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He had a good time with Maid and Nurse

The visit was concluded peacefully. She worked, I worked, and she departed, unmolested.

The third week Kelly was back to wearing a short skirt. Actually, she was wearing one of the shortest skirts I'd ever seen. I could almost swear I could see the edge of her panties when she walked. I carefully didn't look.

Then the humming in the hallway started. And it seemed to keep going longer than I would have expected. I gave up and wandered out to see what Kelly was doing.

At the risk of repeating what I've previously said, Kelly was bending over, cleaning off the bottom shelf of the whatnot. Bending, not crouching, which had resulted in her very short dress practically vanishing. I had a view of a pretty tush, untouched by anything so onerous as panties.

Kelly had chosen to wear a thong, a miniscule thong that left her bottom on full display. As for her vulva, that was on full display as well, apart from a remarkably narrow piece of material that managed to cover her slit. She must have glued it in to place to keep it there.

Lust arose, as was to be expected, but so did anger. Kelly was deliberately flaunting herself, wanting to see what would happen. She'd probably spent ten minutes dusting the whatnot, waiting for me to appear.

There was only one way to test the waters. Jump in. She'd either submit peacefully and happily or go into her song and dance routine. I suspected that she was waiting to spring into her 'how dare you' speech.

I planted my hand firmly on that nice white bottom, middle finger curving between her legs to press against her slit. She hadn't expected me to be quite so blatant, apparently, and she was squealing as she reared upright.

Kelly was spinning to face me, mouth opening to start her rant, and found herself giving a squawk of shock. As soon as I'd goosed her I'd turned to sit on my hallway chair. (Like I said, it comes in useful.) I caught Kelly's arm as she reared and spun and a light tug just kept her momentum going.

Kelly sprawled across my lap and my hand came down to deliver a firm spank on her effectively bare bottom.

Kelly squealed and I spanked. I gave her half a dozen good hard spanks before she was able to stop squealing and start protesting.

"Stop it," she wailed. "Why are doing this? I haven't done anything."

I paused for a moment.

"You deliberately posed in a fashion to show off your assets, and you made sure you were showing as much of them as possible. The only way to have displayed more would have been to roll up naked, and you probably considered that. Teasing a man is not nice and has consequences. Enjoy them."

Seeing I wasn't currently spanking I took the opportunity to remove Kelly's thong.

"Wait, wait, wait," she howled. "Why are you taking my panties off? You don't need to do that. My bottom's already effectively bare."

"And don't we both know it. I pulled these down because I wanted to. Besides, they'd get in the way if I poke you here."

I poked and Kelly screamed.

I laughed and resumed the spanking, making sure that her mound received a fair share of sharp spanks.

Satisfied at last that Kelly was suitably chastised, and her bottom a nice shade of red, I stood her back on her feet.

"Now you do know what happens to naughty girls who tease men don't you?" I asked her as I turned her to face the wall.

Kelly nodded her head, snivelling a little. Her bottom smarted.

"Yes," she said softly. "They get spanked."

"Don't be silly," I chided her, pushing her closer to the wall. "The spanking was just to help you get worked up. This is the real penalty."

'This' was my cock pressing hard between her buttocks. My hand moved down and between her legs, massaging. I pressed a knee between Kelly's legs and she shifted, moving them apart. A little adjustment and my erection was between her legs and pressing urgently against her.

I pushed up and Kelly's pussy yielded and granted me right of way.

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