon many other cocks replaced the one in my mouth and then entered my pussy. None of them lasted long but I made several cum in my mouth and felt several more cum in my pussy. I was getting there, but if they were not going to let me go I was not going to get my butt fucked and no double penetration I waited till the tag team slowed down.

"How about my Ass?" I asked.

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