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A human finds her place in the world of werewolves.

He looked back at me, eyes glazed over, smiling uncontrollably. He stared down at my still massive bulge in awe. I smiled, knowing full well that his mind had been completely broken. "You finally ready to take this big fat nigger dick?" He looked at me with loving eyes full of admiration.

"Yes, sir, please tear my ass apart with that massive nigger dick of yours." He reached forward and tugged at my huge soft bulge. I pushed his hand away and slapped him right in the face. He only recoiled in pain for a second. Within an instant, the blissful look of love and happiness returned to his face.

"I'll tell you when you can touch me, you stupid fucking faggot!" The louder I screamed at him, the more he seemed to smile.

"Of course, sir. This worthless faggot slave will always obey." A bit of drool dripped out of his mouth, as his glazed-over eyes mindlessly stared forward.

"Get on your knees, faggot!" I said, in a booming tone. He knelt down and instinctively opened his mouth, while panting like an excited dog. I could feel my monster dick straining against my jeans, begging to be freed. I reached down and unzipped my pants. Before I could even get the zipper down all the way my cock sprung forward, ripping the zipper apart. My huge cock leaped forward and slammed right into the young boys face. I saw a couple drops of drool fly from his mouth as he was thrown back from the force of my girthy meat stick. Knowing that he wasn't allowed to touch me without permission, he knelt patiently.

"Please, sir. Tell me how huge this powerful nigger dick is!" He mindlessly stared forward with the same look of hunger and addiction that I had seen in hundreds of white losers before him. I reached down and swung my massive dick side to side.

"Oh, maybe about 13...14 inches last time I measured." The number only made him seem even more excited. I grabbed the shaft with one hand and slapped it against the open palm of my other hand a few times. The wet slapping sound seemed to drive this young boy crazy. I could see him squirming in place, desperately licking his lips.

"Please, sir. I don't think I can take it anymore. I need it...I'll do anything for it." I couldn't help but feel sorry for this worthless little boy. Thanks to my mind control machine, all he could think about was devoting himself to niggers. I bet he couldn't even remember his own name. I grabbed him by the back of the head and pushed his mouth face towards my throbbing dick. Without being told to, he opened his mouth as wide as he could. I gently put the first few inches in him...but to my amazement, he just couldn't wait. He lunged forward, burying ever last inch of my horse cock down his throat within a split second.

"God damn! I guess you really were hungry, huh faggot?" With an entire throatful of my cock, he playfully nodded. "Just sit back and relax that throat, bitch. I'm gonna show you just how powerful nigga dick is!" I grabbed him by the back of the head and started thrusting into his mouth. I could see his entire face starting to turn red, as I prevented him from coming up for air. I could see his head start to vibrate in place. "I thought you wanted to serve me, faggot? Maybe you just aren't ready for nigga cock." I said with a look of disappointment in my eyes. He instantly threw back his head. My cock flung out of his mouth, dripping with his spit. He gasped for air and took a few seconds to regain his breath.

"No! Please, sir...please give me a second chance. I know I can make you happy." He lovingly rubbed his hands on my dripping wet shaft.

"Fine...lay down then!" I was only going to give this loser one last chance to show his devotion to the new Nigger World Order. He lay down on the floor, face up. I walked over and stood above his eager face. I pulled off my pants, throwing them to the corner of the room. I could see a look of excitement spring up on his face as he stared at my puckered asshole and muscular ass cheeks.

"Please, sir.

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