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Jock's dream woman is taken, or is she?

" I replied, as I found it hard to keep eye contact.

"You liked it when I spanked you at the airport examination didn't you Nancy?"

The question left me lost for words, the answer was yes but how could I admit it? I bit my lip and looked down at my empty plate, what was this leading to?

"Nancy, look at me and answer honestly!" Dr. Williams' voice was commanding. "Your answer goes no further than these walls."

I took a deep breath, raised my head and looked directly into his eyes. "Yes." I replied quietly.

"Speak up girl, yes what?" He demanded.

"Yes, I did like being spanked." I replied in a louder tone.

"Good girl Nancy, honesty is the best policy." Dr. Williams said in a friendly manner. "Now tell me, do you know the terms Dominant and submissive?"

"Yes, I am familiar with those words." I replied with a quiet sigh of relief.

"Ice cream and maple syrup for dessert?" He said as he collected the dishes, rose and headed for the kitchen. "The syrup is direct from Canada and delicious, I must get my friend from Manitoba to send me some more."

"Y'yes that will be lovely." I replied, my mind spinning with another sudden change of subject.

Dr. Williams soon returned with the dessert and as we ate he started a discussion on Domination and submission. It was wonderful to actually meet and talk to someone about a subject that I had never been able to broach with any of my friends. The term 'safe, sane, consensual' was used several times as Dr. Williams skillfully got me to admit the submissive side of my nature. Where this was leading I wasn't sure, but I felt safe discussing the taboo subject with the friendly doctor. He served coffee as he showed his wide knowledge on all aspects of BDSM.

Suddenly Dr. Williams moved to stand beside me, holding out a hand as he said, "Come with me Nancy."

"Yes doctor." I meekly replied as I stood and held his hand.

"Yes Sir!" He demanded as he led me across the lounge and into his bedroom.

"Yes Sir." I replied with another shiver of excitement.

The bedroom was dimly lit and I noted the large queen size bed, so much bigger than the single in my room. The doctor led me across to a blank wall and guided me into position with my back against the plaster. I gasped as he held my right wrist out and secured it with a strap to the wall. My left wrist was soon attached too and my helpless position made me feel quite faint.

"Please Sir," I panted, "May I have some water?"

The doctor raced to the fridge and returned with a glass of ice water that he held to my lips as I drank.

"Are you ok Nancy?" He asked with concern.

I took some deep breaths and nodded in reply.

"Nancy the safe word is red, use it if anything gets too much for you and I will stop immediately." The doctor explained as he checked my pulse rate. "If you want me to ease up at any time call amber. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir, I feel better after the water, thank you Sir."

Dr. Williams reached out and released both shoulder straps of my dress. It slipped down over my breasts and slowly down to the floor around my feet. I moaned as he took my hard nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. I have long thought that I had special nerves connecting my breasts to my pussy and my back arched with a wave of pleasure. Sir squeezed, pulled and twisted my nipples in ways only I had in the past. None of my previous lovers or partners had ever treated me this way and I loved the attention.

Through partly glazed eyes I watched Dr.

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