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Stranded passengers discover passion.

Now Ed removed his own belt from the loops of his jeans, a thick, wide heavy-duty belt.

"I think this little bitch boy needs to have his bottom beaten. Why don't you do the honors, Rachel," Ed said, handing me the belt. I stood there, holding it, frozen for a moment, unsure of what to do. But then, suddenly, I knew just what I wanted to do, my face lighting up with glee.

"Oh yeah," I hissed, licking my lips.

Those months at the gym had given me plenty of upper body and arm strength. And now I was going to use it. I lifted the belt and then, using my gym-honed strength, brought it down with a loud snap on Danny's bare bottom.

"Oh fuck!" he howled as he felt it.

"Yeah, 'little bitch boy,' that's what Ed called you, and that's what you are," I cackled mockingly, "and this is what you deserve."

I brought the belt down on his bare ass again.... and again and again, Danny squealing and squirming like a trapped pig, his ass reddening, each downstroke of the belt leaving a red welt on his muscled cheeks.

"You can't do this to me!" Danny hollered.

"Oh, yes she can," Ed said coolly, watching me whip his ass.

"Yes, I can, asshole," I said, really getting into it, getting out all my frustrations, my resentments over how Danny had abused me and my trust.

"And speaking of assholes," Ed said, winking at me as he reached for the bag and pulled out the dildo we'd bought. He tore open the packaging and waved the big rubber cock in Danny's face, Danny staring at it silently with a very stunned look on his face.

Just what did Ed have in mind?

"I think you should show this asshole what assholes are for, Rachel," Ed said with a smile, "got any Vaseline in the house?"

"Sure, it's the bathroom, down the hall, in the medicine cabinet" I told him, pointing to the hallway. Ed went there and a few seconds later came back with a jar of petroleum jelly. In those few seconds I managed to beat Danny's ass a few more times with the belt. Shit, I was really getting in the groove, liking this, liking it whole lot. Maybe whipping men's bottoms would become a new fetish for me!

Now Ed opened the jar and dipped in with his fingers to scoop up a big dab, slapping it between Danny's ass cheeks as Danny kept squirming, and tugging at the cuffs.

"What the fuck are you doing!" he squealed.

"I'm greasing your asshole, bitch. I'm sure it's been greased plenty."

Ed was gay, and he knew Danny was gay. That's why he was slapping the lube in himself. Ed's eyes were sparkling. He may've been pissed off at Danny after hearing all about him from me. But he sure couldn't deny that Danny was one hot looking young stud, and that he had a great ass. And I knew enough about queers to know that if there's one thing they like, it's a cute male ass.

I could hardly believe what I was seeing. The queer stud who managed my gym working a couple of stiff fingers up my roommate's ass, Danny cuffed to the table, his jeans bunched around his knees, his bare ass first whipped and now greased. Somehow that really turned me on, watching one good looking stud ream another good-looking stud's' ass with a couple of stiff greased fingers.

"Here Rachel," Ed said, handing me the big dildo, "you whipped that ass real good. Now how about you get in between those red whipped cheeks."

I put down the belt and took the dildo from Ed. Holding it I was amazed how heavy it was, how big it felt. I was punishing my roommate I knew, but I had to admit all this was sort of turning me on too, turning me on a whole lot! I always had this fantasy of screwing a guy's ass with a dildo but whenever I mustered up the courage to ask a guy if I could do that to him, he'd look at me like I was crazy, or something. Now here was my chance.

"Hey Danny?" I said to him as he looked over his shoulder at me, a wild, trapped look in his eyes.

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