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The true story of my one and only exploit in a strip club.

" You KNOW what you want to do do, don't you my pet. You KNOW you want to kiss it....say it... say it slave boy ... tell me you want to kiss my foot......"

He thought that if he pretended to submit to her this woman might get careless and let him loose, then he could escape, so he kissed her foot, but then the "other" brain, the one in his cock took over, and he licked and kissed her nyloned foot lustily, inhaling the musky fragrance. The feel, the fragrance inflamed his passions. Almost without thinking he engulfed her toes in his mouth and sucked. Oh God, he thought, I WANT this woman.

Evilena asked again, " Why?"

His thoughts drifted back to her question. He couldn't understand what was happening in his mind. He struggled to maintain control of his own thoughts, to invent some sort of believable story ... some excuse

"I ... I ... wanted to fuck you!!!!!! I figured if you thought I repaired your car and saved you from being stuck on the road I could fuck you. I've done it before, it ALWAYS works." Larry couldn't fight against her soft, hypnotic voice. He couldn't lie to her.

" You little shit," she spat out. " You've done it before? Preyed on helpless stranded, women,? Women YOU stranded! You won't EVER do it again, I'll promise you that."

Evilena knew she could tempt, taunt, and whip this sleazy mechanic into submission, but the trouble with that was, after a while, they recovered and went back to their old ways. There WAS a way to cure him permanently, and now Dr. Evilena was going to undertake the cure.

She threw her well muscled leg over his body and sat down on the shackled mechanic's chest , then focused the full force of her green, mesmerizing gaze on him.

Larry's breathing became more even, shallower, his chest compressions became regular as he found he couldn't look away from his captor's eyes. Now she started speaking to him in an almost sing song cadence that had captured so many hapless victims before him.

" I think you should just look into my eyes, Larry, and rest now, my little pet. It's been such a busy afternoon for you, and you feel so helpless and tired, tied down like you are, trapped under my weight. Inhaling the sweet, spicy odors coming from my body, and looking into my eyes. It ALL makes you so tired, doesn't it. You NEED to rest. I can see it in YOUR eyes. You feel so tired ... and ... helpless ... and my eyes almost CALL to you don't they. A siren call you can't resist. You WANT to keep looking deep into my eyes .... you NEED to keep looking deep into my eyes . But you are so sleepy and your eyes are so heavy. They want to close. But I won't LET you close them. I command you to keep looking into my eyes. Its all so confusing isn't it my pet? Open ... close ... what can a poor boy do?"

He tried to speak, slowly forming his lips in the shape of the word no, but he felt so tired and the effort exhausted him so. He wanted to resist, but he felt to powerless to fight the er compelling words, as they droned on in his head. All other sounds had faded away, and her words had become his entire world.... her words and her eyes. His mouth dropped open.

"You want to keep looking into my beautiful, hypnotic eyes, don't you, my little pet .. but your eyes ARE getting heavier and heavier every second. Heavier and heavier . Lost in my eyes. Heavier ..... lost ... heavier ... it's all so confusing .... but if you obey Evilena all the confusion will melt away ... your thoughts ... your confusion will melt away as MY words BECOME your thoughts... let go ... as my words become your thoughts .... I'm going to let you close those heavy eyes now slave ... in fact ... when I count three you MUST let them close ...I'm commanding you to close them ... 1 ....heavier ... 2 ... heavier ...3 now closed....and sound asleep my slave boy ... still hearing my voice and obeying EVERY word for my words have become your thoughts, but deep in a helpless hypnotic slumber.

Larry's eyes slammed shut.

Melvin, the computer geek, standing in the corner had heard too, and he wordless

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