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The first time I fucked my step daughters tight cunt.

Put your tongue on my pussy. Suck and lick it, make love to my woman hole with your mouth and tongue. And do a real good job, I want you to make me squirt my cum in your mouth, filling your mouth with my hot cream." As I said this, I reached back with one hand, and began caressing her pubic area with my fingertips.

As I suspected, my verbal description of what I wanted began to get her hot, and into our continued love play, even though I knew she had to be tired from her previous orgasms. She submissively began licking my labia, as I positioned myself to make it easy for her to reach me there without straining herself. I didn't want her to end up with a sore neck, though I was okay with her tongue getting a workout.

My excitement was building rapidly, due in part to the thrill of sexually dominating my female lover, but even more to the wonderful job she was doing licking my hole. She licked along my lips, pausing occasionally to lap up the girl cream dripping from my hole, then thrusting her long tongue inside my tight slit to get more. She was becoming wonderfully depraved, and enthusiastic about lesbian sex. She'd only actually been fucked by a man, or men, before.

After a few minutes of teasing and caressing my wet hole with her tongue, as I pressed my crotch closer to her, she licked her tongue lightly over my clit, sending sparks of electricity through my groin. I began tracing my fingertips over her wet, swollen labia, hot under my fingers, and she moaned under me. Our mutual excitement grew, both of us writhing together, me, spread legged over her face, my cunt dripping on her face, my wet heat bathing her mouth and nose, and she, hips rocking, legs moving apart to give me greater access to her female opening.

"Oh sweetie, baby, lick my hot cunt, show me what a good little cunt licker you've become," I moaned. "Make me cum, honey, let me christen you as the lesbian you've always been, but never knew, until you tasted pussy for the first time," I moaned, hot for her. "I want to see your ass shake as you cum, my fingers deep inside your honey pot, gathering your sweet cream, sticky and gooey, so I can lick you all night long..." Virginia moaned, her lips fastened to my pussy, her tongue alternately thrusting in me, and then flicking over my clit. My fingers were busily fucking her hot hole, wet and slick with her cum.

"Aah, aahh, fuck me, lick my hole, I'm so excited by you, I'm cumming, cumming, CUMMING...your mouth, in your mouth, on your sweet face..." I could feel the now familiar tremors of an impending climax, brought on by the most exciting, most beautiful, greatest lover ever, my sweet Virginia, my love, my life. My whole body became suffused by a restless energy, a cloud of excited passion filling me, waiting for a match to light it. A random flick of her sweet tongue, then her teeth grazing over my swollen clitoris, and I exploded in pleasure, my hips shaking uncontrollably, moaning and babbling, Virginia worked hard not to suffocate as I thrashed on her, my pleasure nearly complete and perfect.

I pulled my hips back from Virginia's head. Damned if her face wasn't wet again! I leaned down to her, and kissed her soft lips, licking her cheeks that were streaming with the squirts of cum I'd deposited there. I giggled. "Are you okay, sweetie?" I asked.

"Yes, baby, but where do you get all that cum from?" she asked ruefully. "And could you, please, get me off, I want to cum now, you've got me so hot, ohhh fuck."

"Sure thing, baby, let me just do this..." I got up off her, turned around, facing her lower body, and sat my ass in front of her face.

"What are you doing?" she protested.

"Mmmm, I want you to lick my ass hole, you little slutty cunt," I cooed. I placed my full, round ass about six inches from her face. She could choose to be my ass slut, or not. I could hear her sniffing, smelling back there....deciding. I waited...and waited.

Would she take that GIANT step into becoming my lesbian ass slut, choosing to lick and kiss

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