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The saga concludes.

.." she took a deep breath, her little body shaking a bit as she tried to compose herself. "Well, that's when I knew how to hurt you both and then you both just laughed it off and I was standing there and feeling so humiliated, but...but it was so hot, too. I felt so ashamed about it that it was making me hot and then that was making me hot and I guess I just totally lost it."

"Aww," was all Phoebe could say, her eyes full of love.

"And then when I found Nadia, god I'm so crazy, right? Well, when I found her, she showed me how to embrace that. She just really got it. And the fact that she fucked you too, Will, behind my back, somehow that made it even better. Am I totally crazy?" She looked at me with those big sweet eyes and bit her lower lip. Something about the juxtaposition of that and her ludicrous maid outfit made me want to laugh and cry at the same time.

"No..." I said. "And anyway, if you are crazy, it's my fault for making you that way."

"Yes, you're crazy," said Nadia, getting to her feet and walking over to us, "but sane is overrated. Whoever said, 'don't stick your dick in crazy' was either an idiot or trying to keep all the crazies to himself."

Megan looked to Phoebe for another opinion. Phoebe just shrugged.

"Well, I'm definitely crazy to want to get back together with you," Megan conceded.

"Probably," I said. "But do you really want to? I mean, you'd be sharing with Phoebe, and Brad, too, and I think you deserve 100% of someone."

"You're forgetting Carmen," Phoebe taunted me.

"Carmen?" Megan asked, her face a mix of emotions.

"That girl from the coffee shop. He's been fucking her, too," Phoebe answered.

"I'm not the only one," I reminded her. I could swear she almost blushed.

"You, too?" Megan asked.

"Yeah, so..." Phoebe replied. " that a deal-breaker?"

"Are you kidding?" Megan almost laughed out loud. "It's even hotter. I can't wait to watch all of you guys together. I always thought he had a thing for that girl. So, it's really on you to decide if you want a crazy girl back in your life." She turned to look at me, her face showing the nervousness she was obviously trying to hide.

"Another crazy girl," Phoebe assured her.

I pulled Megan into my arms and kissed her deep. "Of course, baby." After a second of just enjoying the embrace, I considered, "We are definitely going to need a bigger place, though."

"This place has plenty of spare rooms," Nadia said after a long, annoyed silence. "And I'm happy to let you use them if you promise there won't be any more of this emo shit."

"Alright," said Phoebe, getting up again. "Message received. Now give me that dick. If Will can handle it, so can I."

"Ooh, big words, little girl," said Nadia, getting to her feet and taking Phoebe by the hand. "But let's find a more comfortable spot." They walked out the door hand in hand.

Megan put her hand to my face, drawing my attention back to her. "Will," she said sweetly, "before we get started on whatever this is going to be, and knowing Nadia, it's definitely going to be something, will you fuck me again just like before all this?"

"Of course," I said, and almost as soon as the words were out of my mouth, her dress was off.

"You won't believe how much I've missed you," she said, climbing on top of me as I lay back on the little bed, "and how much I've missed this." She grabbed my dick, her fingers squeezing it tight.

"Oh, I think I have some idea," I said as she leaned down for a kiss and straddled me. Her shaved little pussy was already radiating palpable heat, and by the time she started grinding on me, she was dripping wet as well. She moaned as she worked my cock with her slit, getting it all lubed up naturally.

I reached around her and grabbed her round little ass, pushing her against me gently,

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