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His hands went around my ass, pulling me hard, forcing my cock deep into his mouth and throat. I approached my orgasm quickly. My cock expanded, my balls filling my shaft with sticky liquid. I felt my balls churn, tighten, and explode. I jammed my cock deeper into Brian's face. I ground my hips forward, my balls bouncing off his chin. Sara reached to my swinging balls, milking them gently. Brian inhaled all my spurting liquid. As my cock deflated, Brian sucked harder, not willing to give up my cock. I humped his face, driving my now flaccid cock back into his mouth. He sucked hard. Balls drained, I sat back down on my desk. Brian returned to his sitting position in the chair.

"That was interesting," I quipped. I leaned to kiss Sara. She nearly sucked my tongue out of my mouth. Her hands raked over my back, her hips thrusting against my thigh. She moved to straddle my leg, grinding her crotch against my thigh, squeezing her legs tightly around it. Her tongue explored my mouth. Catching a moment between kisses, I looked to Brian.

"Are you gay? Or do you do women as well?" I asked.

"Bi" Brian said. "More men than women, but I love a good female partner now and then," he continued. He stared at Sara! She reached to her tits, squeezing firmly, pulling them upwards through the material of her blouse. She pinched her nipples.

"Sara, check to see if anyone is still around," I asked. Sara moved to the door. She opened the door, stepped out. At 6:00 pm on a Friday, nobody was really expected to be in the office.

"Looks clear boss," Sara said as she reentered the office. She joined my by my desk. "What should we do with him?" she asked, staring intently at him. He was sitting, stroking his cock gently with his fingertips over his pant leg. "Take you clothes off Brian," Sara instructed. "Now!" she continued.

Brian stood in front of us, quickly pulling his polo shirt off, reached to his pants, and forced both pants and briefs down in a single movement. I laughed. "Brian, get totally naked. Take the shoes off," I followed.

Sitting, Brian quickly removed his shoes, socks, and clothes. Totally naked, he attempted to cover himself slightly. Not knowing what to expect, his nervousness showed. And ours as well I suppose. "Sara, I want to try and suck his cock," I blurted out. I turned to Sara. Her face was blank. "Ok, I'll try, but no guarantee. I have to first make myself touch it," I continued.

I moved to Brian, pushing him back in the chair. Sara joined me on our knees beside his feet. She reached to him, lifting his hard cock up from his lap. He immediately moaned. I just stared at his cock. Not only was he substantially shorter than me, he was about half as big around as I. Sara was talking to me.

"Boss, reach out and touch it. It will not bite," she said as she pumped the shaft slowly. Up and down, she pulled the skin. To the head, then firmly, quickly, she pumped it back down.

"Ah, but it spits," I responded without thinking. I reached to touch his thigh. He watched as I slid my hand upwards along the smoothness of his thigh. I rested the other hand on his knee. Sara pushed the cock over toward me, leaning it out toward my hand. My fingers moved into the hair of his pubic region. Coarse, tangled, soft. I turned my hand upwards, curling my fingers to accept placement of his cock in my hand. My breath was short. I was nervous. Other than my cock, I had never even touched one. No young days of exploration with the buddies, nothing. Here, now, at my age, I was touching a virile, young cock for the first time. It jumped under my hand. I wrapped my fingers around the shaft. I pumped it as Sara had done. It was like pumping mine, without the feeling from the action. Really weird!

I pumped a couple more times, and began faster movements.

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