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Older sister gives it all up.

Yet Michaels still laughed aloud at sight of the kid. For one, he still bore a faint waft of coffee, as well as splotches of redness down his torso where she had burned him. For another, he sported the world's most ridiculous, aggressively hard boner. Sure, since working out he seemed to have gotten a little bit longer, and she appreciated that, but Michaels had always thought that a full grown man walking about with an erection outside a bedroom was among the most comical spectacles imaginable.

"And just what do you think you're about to do with that, idiot?" she said, giving the enthusiastic member a few whacks. "Stand down, soldier. I'll give you a good fucking in awhile, you gross perv, but for now I don't want to have to look at that."

"Sorry, Ma'am," Jason said, sounding genuinely embarrassed. He actually tried to force his cock down with his hands as Michaels began pacing around the living room. "What can I do for you tonight, Ma'am?"

Michaels sighed. She grabbed a hold of Jason's cock and began yanking him along behind her as she paced. "I don't even know, Jason. I don't! Something about today was horribly frustrating, and I don't know which knots to try working out."

"How about a nice licking, Ma'am?" Jason suggested, but Michaels shook her head. After this morning, she felt licked out for awhile. "Would belting me help? It usually does, Ma'am."

That was true. Turning a belt on Jason was awfully satisfying. "It's worth a shot. Go get it."

She released Jason's prick and gave his ass a smack as he scampered off towards her bedroom, and the closet within. Michaels had never been willing to invest in silly, costly equipment for playing with her pet. Why pay for a whip when a belt worked just as well? Indeed, a decent belt could double for much of what one needed to dominate a young man. A collar, a leash, a restraint, a gag...And most anything else one could desire for playtime could be improvised from around the house. Dr. Michaels had looked on the internet-going the conventional leather and latex route was expensive, and she refused to sacrifice so much for toying with a mere pet.

After a few moments, Jason came scurrying back into the room with the long, thin instrument in his hands. Michaels took the belt from Jason's hands. She bent the length of leather in half and gave the tip of the loop a long, wet kiss before using it to slap Jason twice on the right cheek, twice on the left, and ordering, "Bend!"

Jason leaned onto the couch, bracing his chest and head against the cushions while his legs stayed straight and his ass thrust into the air.

God, no boy had any right to have such a perfect, soft, round ass. She caressed one cheek for a bit before giving it a hard, tweaking pinch that elicited a satisfying gasp from Jason. Michaels stood back, twisted the belt around her hand, and, without warning or ceremony, whacked Jason's ass right where she had pinched. The boy gasped a harsh yelp into his lungs. Michaels struck again, and the boy's shout was choked gurgle.

Again. A third time, each slap echoing loudly through the apartment, the muted thundercrack of hard leather on soft meat.

Jason spasmed and groaned, "Thank you, Ma'am..."

She began laying into him harder, faster, belting cheeks, thighs, back with increasing fury and abandon. Jason writhed and began to shrink in on himself as though trying to hide from the blows. He moaned until moans became screams and screams became sobs. Michaels found herself yelling almost as much as he, in rage and satisfaction, pounding that perfect little ass with all her strength.

After a few minutes Michaels' arm grew tired and she had to catch her breath.

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