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Pretty bbw finds trouble then is saved, very nicely.

Instead, she was slamming her ass back to meet his thrusts and yelling at him to fuck her harder.

Ron and I were watching this display in awe. Ron was stroking himself and getting ready for the next round.

After about 20 minutes, Emmy was whimpering incoherently and no longer pushing back. She was laying there like a rag doll while being furiously fucked by Jim. Jim grabbed her ass and told her he was going to unload in her. After a few more monster thrusts, Emmy's pussy was full of another man's cum for the first time. He kissed her on the neck and told her she was a good little slut and he would fuck her anytime she wanted. She barely had enough strength to smile. When he pulled out of her, her pussy was raw and gaping. Cum didn't leak out of her, it flowed. Jim gently wiped her with a towel. He then scooped up a finger full of his cum and fed it to Emmy. She sucked and then licked his finger clean.

"That was the best fuck ever. I love your black cock."

After everyone had a quick drink, Ron had her bent back over the bed. He worked his cock into her abused and sloppy pussy. While slowly pumping her he began to play with her asshole. He liberally applied KY into her puckered back door and then began to force his thumb into it. Having both holes filled was a new feeling for Emmy. She began to moan again.

"I want to feel your cock in my ass. I can't wait to feel the fullness."

Ron worked his other thumb into her ass while grabbing an ass cheek in each hand. He now had both thumbs in her ass and his cock in her pussy. When he felt she was stretched and lubed enough, he pulled his cock out of her pussy and placed the head at her asshole. "Just relax", he told her and then slowly leaned into her forcing the head of his cock into her receptive ass. Once he had the head in, he simply slammed the rest of his cock into her ass nuts deep. Her shriek could have woken the dead. He waited a minute to give her time to adjust to his thickness and then reached beneath her to grab her breasts. Now he got serious, pistoning into her while mashing her breasts even more than they already were by the bed.

"Ugh...fuck me ...fuck my ass...you bastard."

After about 10 minutes, he grabbed her ass and began to smack first one cheek and then the other without ever missing a stroke. About the time Emmy's ass was bright red, he grabbed her hard and shot his load into her bowels. When he pulled out, Emmy surprised us all by dropping to her knees and taking his slimy cock in her mouth. She took her time cleaning his cock. When she finished, Jim wanted her to bend back over the bed so we could all see what a true slut she was. Her abused holes gaped at us. Cum was leaking out of both. In a nasty perverted way, she was quite a sexy sight.

Jim told her to go clean herself up and then come back for more. Shortly we heard the shower running. Jim and Ron both thanked me and told me what a great fuck Emmy was. They thanked me for giving them this opportunity. I assured them that she was as pleased as they were since they had both touched virgin parts in her. Just keep her going as long as you want.

"Are you guys talking about me? You both hurt me so damn good. Hope you're not done."

The guys were both sitting on the bedroom sofa slowly playing with their cocks. Jim told her to come here and get him ready. Emmy knelt between his legs and took his cock in both hands and took the head into her mouth. With just his head in her mouth, she began to stroke him until his cock was ready for her. She then stood up, turned around, straddled his legs and lowered her pussy unto Jim's 9 inches. She was ready for him this time as she sank into his lap. Ron saw his opportunity and got up to stand in front of her. He pushed her head down toward his waiting cock. Emmy wrapped her arms around Ron's ass to keep her balance and slowly swallowed his 7 inches.

Jim just sat there occasionally smacking her ass while Emmy slowly fucked herself with his thick cock.

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