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Samuel and Helen are found and taken.

My attention was soon diverted when I noticed Rachel sat up a little straighter, no doubt on purpose, to the point where her nipples were exposed. We made small talk and she teased me like that until Kelly and Nate returned. They were out of breath and laughing hysterically at their latest adventure. We asked for proof, which they provided on Kelly's cell phone. The first of three pics on the camera was Kelly standing on the street butt naked. The second was one Kelly took Nate covering up his junk and the third was a selfie of the two of them. Nate's arm around Kelly and her right boob firmly pressed against his chest with both of them smiling into the camera. It's fair i was really turned on now!

When the game got to Nate he picked Kelly for truth or dare. By this point truth was pretty much off the table so he dared her to makeout with someone of her choice. I knew she wouldn't pick me because that's boring so I figured Rachel was the obvious choice, which i was excited to see. But she surprised me by saying "Since you were brave enough to run around the block with me I think you deserve it. That is if it's alright with everyone else." Rachel said she didn't care and I told them to go for it as well. I was curious to see how I would feel watching Kelly kiss another guy. With everyone's affirmation Kelly moved over to Nate and started slowly making out with him. A pit was immediately lodged into my stomach but I didn't want it to stop. She quickly moved to his lap so all i could see was her bare back, and the kissing became more intense. I could clearly hear them full on making out. Nate's hands were nowhere to be seen so I assumed he was fondling her ass. His dick was undoubtedly hard now and brushing against her ass as well. They made out for probably 30 seconds before breaking away. You could cut the sexual tension with a knife. We all sat there for moment in silence. I finally broke the ice by asking "Is everyone OK with the direction this night is heading?"

Nate and Rachel assured each other they were good while Kelly and I made eye contact and smiled at each other. Kelly was really drunk and really horny so it wasn't surprising that she was the next person to make a move. She was still sitting next to Nate after their makeout session so she put her right hand under the water and started apparently giving him a handjob. "Was her hand really on Nate's dick," I wondered. Her shoulder began moving up and down and now there really wasn't any doubt to what was going on. With that, Rachel moved across the hot tub and to me and straddled me. We began making out with me. My emotions raced through my body faster than my hands could cover Rachel's incredible curves. I thought I know we agreed we are all good with this but how far would it really go? That's when I heard a noise I was all too familiar with, Kelly lightly gasping for air. My thoughts raced, "Were they fucking already?" I moved my head away from Rachel so I could confirm my suspicions. Kelly had her arms around Nate's neck and she was rhythmically riding him. I thought, "Wow that didn't take long." Her back was arched and it rose in and out of the water every time she slowly and methodically rode Nate's dick. Rachel was looking over her shoulder watching this as well. We both watched and listened momentarily until she told me to sit on the edge of the hot tub where she started blowing me. My new position at the edge of the hot tub left me with in plain view of Kelly and Nate having sex while still enjoying Rachel doing down on me.

I couldn't take anymore, if Nate was fucking my girl I was going to do the same to his.

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