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He plants a sex bomb in his cheating girlfriend's house.

"Yes," I replied breathlessly, "I liked it very much."

"Did you have a big ending?"

"I don't know-what do you mean by that?"

He looked down between my legs. "Did it feel like a race? You were going towards the end. Did you finish?"

"No-I don't believe so. Is it very good to finish?"

"Yes," he nodded and smiled, "It is very good to finish."

"Well, how do I do it?" I asked. At that moment, I wanted nothing more than to experience this end he was talking about. His slow and sensual tone of voice made it seem most enticing.

"I can show you, my lady. That is-if you don't mind me touching you down there?" he asked.

My stomach flipped and my cunny was so eager for more pleasure. To my surprise, I found myself hungering for Jaufre, craving his touch on my skin, his fingers upon my sex. I didn't answer-I merely nodded. He reached out to towards my bare shoulder. His touch upon my raw skin was so exciting-so arousing!-and I moaned softly.

Then his breath was hot on my face-his stubble scratching my silken skin, setting my sensibilities afire-and his lips meet mine. I had been kissed before, but never like this. My only partners had been fumbling young squires my own age. Jaufre was quite a few years older than me, and clearly knew what he was doing. Every touch was static and made my hair stand on end with delight.

His large hand traveled down my neck and chest. He swiped at the low-cut neckline of my dress, palming my small, pert breasts over the fabric. His other hand was traveling down my back, deftly undoing the abalone buttons that fastened my dress. Within moments, the fabric ceded and his hand was caressing my bare back. I shuddered as his fingertips drummed along the hills of my spine. Then he was peeling away the rest of the garment to reveal my breasts. He wrapped one hand round each, plucking at my swollen nipples, introducing me to a whole new uncharted territory of pleasure.

Jaufre bent his head down and brought his mouth to my breast, nibbling my papilla and sweeping his tongue across my areola. Each pinch and bite sent a trill of pleasure through my body, landing on and alighting my swollen bud.

He pulled back and removed my dress fully, tossing it atop a bale of hay. I was perfectly naked for him-displaying my purest form-and I watched with delight as he drank in my beauty. He brought his touch to my clavicle, tracing downwards. Along the way, he pinched my left nipple with a rough shock of pain, and brought his mouth between my breasts, tracing a line downwards to my navel. He swirled his tongue round the little inwards button and continued traveling south.

I felt his callused fingers tracing through the sparse, brassy tuft of hair above my sex. Jaufre's touch made me tremble as he rolled his fingers lower and stroked the heated, pouting lips of my cunny, pointedly avoiding the bud. "Do you enjoy this?" he asked me. I trembled with wanton greed, rolling my hips, bucking against his hand. My clitty was reaching for his touch but he wouldn't grant it-not yet. He caressed the sides of my soft triangle, his fingers floating downwards towards my bottom. I stiffened in surprise-no one had ever touched me there before, and I wasn't sure I liked it. But he didn't pause in his gentle, deliberate ministrations, stroking the curved skin of my plump cheeks, and I eased into it, enjoying his touch.

My legs were spread open wide for him, like a new-formed butterfly opening her wings for the very first time. He was teasing me-slowly caressing me and pointedly staying away from my aroused core. Finally, I could take it no longer. "Oh, Jaufre! Won't you please touch me there!" I cried. I didn't believe I needed to elaborate on "where" was.

Jaufre looked into my pleading eyes.

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