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Brother and Sister go to same club mistakedly.

They were willing to pay you $20,000 per year. So you go in and tell them that you want $30,000 for a 6 month retainer, to be renegotiated at the end of the contract."

"Where the hell did you learn all that? Riiiight, a hundred years of reading, watching people, and going to movies." Said Bob, a slow grin spreading across his face.

Beth patted his knee. "You catch on fast."

"Don't ever patronize me like that again." Bob said quietly.

Beth was quiet for a moment. "Sorry."

Bob shook himself and found a parking spot, slipping the big Caddy into it. He turned off the ignition and turned slightly to face Beth. "I don't mean to snap, but I have always hated that 'good boy' crap from when I was a kid. You gave me good advice and I intend to follow it."

On a sudden impulse, he leaned over and kissed her on the lips. "Wish me luck."

Beth grabbed his head and kissed him hard before he could move. "That's a good luck kiss."

Then she vanished again.

Bob got out of the car and headed toward the plant offices.

Once inside, he asked the security guard at the front desk for directions to the personnel managers' office. He knocked on the appropriate door, and then entered.

"Hello, I'm Bob Johansen."

The man behind the desk stood up and leaned forward to shake Bob's hand. "Hi, I'm Al Donnelly."

Bob noticed for the first time that a woman was sitting just to the side of Donnelly's desk.

She stood up and held her hand out to shake. "Hi Bob, My name is Michelle Vitelli. I am VP of research and development here at this plant."

Bob shook her hand and nodded. Then he turned back to Donnelly. "I appreciate the offer of a salaried job. However I prefer to remain independent."

Donnelly looked surprised. "You don't want to work for us?"

"Oh I want to work for you." Bob said. "But as an independent consultant. I know what you want to know about my old company. Why else would you want to hire me?"

"Well, er, that is..." stammered Donnelly.

Bob chuckled. "I'm not offended. You want to hire me, pick my brains, then dump me when you have what you need. Instead, I'll take $30,000 for a 6-month retainer. At the end of the term, we can re-negotiate for the next 6 months."

Ms. Vitelli spoke up. "You'd have to work for us exclusively during the contract term."

"Of course," replied Bob.

Ms. Vitelli stood up "Get the contract drawn up." She said to Donnelly. Then she turned to Bob again. "Welcome to Motorola." Bob shook her hand and she left.

"I'll have the contract ready to sign in the morning." Donnelly said.

"Give me a call and I'll come down and review the terms. $30,000 for the 6-month contract paid in 6 equal monthly installments. I want a dedicated parking space, and my own office. Medical and dental, I will take care of myself." Bob said.

Donnelly nodded. "Got it. Welcome aboard."

Bob shook his hand again and left.

Back in the car, Beth was waiting for him. "Well?" She demanded. "How did it go?" Bob laughed. "As if you weren't sitting in there listening."

Beth blushed. How did you know?"

"Because you strike me as an incurable snoop." Bob said with a grin. Beth was trying not to laugh, "Guilty as charged."

Bob chuckled again and started the car. Beth scooted over and snuggled close to Bob's side. He put an arm around her and concentrated on his driving.

Back at his house, Bob was in a manic mood. "I can't believe I pulled it off!" he said over and over.

Beth said. "I think that Vitelli witch was going to vamp you during the salary negotiations. But you caught them off guard and got more than they probably would have given you if you had tried for just a regular employee's spot."

Bob glanced at Beth. "Do I detect a note of jealousy in that meow?"

Beth stuck her tongue out at Bob. "Note just a note, a whole damn symphony." Then she licked her lips, "But I have an advantage that she doesn't have."

"And what's that?" Bob asked as he busied himself with making a pizza for his lunch. Beth came up behind him and slid her arms around his body.

"I'm here and she's back there," she

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