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You have become strong," said the great dragon. "But I am Al-Du-In, first born of Akatosh. I cannot be slain here, by you or by anyone else."

With obvious effort from his large wings, the dragon broke his magical bonds and started to rise. Lyara stepped back, getting ready to dodge more fireballs.

The dragon hovered above, and spoke once more.

"You cannot prevail against me. I will outlast you ... mortal!"

And with that, he flew higher and higher before heading east into the distance

Farkas ran over to Lyara and asked her if she was harmed, his eyes scanning her for signs of injury. She shook her head, and was relieved to see that he too was safe. Moved by the tenderness she saw in his eyes, she laid her head against his chest, allowing herself to be held for a moment. How could a man be so large and intimidating, yet so tender at the same time? She could feel Farkas's heart beating hard within his broad chest, and its strong steady beat was comforting.

Paarthurnax landed close by. Lyara could see the singed scales where he had suffered the brunt of Alduin's aerial attacks. The ancient dragon lowered his head to speak to her.

"You truly have the voice of a Dovah. Alduin's allies will think twice after this victory."

"It was hardly a victory," Lyara answered sharply. "He escaped."

Lyara felt that the prophecy regarding her fate was futile. Her destiny was to destroy Alduin, yet she had failed.

"True. But this is not the final victory. Not even the heroes of old were able to defeat Alduin in open battle." The ancient dragon's breath was warm as he moved his head closer. Lyara could feel Farkas tense beneath her, but he made no moves of aggression.

"Alduin was always arrogant. He took domination as his birthright. This should shake the loyalty of the Dov that serve him," said the old dragon, in his slow steady voice.

"So how do we find him now?"

Paarthurnax thought for a moment.

"One of his allies could tell us. But it will not be so easy to convince one of them to betray him."

Lyara had an idea. "Dragonsreach in Whiterun was built to house a captive dragon. A fine place to trap one of Alduin's allies, hmm?"

"Yes, yes, Dovakiin."

"But how to get one there?" she mused.

"The names of dragons are always three Words of Power. Paar-Thur-Nax. By calling a dragon with the Voice, he will hear you wherever he may be. "

"But would he come to us?" Lyara asked.

"He is not compelled to, but dragons are prideful by nature, and loath to refuse a challenge. Your voice in particular is likely to intrigue a dragon, after your defeat of Alduin."

"Do you know of a dragon we could call?"

"Yes, I know of one. Oh-Da-Viing. He was a general in Alduin's army. He will know the location of Alduin's hideout."

It was decided. Lyara and Farkas would travel back to Whiterun, and after seeking permission from the Jarl, they would use the dragon trap in Dragonsreach to trap Odahviing, and hopefully interrogate him to learn the whereabouts of Alduin.

They spent another night at the Vilemyr Inn in Ivarstead, then set off just before dawn to Whiterun. By the time they got there it was early evening, and they decided it would be prudent to wait until the next day before going to speak to the Jarl about using the dragon trap.

They dropped off their gear at their house, and after getting changed, they walked through the town to Jorrvaskr. Most of the Companions were in the Mead hall when they arrived, and everyone was happy to see them. Word had gotten around of their nuptials, and Torvar magnanimously decided that a proper celebration was in order.

Mead flowed, and songs were sung. Lyara actually started to forget about some of her burdens, and joined in the celebrations.

After a rather vigorous dance with Torvar, Lyara flopped onto a bench next to Farkas, panting as she was slightly out of breath. She smiled at him, and he was pleased to see her enjoying herself. He leaned over, and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.

"You look exhausted after that dance! I guess now that you are an old married woman, you

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