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Ashley returns and ignites a fire.

Then she engulfed my fading erection to get the rest.

I ran my fingers through her juices that had flowed down my cock and onto my lower abdomen, and then swallowed that as well. She lapped up the rest. "Make a mess, but don't leave a mess," she had once said. A fine policy.

I grabbed her wet hand and licked it clean, myself.

She handed me the bottle of water, I moved into a sitting position, leaning against the headboard, and took the water.

I took a couple of swallows and then handed it to her. She drank and handed it back. I had another swallow, screwed the cap back on and set laid the bottle down on my side of the bed.

I looked at the spot she made on the sheet and wondered if the mattress cover kept the mattress from getting wet. I decided not to worry about it. It wasn't that big a deal.

We just stared at each other smiling while we more fully recovered, and she lightly caressed my thighs.

She brought her legs out from under her and rested her boots on either side of my waist.

I slowly pulled one lace end, untying it. As I loosened the laces, she leaned back, propped up on her hands.

I took off one boot, and then the other, dropping them off of her side of the bed. I massaged each foot briefly before removing her socks.

I held her toes up to my nose and inhaled. The inside of the boot might not smell great, but the scent of her freshly unwrapped toes was wonderful. I did not have a foot fetish, but I definitely had an appreciation.

I held her feet together and kissed each toe, and then let them rest on my chest.

Her smile pleased me.

She began sliding a foot down my torso and ran her toe along my limp penis. My goodness. Was she up for a third round? I wasn't sure if I had anything left to give.

She playfully and gently pushed my scrotum in various directions.

When she looked back at me, I said, "I think they're empty." She had watched me masturbate to her the night before, so It had already been three times in less than twenty-four hours.

"I doubt it." She played a bit more and then moved herself closer to sit on my lap, facing me. We kissed a while.

We parted and I looked at her bikini top, noting that her nipples were no longer poking out, though I could still see evidence of them.

I ran my index fingers long the material in various directions and patterns.

"So, this was your surprise for me?"

"One of them," she said.

"Oooh." There was more than one, huh? I was done guessing what was what. "Well, you definitely chose the right one."

I grazed my fingertips around her sides, guided by the string, to the bow at the back.

She looked at me expectantly.

I pulled the two loose ends and untied the bow, letting the strings drop. I rubbed her back where the string used to be.

Back around her sides, I ran the edges of my thumbs along the outer edge of her breasts, still mostly hidden by the loosely hanging material.

I placed them on top of the edge of the material and said, "Untie the top." I kissed the center of her chest as she raised her arms. Seizing an opportunity, I kissed the edge of her armpit as well.

She brought the ends of the strings down with her hands, but my fingers kept the material from falling away entirely.

I was entranced as I then allowed it to gradually reveal what it was hiding.

There they were. In perfect form. Her areolas just the right size and color.

I made one upstroke over her right nipple with the tip of my tongue to moisten it. She inhaled suddenly, but ever so delicately.

I pursed my lips and blew gently onto the slight bump. She made a very quick, very light sound.

The bump became a bit more distinct. I teased it with the tip of my tongue a moment, and then blew on it gently again.

It arose to magnificence from its slumber. I grazed a finger over the tip. That time she exhaled suddenly.

It was a beautiful scene. And what joy to know that I would be able to watch it a second time so quickly.

Repeating the process, I coaxed the left nipple into full presentation, fascinated by the sight of the growth.

I closed my eyes

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