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He expects a picture but gets much more.

Some women were on all fours engorging in cock all the way down to the stem.

One woman stood on the table into a squatting position over a man's cup of coffee, with one finger he pressed against her clit and her juices fell out into his warm drink. With one stir of a spoon he downed it in seconds. The woman then offered the same treatment to another man and then a woman.

"Fresh creamer." Anna winked. The next room was the candy room, candy bars, lollipops, gums, even a large box of nerds stood in the display cases.

"Some people have a sweet tooth, they're allowed to pleasure themselves here or select what candy they want to use. If they're more of a private person they order the staff to pick up their order and have it delivered to the room. We have several catalogs."

A younger woman was there rubbing the head of a cherry lollipop at her gate while trying to decide what other candies she could enjoy.

Anna went to the back of the hall, there the elevator opened up and they ascended to the second floor, this hallway spelled of fresh pine. Anna pushed open the first door.

"This is the polishing room, where your juices help shine our silver or gold if you prefer it." A girl was rubbing a silver vase between her legs, how much was that worth exactly Ellie wondered. One woman dipped a gold coin in and out of herself and brought it to the light inspecting how shiny the coin had become. Another woman was rubbing on a candle stick to cool it, the wet wake sticking to her moist lips.

"Lets push on." Anna for the first time skipped a door.

"Uh what's that one?" Ellie asked.

Anna gave her a long chesire smile "Maid closet, staff only." Anna went on until they were out of the hallway altogether, another right and they were in a new hallway and new doors aligned to the right.

Anna opened the first door, it was hot yoga, literally. Everyone was naked bending and twisting in compromising positions, but it was the first room where nothing entered another person's body.

"Our yoga room, there are work out rooms below, but most like the quiet peacefulness it comes with." Anna pulled the door closed and opened the next. There was a woman in glasses, stark naked in stilettos. She had a ruler in her hand hitting at the board which had drawings of a vagina and penis with notes of length and sizes.

She had listed techniques as well.

"Now riding her is easy." The teacher said teasing her cunt with a piece of chalk, the class watched her closely. "But some want a wild fuck, hard. Now if you're big you might stretch her, or if your dildo's too big you'll stretch her." She winked at some of the girls in the class.

"As enjoyable as it is in your vagina it can be just as fun up your ass, it's tighter which makes the dick or dildo feel thicker. Would anyone like to help me demonstrate?" Hands shot in the air. She pointed at one of her students who automatically shifted his cock out.

She walked to the front of the desk and bent down so that the class could see her small hole.

"Now most want to use a lube their first time or all the time, but again some like the roughness. Come on and give it to me." The man spread her cheeks with his hands and led his cock to the lips of her ass.

"Ohh.." The teacher groaned "Just shove it all up there." Once the head entered her rectum, he did as instructed, slamming his cock straight up her ass "Yes! Pay close attention class!"

"This is pretty self explanatory." Anna explained to Ellie and pulled her again out into the hallway. Anna led her out and pointed down another hall.

"Now this is as far you can go, but let me explain the other rooms purposes." Anna then picked up a pamphlet from the table and gave it to Ellie.

"The rooms with the red stars are hardcore rooms. Usually guests want to be pleasured by a pro, so we have porn stars who often use these rooms. They accept women and men. And their sessions can last from morning to night."

"One woman had an orgasm every hour after.

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