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He had floated on air back down from her cramped small flat in the tower block to where his car was parked, and had stayed floating until reality had hit him.

Snake had guessed that Patrick had siphoned off the 10lb of pure coke from the last delivery two days ago, and now it was hidden somewhere. God knows where. And Patrick was in hiding, and Jerry knew that Snake wouldn't rest until he had Patrick, his missing coke, and whoever else was involved by the short and curlys.

And he still had to act as if nothing was wrong and be at work tomorrow collecting the next instalment from the unsuspecting couriers that brought the stuff across from the continent or Snake would guess the other partner with Patrick was himself.

Buyers for the stuff were waiting, and he was going to be up all night running around going down to Lullingstone and then down to Dover ready for the next Collection.

No sleep for the wicked he shrugged to himself.

Getting the drugs over past customs was a great scam. Some of Snakes men, with one of Big Willies tarts dressed up as a couple over in France sussed English families on the way to the Ferry that were at rest stops. They would sit down and start to chat to the parents, as if they too were tourists on the way home. Loose tongues answering innocent questions during the conversation gave them the ferry crossing time and where about in the UK the family lived, whilst outside a couple of men dressed as Roadside Services hunkered down next to the unsuspecting families cars in the car park attaching to the underside of the car a couple of the well wrapped and protected bags of drugs.

To anyone looking it appeared that the men were fixing a flat tyre.

As the family got up to leave a quick phone call as warning to the men in the car park, and then the unsuspecting family was on their way, couriering drugs onto the ferry and over to Dover where Jerry and others after a phone call letting them know make, model and number plate of car followed the family home, where that night in the driveway or the houses garage the drugs were retrieved.

If by any chance the family were stopped and caught, well then that was their problem. And nothing pointed the way back to Snake and his men.

Ten unsuspecting families with a couple of bags could move a lot of goods, and the big SUV's and large family cars could take quite a lot of drugs under the car.

It was a great scam and it had been Patrick's idea. It was what he was good at. Ideas and setting up scams. Solving problems. Setting things up for Snake.

But he had wanted out. Just like Jerry.

Sick of the escalating violence that they were witnessing with Snake they had plotted and planned and Jerry wanted to get Megan to Spain whilst Patrick dreamed of a life of leisure in the Florida Keys.

Driving slowly down the winding country road and turning off his headlights, Jerry approached the small industrial estate carefully. It was on a local farmers land as a secondary business renting out the units to local businessmen and he knew that there was never any security here, but he was being careful. Driving to the back of the old run down unit and parking next to the small car hidden behind the dumpster he got out just as the door opened and Patrick appeared beckoning him to come inside quickly.

Carrying the bag from the passenger seat he entered the moon lit building exclaiming to Patrick, "Jesus H Christ Patrick, you look like hell!"

"I fucking feel it! Got any booze in that bag?"

Opening the bag and handing a bottle of Scotch to Patrick he watched as his friend opened it and took a long hard swig before following him through the door on the right. Stopping dead, a look of shock on his face Jerry looked across at the girl sitting tied up on the cardboard boxes in the corner. "Who the hell is she?"

"She's that little complication I mentioned I'd picked up along the way."

Turning to Patrick who was bending over and pulling out some fresh clothes and the first

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