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Masturbating over a fantasy about a new woman in my life.

"N-no mores....i-it hurts....i can't find how ta get them offs", she was twisting them more frantically but finally he stopped her.

He leaned down low beside her ear and whispered roughly, "they'll never come off, I told you, you're mine", those words making her tremble on his lap and whimper, the sounds and feeling of her terror only making him feel stronger and more a Master of her than if she'd fought him tooth and nail.

"Please take em off, v-velve....d....errrr.....i dunno how ta say the rests", she was trembling again and tried at least pushing to her feet to remove herself from his lap, but he wouldn't have it.

"No kitten, you'll stay right here....unless of course...would you like to sit elsewhere, Lucie?", his voice took a kind tone, something he was trying out, mostly to trick the little kitten that had caught onto and argued her way out of so much already.

She thought about it for less than a second and nods her head, he had no intention of letting her off his lap though and would lift her up some, a shuffling of fabric heard before he'd impale her on his throbbing cock. The outrageous heat of it making her scream into her small apartment, he'd fit a little gag into her mouth and strap it around her head, holding her there on his thick shaft and groaning into her ear, "is that a better seat, cat girl?", then chuckling darkly.

Lucie couldn't speak or move with the way he held her, her back to his chest and her tight little pussy wrapped around the largest shaft she'd ever had inside of her. She was panting and whimpering against the gag and shaking her head quickly. He didn't respond with more than another chuckle before whispering darkly in her ear, "let's try to make my pet more comfortable, shall we?", then he lifted her hips all the way to the tip of his cock before dropping her back down, eliciting a groan and additional panting from the small kitten. She was stretched around him but her body liked it, she was dripping wet, his warmth and the feeling of being filled did something odd to her body. She didn't know it was something in his precum causing it but she'd mewl against the gag suddenly and wriggle her hips a little. It was starting to feel good enough she didn't have the urge to fight it. And again her hips would give a little wiggle and the demon would laugh into her ear again, "that's it my little pet, you want it now don't you?", the demon removes the gag now and after some stretching, Lucie would respond.

"Please?", just one sweet little word making it past her panting lips as she tries lifting herself but he held her down on his cock, even her squirming making him groan with the pleasure of such a tight little creature stretched around him. She would have tried fighting the feelings if she'd known the secret of his secretions. But she was na__ve about such things and demons.

"I'll give you all the cock that you need if you'll do one little thing for me, Lucie. You must wear a collar showing all that you're my pet. Do you understand, cat girl?", he'd tip her head back enough to stare down into her eyes and while comprehension stirred, the need there was still so thick that she'd have no choice but to agree.

"okies, I wear a collar....i'm your pet....please let me have mores?", she whimpered the last bit and the demon would chuckle again, placing the same sort of metal around her neck, but it was embellished with little horns and it being added to her flesh made the little nipple rings send a sort of small vibration through her body as if all of the pieces lived to do what he commanded of them. The kitten on his cock, just a toy like the rest now.

"That's right Lucie, you're mine now.

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