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Teasing leads to trouble for Helen.

"Uhuh." She confirmed.

"He'll love that thought when I send him the pictures."

"You took pictures?"


"Let me see them before you send them."

"Of course my love." I kissed her softly on the cheek before leaving the room.

She'd confirmed in the cold light of day that the things we'd agreed last night were all still a go. I'd let Cal know later that he was the winner.

Ellie showered and came out to the kitchen, I poured her coffee as she sat at the table, kissed her cheek as I set it beside her, then she spoke.

"You know what this means?" she said.

"Tell me what it means"

"I'm going to be a slut and a tramp for a day. I'm going to get fucked from every angle. I'm going to suck and fuck and be dripping with cum, yours and somebody else's." She sipped her coffee "And I want to do it and enjoy it but most of all I want us to enjoy it and still love each other later and when we've done this if you want me to get another woman I will..."

I interrupted her "Woah El, that's not a condition, there are no conditions, you decide what happens on the day and that's the end of the chapter."

"Ok, I know you think that but I intend to enjoy this so much and I want, wait, I think I want to arrange your wildest, sexiest fantasy too."

"El, please don't even think about that, this one is wild enough for both of us to be thinking about right now."

"Ok but I want one thing, I have one condition"

"What's that?" I asked.

"Well, we agree that it's going to be a full day and night and it might never happen again right?"

"Yes, we agree"

"Then I want the fun to last all day and night which means you and Cal have to last all day and night too"

"Hmmmm, shall I get some Viagra?"

"Exactly, glad we're on the same wavelength. Now, next request, the date. I'll get my period on Tuesday, that's two days away, so if you can arrange it for three weeks from yesterday we'll be good to go."

She'd been thinking about the logistics, she'd clearly trusted me with the selections.

I downloaded and showed her the pictures, she loved them. I e-mailed one to Cal with the good news. Later that day he wrote back, confirmed the date was good, told Ellie how excited he was to be meeting her soon and explained how much he wanted to make it a special day for us. He said he loved the idea of her thinking about him while she masturbated. Ellie asked me to write back and mention that she'd be doing it again soon!

That afternoon I made reservations for a luxury suite and a regular king size room at the hotel I'd selected. It was down town in the business area, not real busy at weekends but all the restaurants and bars were open as usual. I ordered the Viagra from one of those on- line advertisers.

Ellie made a beauty booking at the spa for the morning of our adventure. She went shopping that day and a few more times in the two weeks that followed.

We agreed that we'd try the Viagra once before the day that we had decided to call "F-day". It was originally slated to be "F" for fantasy but it also became known as "F" for fuck. We tried the Viagra and it worked fabulously well, Ellie took half a tablet, 50mg, after seeing one of the girls on Sex And The City do the same thing, She thought it was fantastic for her and we were both pleased with my perpetual erection. It was well used until exhaustion arrived.

On F-day minus three we made a difficult decision not to make love until F-day.

I asked her to show me her purchases but she said that was her surprise for me and Cal.

I called Cal on the Thursday and firmed up all the plans and timing. I asked Ellie if she'd like to speak with Cal and she did. She wore a big smile when she was done on the phone.

"He is very naughty" she announced. I looked at her for further explanation "He said he can't wait to fuck me and he asked me how I'd like it."

"And you said?" I urged her to continue.

"I told him I want it every way he can give it to me and that we had a real good supply of Viagra."

"Every way? your ass too" I winked at her.

"Maybe, fuck, I got wet just

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