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Dave and Marcia continue.

Her clit was swollen and pink. He could almost feel it throbbing with desire. Her outer lips were covered in tiny red curls of hair, and as he used his fingers to open her to him he felt her wetness in his hand. He licked her slit from the from front to her ass, savoring the taste of her. Her moans told him that she enjoyed the sensation as much as he enjoyed giving it to here. His lips closed over her clit and he sucked it into his mouth. He felt her body stiffen and knew that her first climax was close. He slid one finger inside of her and felt her cum, he licked her juices and suckled from her body.

He heard her call out his name at the peak of her climax and smiled. It was just the beginning.

He felt her body relax and then turned her over on her belly. Then thinking about what he wanted to do he moved her to the side of the bed and placed a pillow under her tummy as her legs dangled off the bed. He sat on his knees below her on the floor. Her ass raised in the air, he began to touch her hips. He felt her relax into his touches as he parted her ass revealing the tiny puckered pink hole there. His tongue licked at her and she moaned as if he had sat her on fire. He moved his tongue further inside of her and began to use it as if he were eating her pussy. She cried out again and opened herself to him as far as she could. He used his fingers to feel his way inside her pussy. His thumb pressed against her clit and he put two of his fingers inside her. Her pussy tightened on his fingers and he decided against trying to put a third finger into her. His tongue licked at her ass, his thumb circled her clit and his fingers plunged in and out of her. He watched as climax after climax claimed her body, until finally she collapsed onto the bed.

"Oh my God" she breathed as she rolled over on her back. Her breathing was hard, her breasts rising and falling as she tried to catch her breath.

He stood up, not giving her a chance to think, he put her feet on his shoulders and plunged his cock into her wet pussy. She was so hot and tight around him that he lost control as he began to move inside of her. It wasn't long after he entered her that his body stiffened and he released himself into her. His hot cum filled her and mixed with her own. He stayed inside of her as long as he could. then laid on the bed beside of her and pulled her close to him. Melting together in the afterglow of their lovemaking, they rested.

She awakened to hear his steady breathing beside of her. She touched his face as he slept, tracing the outline of his lips with her fingertips. He relaxed deeper into her touch but didn't waken. A smile came across her face as she thought about the times he had told her how he wanted to wake her in the mornings, and she thought that would be a delightful way for him to start his day.

She settled herself between his legs and took his limp sleeping cock into her mouth. Even in his sleep he opened his legs to give her access to himself. She began to lick and suck on his cock, her fingertips playing with his balls until she heard him moan and knew that he was awake.

"God, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven" he said as he ran his fingers through her hair.

"You wait just a little while longer, Sugar, I'm going to take you there" she replied with a grin.

By now his cock was fully erect and filled her mouth. He began to move his hips in time with her and she stopped.

"I don't think so, darlin, not yet...I have plans for you now," she told him. "For the first part of your morning entertainment, I believe that I will have you watch. But no touching, not yourself and not me."

She helped him prop himself into a sitting position with the bed pillows and laid herself in full view of him. Her hair was still tangled from sleep and sex, her blue eyes clouded with both passion and desire. Her pink nipples stood out, enticing him to take one in his mouth. She parted her legs and he could see she was already wet, and her clit was swollen and in need of attention.

He watched as she began to touch herself.

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