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It was another typical Tuesday evening.

Seeing that..... something ....almost feral in his eyes, feeling that passion in him, that fire that you lit, gave you such satisfaction and pride. Emotionally, sexually, you suffered much worse than any beating could cause you when he did not allow you to orgasm. It was exactly what you needed, the forced proof of your self denial and devotion to him, but why did he just leave you alone after? To cry, deep, body quaking sobs and the comfort of his warm arms denied to you in such a time of need? That feeling a being used, then deserted, abandoned, that was the cruelest act of all.

As you're questioning your self if this is really the man you should give so much for, he quietly enters the bedroom. The loving look in his eyes surprises you as he tells you that you have been an excellent slave tonight. He says he is very pleased with you, and has decided to reward you. He lightly ties your leather cuffs to the headboard of the giant 4-poster bed. He places wide, fleece lined, leather straps around your thighs just above your knees then ties them to the top of the headboard posts so that your knees are forced open and almost above your head. You feel unpleasantly exposed, self conscious, and vulnerable. Then you hear him whisper to himself, "so beautiful", and it ...melts you. He reaches into the night stand drawer and removes a soft black scarf, then gently ties it around your head, covering your eyes.

Then, nothing! Silence! For several minutes you wait, and begin to wonder if he is still in the room. You questioningly utter his name and get no reply. No! It's just more cruelty, more of his damned sadistic teasing! This is too much! In your blind silence, despair washes over you, and with the despair, disappointment, then, anger.

Suddenly you feel the bed shift under his weight, and in your anger you think "Oh no, what is this evil bastard going to do to me now?" But his first touch is the softest, sweetest of caresses on your inner thigh. As your anger fades, he kisses you just below your navel, and then you feel his hot breath on your pussy. His tongue parts them, opening you, exploring, so......lovingly! When he finds your clit, you feel his lips push back the hood as he sucks it into his mouth, so slowly, a millimeter at a time. Very much like the way he so enjoys you taking his cock in your mouth when you service him. Warm sensuous pleasure radiates through your body. You feel his tongue start to encircle, massage, dance, and flick over the tip of your clit while he's sucking it. A tiny moan escapes your mouth of its own accord and you begin to writhe almost immediately, your universe focused on the sensations. The world fades away until there is nothing but him, and oh, the things he's doing to you. You start to feel that warm tingle begin to build. Your pussy begins to throb; you arch your back as you explode in quivering convulsions as a huge, violent orgasm overtakes you.

Then you realize, he's not finished with you yet.

He begins to lick your pussy with wide, wet strokes of his tongue. Oh God, It's much too intense! You beg, plead, and scream for him to stop. You try to get away, straining against your bonds. Every touch of his tongue forces your orgasm not to subside. You can't stand any more, but he only intensifies his licking, then he sucks your clit back into his mouth. In the midst having one of the longest, most intense orgasms, another feeling begins to blossom, to grow.

It is familiar but also so very alien that the surprise of the feeling shocks you.

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